Saturday, January 1, 2022

Twitter, the End of 2021

It's the end of another year of tweets. The month of December 2021 ground down with Christmas and the lead-up to New Year's Eve, of course. Before that was the trial of Kim Potter for killing Daunte Wright. The cresting of covid's Delta wave and beginning of Omicron. More climate disasters (fires in Colorado, tornadoes in the Midwest). The deaths of Desmond Tutu and bell hooks. And the ongoing white nationalist coup and stalling of Build Back Better by Joe Manchin.

A reminder that I posted much earlier in the month with a number of tweets about the Supreme Court's ruling on the Texas abortion law, which happened just as the month began.

Everything below this line is a quote from the original tweets.


Word of the Day is one I’ve repeated often, because the time has surely come. ‘Respair’, from the 16th century, is fresh hope, and a recovery from despair.
Susie Dent

My hope for 2022 is that it brings great things for the climate movement. Love and rage, my dear ones. We are the Earth protecting herself.
Peter Kalmus @ClimateHuman

How people in 1939 felt about the new year:

Fake History Hunter

If all of your politicians and candidates and personalities pose with assault rifles and talk incessantly about preparing for a war to defend civilization you’re not in a political party but a fascist movement.
Jared Yates Sexton

Today is a brutal reminder that you’re way more likely to become a climate refugee than you are a billionaire. Time to start acting like it #marshallfire #boulder

A reminder that Elon Musk isn’t actually good at anything besides convincing people desperate to believe in technological and capitalistic messianism that he’s actually good at things. Liking Elon Musk and worshiping him as a tech savior is a consumer identity. He’s a product surrounded by faulty luxuries that don’t work and are more likely to cook you alive than serve a purpose. You’ve been played. Find something else.
Jared Yates Sexton

At this point when you hear someone say "logic and reason," you can pretty much assume they are illogical, unreasonable, completely devoted to an ideology they naively think is unbiased, and will speak to you in curated bullet points from IDW podcasters.
Rod Graham

Still my favorite correction ever. Thank you ⁦Washington Post:


The Earth is trapping nearly twice as much heat as it did in 2005, according to new research, described as an "unprecedented" increase amid the climate crisis.
Paul Dawson

How many more advanced statistical techniques do we need to continue to "re-discover" racial inequality? Racial inequality research reads different when you actually know people racialized as Black.
Deadric T. Williams @doc_thoughts

One thread of pro-Covid messaging has been "it won't kill you if you're the right kind of person" and it's been very effective with folks who are sure they know who the right and wrong people are.
Shaenon K. Garrity

Why is Senegal the most democratic and gender equal country in Muslim West Africa? Secularism was written into the 1960 constitution. Today it ranks in the top 30% of liberal democracies. 45% of parliamentarians are women.
Alice Evans

Guys I'm starting to wonder if maybe having millionaire stockholders in charge of public policy might not be working out
Siobhán Dougall

any scarcities that exist now, in some place or some domain, are entirely artificial, the product of oppressive cultural phenomena, and NOT a consequence of the economic state of affairs outside that oppression. societies with a great deal of abundance such as the United States still have cultural tropes that are deeply determined by worldviews rooted in scarcity and constraints of scarcity. and that itself has the consequence of reinforcing and amplifying the other cultural forces that lead to extractive and oppressive relationships, because when the people in control are paranoid about scarcity, it doesn't matter if scarcity is real
obnoxious transexual hacker @beka_valentine

You know what? I don't care if suburbanites can't figure out how to get to the cat cafe if there aren't three parking spaces at the door. If that business can't survive on Hennepin without polluting our air and fouling our water in the city, so be it. We aren't building the streets anew for us, now. We are building them for the possibility of a better future.

Did you know that rich banks make about as much in fraudulent “overdraft” fees as all of what police call “property crime” combined in the U.S.? Did you know that none of this makes it into police “property crime” statistics?
Alec Karakatsanis

What strikes me about people who talk about innovation is how stuck they are in 20th century lifestyle culture. Their kind of innovation is just about replicating that way of life. Rather than re-imagining it.

