Saturday, July 10, 2010

Logos Designed on Graph Paper

Cell Phone City logo, drawn with vertical, horizontal and 45-degree angle lines only. The Ls in cell look like Ns sort of, the h in Phone overlaps the P in an odd way
When it comes time to buy a cell phone, it's natural to choose a store that exudes technological competence. Buyers need to be sure they'll get quality information on all the current options, and they want to talk to staff who can communicate technical details clearly.

That's why I meet all my cell phone needs at Cell Phone City. Something about their logo just says, "We know cell phones."

Seen in Owego, New York.


Barbara said...

And when I want my cenn prone needs met, then I go to CennProneCity? Honestly, that's what I thought it said at first.

David Steinlicht said...

Nice! I think the designer was inspired by the classic Woody Allen "Manhattan" movie logo where the buildings are in the type. That "Manhattan" logo has inspired a lot of junk.