Friday, December 31, 2021

Random Photos from a December Road Trip

This is the last post from my recent road trip, I promise. It's always a trip, in that other sense of the word, to briefly see glimpses of the U.S. 

When you drive along our country's interstates, so much of it is the same generica that it's hard to remember where you are or, in retrospect, where you saw any particular thing. 

We got a flat tire near Bloomington, Illinois, and while we were waiting in a repair place I saw this interesting juxtaposition of magazines in the waiting room. There's something for everyone in college towns these days!

I feel elevated and inspired, let me tell you. (From the back window of an SUV in a parking lot, somewhere.)

This neon LIQUOR sign is more interesting than the usual generic signs, but the reason I took its photo was because I was amused by the use of a brush lettering style for a neon sign: it's a mixed metaphor in the signage world.


I was fascinated by the arrangement of the windows on the short end of this building, which we passed while on an elevated highway. We determined that the small center windows are probably in a stairway, the short pairs of windows are probably in bathrooms, and the tall windows are in other rooms.

I apologize for the bad photo of this forlorn vending machine, bereft but for a single bag of Doritos. Note the name of the company: Balanced Choice Vending.

And finally, a hair salon sign (to join my past posts about them here and here), this time with seasonal theming.

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