It's weird so many people think parking is a pain in the ass, traffic is a pain in the ass, paying for gas/insurance/registration is a pain in the ass, but don't put it together that owning a car is a pain in the ass
Toby Muresianu

A far-right guy with fascist sympathies who endorsed COVID conspiracy theories and violent misogyny murdered five people in Denver this week and I feel like it’s barely registering on the radar outside of my Twitter bubble. That’s disturbing.
Caroline Orr Bueno, Ph.D @RVAwonk


Tara Goddard (Artist is JesusChristAlmighty00 on Instagram)

Homeownership isn't universally great, but the US heavily subsidizes it and invests a lot of political power in homeowners. Meanwhile, homeowners have gotten much older. The rental housing median age was 25 in 1960, 30 in 2019; for owned homes it was 32 in 1960, *44* in 2019.
Gray Kimbrough

Every word in the Bible is literally true. It's when you group them into sentences that problems arise.
God @TheTweetOfGod

Fascism in so many ways is just ignorance, mandated under law.
Joy-Ann Reid

The new CDC guidance may be right and it may not be, but the response I'm seeing definitely shows that the CDC has nuked its legitimacy over the course of this pandemic and that seems bad.
Adam Kotsko

The Wisconsin GOP has picked critical race theory as core to their platform not just because they know their base, but because they hold the crucial understanding that white democrats will run away from it. Racism is our biggest weakness and they know it.
Nada Elmikashfi

In the short term, smoking gives the smoker pleasure, not cancer. Gasoline gives you mobility, not wildfires. Privacy invasions give you subsidized media and convenience, not identity theft, profiling, and a bounty for stalkers, swatters and nosy future bosses/landlords. What's more, the problem isn't primarily one of individual choices: you, personally, can't replace your gas car with an efficient, well-maintained, reasonably priced subway network.
Cory Doctorow

Announcement: I AM NO ONE’S BLACK FRIEND. If I find out you called me your Black friend you better run and go into hiding

News keeps asking "Should people feel bad just because of American history?" The answer is simply yes. When you learn about crimes against humanity you should feel bad. Hope this helps.
Niccolo Aeed

White people make up ~60% of the U.S. population.
White people make up 70% of all U.S. COVID deaths since June.
White people make up 80% of all U.S. COVID deaths in December so far.

Folks who have flown from suburb to suburb, pursuing the bucolic delights of white flight, are the first to accuse other people of dividing us by race.
D.A. Bullock @BullyCreative

When it comes to freeway fights I'm challenged by the possibility that the majority of state DOT transportation planners live in the suburbs or exurbs or are political operatives who seek to please governors, legislators and their big corporate donors. The deck appears stacked.
Mary Morse Marti

They've banned the word "satin." It's like the satanic panic but by implemented by people who can't spell.

Blockading a pipeline is not a crime. Building one is.
Resist Line 3

Why did the Confederates bury time capsules under the statues if they didn’t expect the statues to be moved
Emily Gorcenski

Forever thinking about how thousands of homes in certain parts of Minneapolis got fully subsidized insulation and energy-efficient windows when government agencies mobilized to address airplane noise and yet here we are in a climate crisis with inefficient housing everywhere else
Karlee Weinmann

The rising costs of energy are due to fossil fuels and nuclear, not clean, renewable energy. Also, fossil fuels and bioenergy kill 7 million people each year worldwide + warm planet. We need to replace fossils + bioenergy with clean, renewables as fast as possible
Mark Z. Jacobson

What does one wear to the end of empire? (Sorry, bad bourgeois leftist joke but I’m a little panicked over here…)
Imani Perry

The emperor's clothes.
Joost Gerritsen

I'm old enough to remember when Very Serious Writers told us that the big threat to free expression wasn't right-wing government action, but illiberal scorn from the left. And no one of them has apologized, lots their glorious Seats of Punditocracy, or otherwise had a qualm.
David M. Perry @Lollardfish [commenting on an Oklahoma law introduced to allow parents to request book-banning or receive a $10,000/day fine]

this is made all the more remarkable that the concept "Ya know, book banning is really quite a bad thing" is the easiest of lay-ups for one who even pretends at being an intellectual yet they utterly refuse to take the shot
Tammy Rainey @Tammy_Beth

The school district should respond by banning individual parents from the school, and collecting a fine if they continue to show up trying to ban books.
Karie Dozer

This incentive structure seems like it would mean there would soon be no books left in libraries at all.


