Friday, April 12, 2013

The Worst Logo of All Time?

The competition for worst logo is fierce, I know, but this one is in the running:

The L growing out of the N, the badly drawn letters (especially the C), the fake italic, the three red snakey swooshy meaningless thingies, the black outline on all of the red elements; yes, all of those are bad. But possibly the worst thing is the vague sense I get that it's a reference to Christianity because the name, New Life, is popular with evangelical churches and the three intertwined irregularities could represent the Trinity. The owner doesn't want to come out and say that, though, because it might hurt business, and so s/he puts a secular spin on it: "Bring New Life To Your Property." Right.

It almost feels unfair to critique it, because it clearly wasn't done by a professional. But it represents a company that's trying to sell professional services, so that makes it all the worse.

Seen on Grand Avenue in Saint Paul.


Some other bad logos that have caught my eye over the years:

Lumberjack Days

Evolution Diet


Cell Phone City



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Peter Hoh said...

The "C" is contracting.