Monday, February 18, 2019

Flips of the Tongue, 2018

A few malapropisms, a few mixed metaphors, a few eggcorns... all heard or read by me except the last one.

Someone wrote about a car's center counsel instead of console. Maybe that car needs a lawyer?

"This sort of thing is best left to academia as it does not resignate with the public at large." (From Twitter)

Letter to an advice columnist: "I got a huge tattoo on my thigh behind my parents' back."

"Companies are leaving the country in drones." (Heard on radio, probably NPR.)

"Spilling my heart on my sleeve." (Said by George Takei's accuser.)

"Free us from the yolk of the Jew." (Seriously... I have a note this was in the Atlantic.)

"Married together at the hip" — said on a TV travel show.

"Rest on our lawyers." (Not sure what this was from, but it was said aloud, not in writing.)

A Move On spokesperson, speaking on MSNBC, said "The crust of this" instead of the crux.

"bare-buckled politicians" — on NPR.

A typo seen in a recent science fiction book: deep-friend chicken.

"We all will have to bow and courtesy when he passes by" (written by a New York Times commenter).

"Opened up a lot of eyebrows" (said by an MPR commentator on the Kerri Miller Show).

"A snag in the road" (said by an MSNBC legal commentator).

"They fly off like pancakes" (I didn't note where I heard this).

"Cracks at the apple" (an MSNBC commentator).

We need to have "more teeth in the game" (said at a meeting, talking about a policy that needed more teeth, or more skin, or something).

"Fear mongrels" (I love this one... it may define our age).


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