Latest, lamest defense of capitalism's 3 centuries: poverty reduced, education enhanced, democracy advanced. But capitalism/capitalists didn't do that. They imposed horrific economic, political and environmental conditions on the world, opposed progress at every turn, as now. It was always those who resisted in strikes, unions, revolutions, demonstrations, socialist parties that won the progress capitalism now wants credit for. It's as if Britain took credit for all the US accomplished after and because it revolted against and defeated Britain (twice).
Richard D. Wolff

I had no idea until today that Archbishop Tutu had called for organising ‘Car Free Days’ as one of the many ways to tackle climate change, in 2014. Did everyone else know this?
Carla Francome

Capitalism in one photograph:

Ryan H. Walsh @JahHills — photo via @cdevers

I find it kind of weird that we refer to relations that ended as "failed marriages" and "failed relationships." If you had a job for 10 years and then quit it to pursue a new career path, you wouldn't call that a "failed job."
Hannah Shaw-Williams

Do you even remotely understand how much people enjoy being on the water and eating and drinking everything they could ever possibly want? All the people who want to do that don’t care much about risk management.
JomFolezzz (responding to a tweet about new covid outbreaks on cruises)

I remember at the beginning of the pandemic thinking, “well this will suck but maybe this is the kick we need to break our dependency on capitalism.” Anyhow the lesson I learned is never be optimistic.
Emily Gorcenski

Just watched a driver gun it between stop signs that were less than 500 feet apart and I can’t help but think that if these people want adrenaline, endorphins, and serotonin, they would be much better served getting around by bike and we would all be safer for it.
Courtney Cobbs @FullLaneFemme

It's weird how climate breakdown has been such an untouched subject by our greatest artists - musicians, writers, filmmakers, visual artists... there has been some stuff, but given how literally Earth-shaking the subject is, weirdly little. We are still a society in denial.
Peter Kalmus @ClimateHuman

"We don’t prioritize the climate today. Our goal isn't to lower emissions. Our goal is to find solutions that allow us to continue life today. Of course you can ask “Can’t we have both?” But the uncomfortable truth is that we've left it too late for that."
Greta Thunberg

"Give a man a fish and feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and feed him for a lifetime. Teach a man to cycle and he will realize fishing is stupid and boring." –Desmond Tutu

Janette Sadik-Khan

Not radical: 25 same-aged kids in desks with 1 adult who dictates what they think/discuss and who expects obedience for 7 hrs 5 days a week.
Radical: allowing kids to think/learn what they’d like, allowing them more choice in where they go and who they are around.

Anytime you hear a “rise in crime” or “spike in shootings,” remember: whatever they claim, it’s happening despite investing most on policing in the history of the world. A brutal indictment of the efficacy of policing. Yet police are using their failures to get even more?
Scott Hechinger

A country with enough money to give a single billionaire a $2.9 billion lunar lander contract can afford to let women recover from the highly inconvenient task of perpetuating humanity.
Bess Kalb

R.E.M flat out lied about how I would feel at the end of the world as we know it.
Georgina Adlam

Don’t say “people” when you mean “white people.”

Traffic is not the weather. It is not an exogenous force that we can merely direct or redirect. We create it with out policy choices, and we can uncreate it as well. If people are speeding, slow them down. If people driving too much, give them other options.
Warren J. Wells

there's a ton of "STEM for Toddlers" shit out there that all seems even more educationally dubious (and even sinister) than the antiracism for kids stuff that gets certain people all riled up:

Alex Pareene

The systems we *believed* were here to protect us have failed and the next weeks and months (years?) will be hard. But we can still care for each other.
Hannah Lichtsinn, MD @DoctorLix

I went to Catholic school where I was told I was BORN IN MORAL DEBT TO GOD so I think it’s okay if all school kids learn that the people who did slavery in America were white?
Paul F. Tompkins

New paper finds that owned e-bikes and e-scooters emit less CO₂ than modes they replace, while shared devices generate more (data from Zurich). Authors: "This finding challenges a common vision in transport that ‘sharing is caring’ for the environment."
David Zipper

Does anyone else have the condition where someone explains a game’s elaborate rules and your mind just becomes a kind of dial tone
Sarah Larson

@If the media reported on police shootings like they do shoplifting, every newspaper would be calling this a killing spree.

Christians know the least about Christianity, it’s a constant.
nægęr mūzįć @Lamiasdottir

I told my mother that my cat managed to get out of his carrier while I was driving and she was like “he gets it from you, you used to do that with your car seat” and I had to remind her that my cat is not my actual son and i was a human child with opposable thumbs.
Mary Annaïse Heglar

When did “conservative” shift its meaning from “it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” to “break it aggressively so we can privatize it”?
David Fisman

"Objective history" brought about our entire country having to learn about the Tulsa massacre from The Watchmen.

Don’t call it urban sprawl. It’s suburban sprawl.
Brent Toderian

All slow interests — those who now run the politicized right — have to do to win is control the pace of their own defeat. Chaos and polarization are powerful breaks on progress, at home and abroad.
Alex Steffen

Can’t express how obnoxious and disgusting it is for media and government officials to describe the mass infection of in-person workers — who often have no protections, no sick pay, no hazard pay — in terms of staffing shortages and disruptions. As if it’s merely a mechanical problem.

Just the fact that in the year of our reckoning, 2020 we said, "educate yourselves and read these books", and those books were bestsellers for weeks, then last 14 months has been "let’s make new laws to ban those books you told/recommended for us to read."
syreeta mcfadden @reetamac

Guy who acted like an adolescent asshole mad he's being treated as if he's an adolescent asshole. AKA, The Modern Republican.

Build more roads, get more driving. Build more lanes, get more driving. Build “better cars,” get more driving. Build ride-hailing, get more driving. Build more sprawl, get more driving. If you REALLY want less traffic, build cities & pricing differently.
Brent Toderian

To all the exasperated doctors and epidemiologists who saw this winter's COVID wave coming and wish that more had been done to prepare...We understand how you feel. Signed, All the climate scientists.
Dr. Robert Rohde

"The future of transportation is not about inventions. It’s about choices." –Brent Toderian

America: why is everyone getting misinformation about medicine
Also America: simply looking at a doctor will cost you ten thousand dollars
drew janda

My fav Tutuism “when the white man came to South Africa we had all the land, they had all the bibles. They said “Fall to your knees and pray to the Lord” When we got up they had all the land and we had all the bibles.”
Denis MacShane

Watched a futuristic show and their was a school scene. Kids sitting in desks while 1 adult taught them. A kid was on their phone and the teacher took it from them. That’s how entrenched adultism/compulsory school is. We can’t even imagine it differently 500 years from now.

Police have killed 1,646 people since police murdered George Floyd last year. But you didn’t know that because most media have been laser focused on a few isolated thefts of a few luxury stores w/ ample insurance. Priorities.
Scott Hechinger

A Roman mosaic glass bowl. From Italy, 1st-2nd century AD:

Archaeology & Art

We coulda had an expanded welfare state for families with children. Instead we got none of that plus now the K-12 education system is in serious trouble Weary face
Angie Schmitt

To every man complaining that they are being forced to be vaccinated. IMAGINE BEING FORCED TO HAVE A BABY.
Emily Winston

merry christmas jesus said a camel would pass thru the eye of a needle sooner than a rich man would get in2 heaven xoxo

We collect books in the belief that we are preserving them when in fact it is the books that preserve their collector. –Walter Benjamin
Zeeshan Pathan

Your regularly scheduled reminder that our for-profit health care system costs *four times more to run* than Canada's single-payer system.
Public Citizen

Anarchist Santa mural seen in New York City’s East Village:

Radical Graffiti

I find it ironic how the people getting fake vaccination cards are literally the same people who complain about undocumented immigrants using fake documents.
Santiago Mayer

I think one of the biggest obstacles to creating better cities in the U.S. is the power that upper middle class residents/homeowners have to delay, stop, and litigate progress. Many of these people are "liberal" yet oppose changes to their communities such as affordable housing.
Jerome Alexander Horne

A missing element in harrowing stories of overwhelmed hospitals and exhausted staff is the decades of CEOs/consultants working to maximize profit and extract maximum value from every employee and ICU bed at all times, leaving hospitals with as little surge capacity as possible. And now the hospital CEOs take out full page ads asking for help, and the staff genuinely, desperately need it. But it’s in everyone’s interest to think beyond blaming patients.
James Hamblin

On one of the busiest travel days yesterday, 5000 public airports in America carried 2.1 million less people than the MTA.
Hayden Clarkin @the_transit_guy

Our system relies on children to look both ways because adults driving don’t. Great strategy.
Tom Flood

Saying cycling is dangerous is like saying a woman walking alone at night is dangerous. They’re not dangerous. They’re in danger.
Chris Jones @PickledEntropy

Am I the only reporter who knows that we are short on tests because millions of anti-vaxxers have to test several times a week at their jobs and schools because they refuse to be vaccinated?
Victoria Brownworth @VABVOX

Want your teachers to hold graduate degrees? Want your kids to have “diverse” teachers? Want a Black Ob-GYN or therapist? You should be fighting to have our federal govt #CancelStudentDebt.
Marissa Jackson @MarissaEsque

The worst year for polio in the US had about 60k cases and 3k deaths. A year! We are at 120k a day and 1200 deaths.
David M. Perry @Lollardfish

Very little American urban progressives advocate for will matter if U.S. cities don't build millions and millions of new homes in compact communities over the next decade. Our worst problems aren't solvable without rapidly-built abundant housing and reductions in auto dependence.
Alex Steffen

Is there anything in the world that inspires more cringe than the unquenchable yet futile political ambitions of Ted Cruz? He has utterly debased himself, shed all principle, become a Trumpist clown, & in the end it'll be for nothing.
David Roberts @drvolts

I wish Daunte Wright's family peace and closure and eventual hope and happiness, they deserve as much. Convictions do not deliver any of these things. The best we can do, everything in our power to remove the condition of armed deadly force from our every day.
D.A. Bullock @BullyCreative

Potter being found guilty was the bare minimum. Every cop - especially the ones that changed their Facebook banners to “I stand with KP,” or vouched for her or wished her luck - is complicit. Daunte Wright is still dead. Guilty verdicts will never be enough.
Whittier Cop Watch

More Americans have died from COVID this month than died from homicide all of last year.
David Menschel

True level of service for cities should not be measured in number of cars per hour during peak times but whether a child can safely bike by themselves to school.
Dr. Natalia Barbour

The world's biggest carbon capture facility sequesters 4,000 tons of CO2 per year.  That's about half of Bill Gates' annual emissions.  Cutting the purchasing power of billionaires would be more effective than the finest carbon capture technology.
Jason Hickel

Fun fact: lonely, isolated people feeling adrift from the norms and values of society are psychologically primed to entering cults. And the more intelligent they are, the easier this is.

Bonus fun fact: cars are inherently an experience of isolation and perpetuate it in every way/at every scale. Also, car culture is itself a cult.

the top 3 Canadian universities (University of Toronto, McGill, University of British Columbia) together have more undergrads than all 8 Ivies + MIT + Stanford + Caltech + University of Chicago combined. Useful to think about in the context of bitter fights over zero sum US elite college admissions.

Americans fly down to Chichen Itza and marvel over Mayan lost cities--how could this happen? Why did they leave?--then come home and absolutely refuse without irony to repopulate Utica or Gary
Alex Armlovich

Buying a new gas-powered car locks in that vehicle’s emissions for the next 15 or so years. Every purchase of a new gas car makes it harder for us to reach our climate goals. Happy Holidays!
Russ Stark

Social power is about not having to care if you upset other people, this the loss they consider shocking but are not able to even clearly formulate because they can't say that where people they don't want to care about can hear them so they have to call it something else.
Melissa Hall @CasualLaw

Map splits the world in seven areas with the same population (one billion people). Always happy when this interesting map pops up online again. It’s one of my favorites:

Simon Kuestenmacher (Source:

The most noticeable policy effect of the murder of George Floyd was not criminal justice reforms at the state level, but to justify a host of laws that prevented educators from suggesting that what happened was an example something systemic
Don Moynihan

Professional drivers need special licenses in the United States and those do improve safety. Except Uber and Lyft drivers because rich tech companies don’t have to follow rules. This is literally how it works
Angie Schmitt

"Gas is too expensive" says the entire nation idling their car in the driveway and parking lot.
Brandon Lust @AmericanFietser

Dissertations typically aren't graded; either they're acceptable or they're not. Why are we so sure it makes sense to persist in grading what students do before that point?
Alfie Kohn

If you corrupt democracy with big money, revolving doors, gerrymandering, voter restrictions, corporate media and political capture, you can hardly be surprised when people become disillusioned with democracy.
Jason Hickel

If you have to deploy the military to support hospitals you may have spent your budget on the wrong part of the system given the challenges we actually face.
Alexander Chee

Forgiveness without accountability is just permission
Mary Annaïse Heglar

The graphic accompanying the story is also such a bummer that you would think it's satire. But it's not:

Dr. Genevieve Guenther @DoctorVive

We wanted to understand the lasting impact of feminist scholar bell hooks. So we talked to three unvaccinated firefighters at a Five Guys in Staten Island.
New York Times Pitchbot

elon musk whines on twitter about paying like 4% of his wealth in taxes while a third of my paycheck gets sent directly to the pentagon every 2 weeks, where's my weepy wall street journal op-ed
lauren @NotABigJerk

Well, at least we can say the vaccine was a light in the middle of the tunnel

When people say human nature, they mean capitalist nature. Apparently its normal to equate the behaviour of 1% of the population with the entirety of human history

Everything about urban governance collapses when you peek beneath surface of how cities regulate cars, which is to say, not at all. Driving is the deadliest, most violent activity in most cities, but they focus enforcement on everything else: Unhoused residents, street vendors
Matthew Lewis

Western suburb energy: "Paying $1800 a year to give my car the executive experience but will be appealing my property valuation to save $500 in property taxes"
Sean Hayford Oleary

There were a LOT more people of color in Medieval Europe than there were potatoes.
David Azzageddi

Have you ever wondered what percent of the entire US economy is now just monthly recurring fees on shit that people have signed up for that they don't really use and have just...forgotten they pay for? Auto-renew is a helluva grift. The grift that keeps on taking.

Children matter, as PEOPLE and as an oppressed class. They're not just a rhetorical device to be wielded by adults in whatever way is most expedient. The way "think of the children" is weaponized by people who don't give two fucks about actual children is disgusting.
Idzie Desmarais

COVID is to public health as recycling is to the environment: people were sold a solution they can fix with good citizenship, rather than a massive public policy undertaking, and they're rightly confused when that--and nothing else--didn't work.
Zack Budryk

Arterials, collectors, and local streets. We must make all of these types of streets safer.
Antonnio Benton II

Don’t tell me cost is why we can’t cancel $1.7T in student debt when America spent $1.7T on a jet that will never fly, cancelled $1.7T in billionaire taxes who didn’t need it, & spent $8T on defense even after ending Afghan war. It was never about cost. #CancelStudentDebt
Qasim Rashid, Esq.

Someone said how AOL send us all those free CDs but we can’t get rapid tests
Joe Holder

my favorite Bible story is probably the one where Jesus has a fish and a loaf but he doesn't share them with the multitudes because the multitudes would just trade them for drugs
Jeff Tiedrich

"Property crime data excludes most property crime, including illegal seizures by police (which roughly equal all reported burglary), wage theft by employers (which is about 5x more than all reported property crime), and tax evasion (which is about 20x more than all wage theft)."
Alec Karakatsanis

Joe Manchin represents .5% of US population but is killing Build Back Better supported by 70% of Americans
Ari Berman

While you may not like it, trust me, when Black people rise, everyone rises. It’s literally baked into the system. Wake up! Black people aren’t working against you. Go stand in a mirror. The people working against you don’t look like me. They look JUST LIKE YOU!
Hannah Drake

This is Reagan's "welfare queens" again. Manchin has brainworms. He is literally motivated by his fear that someone, somewhere might get some breadcrumbs that he, luxuriating on his yacht, does not feel they deserve. The man is a living cartoon villain.
Tom Tomorrow

Change is coming one way or another. It can be planned and managed, or chaos. There is no zero-change zero-cost option no matter how much old rich white people delude themselves
Amy Westervelt

All the "moderate" Dems who have spent the past year telling me progressives are ruining Joe Biden's agenda are gonna bring that smoke to Joe Manchin now, right?
Elie Mystal

Almost 900 BILLION for national defense. 900Billion. There has NEVER been an audit of where all the money goes. That is more money than China, Japan, Russia, and all of Europe combined spend on their national defense! Remember: we can’t afford healthcare for all!

Jarring: Watching dire TV news reports about omicron…followed by commercials for cruises.
Paul Farhi

Manchin is Manchin. But what kind of healthy democracy is structured in a way that can allow one man elected by 290,000 voters in one of the least populous states to thwart the agenda of his party and the President who was elected with 81 million votes. We need structural change.
Sherrilyn Ifill

Based on the New York Times data, if you are fully vaxxed and boosted, your chances of catching and subsequently dying of COVID are now about 1 in 2 million. Your chances of dying in a car crash are 1 in 107.
Brandon wants more neighbors @BRuddTweets

In the span of one week the Democrats — the party that controls the White House and Congress — walked back a campaign promise to cancel student debt and saw it's key agenda item implode but made sure to confirm the guy who helped cover up Laquan McDonald's murder to an ambassadorship.

It’s difficult to come to any conclusion other than this: Some people want the world to burn.
Leah McElrath

So once again, the 19 year old kid is supposed to remain perfectly calm during an arrest surrounded by 3 armed officers, but the highly trained, senior arresting officer is allowed to panic and put rounds into him.
Jeff @20thgrader

went down a rabbit hole and saw that "died WITH covid, not OF covid" is the new ACTUALLY IT'S A REPUBLIC NOT A DEMOCRACY for the denialist crowd
Tom Tomorrow

It’s a Wonderful Life is a miracle… every year, a huge swath of Americans watch (even in the background) a black-and-white, decades-old movie about suicide whose ecstatic solution is mutual aid founded on years of community-building and trust and mercy

NFTs are just AVON and LuLuLemon for adolescent boys.

America was born on Native land.

Lakota Man

Neil Gorsuch is in the row behind us on this flight. Tempted to say, “Excuse me, I think you’re in Merrick Garland’s seat”
Kevin Collins

The reason climate denial and COVID denial are so easy to sell is because who wants to believe this is real? You don’t have to work hard to sell a pretty lie when reality is so ugly.
Mary Annaïse Heglar

"I don't like mandates but we're in an unprecedented situation that calls for drastic measures" is a totally sane and defensible position.
Michael Hobbes @RottenInDenmark

My coworkers’ reactions when they find out I live in Minneapolis city limits *gasp* in Downtown *gasp* and take Mass Transit *gasp* has taught me that most white peoples definition of security and public safety involves only being in entirely white spaces and communities. White flight mentality is still the mainstream, the language around it has just become more coded.

I hope people understand how this omicron wave is connected to vaccine apartheid. The decision to get Americans vaccinated, but not break the patents and free the vaccine came right home.

What kills me about student debt cancellation is the people who would be angry about it would forget in a week and the people who would be forgiven would remember it for the rest of their lives.  It's such an easy political win.
jacob @JHead1984

I’m so tired of hearing about how “afraid” these cops and white folks are when they murder ppl. What about Daunte Wright’s fear? Ahmaud Arbery’s fear? Joseph Rosenbaum and Anthony Huber’s fear? Trayvon Martin’s fear? Breonna Taylor’s fear? George Floyd’s fear? Our daily fear?
Bree Newsome Bass

Just sitting here thinking about what would happen if Republicans had the House, the presidency, and 50 senators, and one senator -- literally one guy -- was standing in the way of their entire agenda. I invite you to imagine the full-spectrum, 360° hurricane of shit ...
David Roberts @drvolts

Turning on student loan payments, turning off $300 a month per child direct payments, enacting the largest Medicare premium hike in history while preventing seniors from receiving dental and vision benefits and increasing interest rates all at the same time is pretty, pretty dumb.
Warren Gunnels

Weird how all these emails from schools warning of threats of violence mention monitoring and restricting your child’s access to social media at home but never once do they suggest doing the same for access to firearms.
Kaz Weida

Kyle Rittenhouse and Greta Thunberg being born on the exact same day really destroys the whole zodiac system.
Yehudi Mercado

if you're depressed, remember: feeling well-adjusted in a deeply unjust, cruel, society isn't necessarily something to be proud of
beth @bourgeoisalien

Tucker Carlson Is Bored By Your Dead Loved Ones So Please Shut Up About It.
Chris Hayes

800,000 dead Americans: who needs a mask or vaccine?
16 instances of alleged voter fraud in 2020: let’s pass 500 new voter suppression laws.
Ari Berman

Sinema says via spokesman she still supports keeping 60-vote threshold "to protect the country from repeated radical reversals in federal policy.” You mean like reversing Roe v Wade and gutting the Voting Rights Act, you incoherent corporate shill?
Bradley Whitford

It’s interesting when pundits refer to a very predictable and horrifying development as “unthinkable”. What they really mean is “unsayable” because they withheld the truth due to careerism, conformity, cowardice or complicity. They knew, and they chose silence.
Sarah Kendzior

Such a big public health success. Why can't be replicate this with other things?

Angie Schmitt

the "canceling student debt might accidentally help rich people" argument would hold more water if rich people weren't already getting free shit constantly. like why is THIS the one time you care about it, dude

If cities are expected to clear streets, they should be expected to clear sidewalks and bus stops. Why should only car travel be a service when 100% of taxpayers are pedestrians? Have a good night.
Taylor W Anderson

genuinely cannot fathom the cognitive dissonance it takes to live through wildfire smoke in july and 50 degrees + likely tornadoes in Minnesota in december and not experience any climate dread

How lucky are we that we got to live at the same time as bell hooks
cher vincent

TV cops use high tech to combat criminal mastermind serial killers. IRL they use it to ID and harass homeless on behalf of real estate developers.

Imagine the energy Americans could devote to saving Planet Earth if we didn't spend half our time deciphering medical bills, hustling to pay student loans and grieving mass-shootings. Our policies value us so little; how could we begin to value the world?
Sarah Smarsh

“I began to use the phrase in my work ‘white supremacist capitalist patriarchy’ because I wanted to have some language that would actually remind us continually of the interlocking systems of domination that define our reality and not to just have one thing...” –bell hooks
Black Socialists in America

bell hooks and Marlon Riggs, by Lyle Ashton Harris:


“No black woman writer in this culture can write "too much." Indeed, no woman writer can write "too much"...No woman has ever written enough.” –bell hooks
Clarkisha @IWriteAllDay_

I definitely respect and appreciate high profile people choosing to manage their terminal illnesses out of the public eye. It’s always shocking when we learn of it after the fact but I fully appreciate why people choose to handle it that way.
Bree Newsome Bass

crypto should be taxed at 120% because you clearly have more money than you know what to do with if you’re pouring it into pretend internet currency and living on an island resort
molly conger @socialistdogmom

Permanent social welfare programs build support. When it comes to temporary programs -- think student loan pauses, think time limited child tax credits -- gratitude is quickly replaced by anger when they end. I'd make one other point about how the child tax credit turned out to be less popular than almost everyone (me included) thought. Not only is it temporary, it doesn't address the major problem facing parents: hard to access child care and pandemic era schools.
Helaine Olen

Parking lot in front of a liquor store:

dave weasel

I do really think that a lot of US political culture can be explained by the fact that a ton of people proudly and regularly beat the shit out of their kids
Tal Lavin @swordsjew

My son just learned that health insurance isn’t free or affordable and he’s absolutely baffled. “You mean jobs don’t just give you insurance???”
Prairie Czar

I don’t need debt cancellation. Nothing I’m saying is motivated by personal self-interest except, you know, the desire to not have to live in the ruins of an empire that abandoned things like education & public health as national priorities.
Bree Newsome Bass

First glimpse of one of Paris’s new school streets, complete with a bank of saplings where there used to be parking spaces:

Henry Grabar

American cities are not fundamentally different today because they were founded centuries later than many on other continents, but because postwar planning [destruction] was extraordinarily brutal there.
21st Century City @urbanthoughts11

I can’t be begging anyone to value my life, man. I need conditions where their opinion doesn’t matter.
Bree Newsome Bass


just remembering that time we invented a literal vaccine for a specific type of cancer and right wingers freaked out because they thought it might make their daughters have sex
Mx. D.E. Anderson @diannaeanderson

One way to remove CO2 from the atmosphere is this revolutionary pre-capture tech where you don’t fly fucking personal rockets into space
Amy Westervelt

“Analyzing data from 2000 to 2019, Tyndall estimates that hypothetically replacing SUVs with standard cars in U.S. cities would have averted nearly 3,300 pedestrian deaths, & that replacing all light trucks would have averted more than 8,100 fatalities.”
Brent Toderian

Reminder that people are executed in the United States with less evidence than what we already have about the right wing coup attempt on Jan 6 and the conspirators involved.
Bree Newsome Bass

29% of Americans have no religious affiliation (up from 16% in 2007). Most of them are NOT atheists/agnostics.
Fewer than half of all adults (45%) say they pray daily, down from 58% in 2007.
Meanwhile, 100% of the Supreme Court is religious and ~88% of Congress is *Christian*.
Hemant Mehta

I really think one of the worst things about this country is the social safety net cliff. If you earn/receive/save up literally $1 more than the (laughably low) income/asset cap, all your benefits are cut off cold turkey. And then you have to fight a bureaucracy to fix it.

US cities that experienced larger influxes of African American migrants during the Second Great Migration responded by significantly tightening zoning in an effort to entrench segregation.

There should NEVER be a federal bailout of anything crypto. I'd take a deep recession over covering any of these grifters' scams. Tim Geithner may disagree, but we need "Old Testament morality" to apply to financial "innovators."
Jeff Hauser

This barely made the news, but the severely gerrymandered Congressional maps in North Carolina have been rejected by the state's Supreme Court and must be redrawn to reflect demographic facts on the ground in the Tarheel State.

Whenever I feel guilty about buying another book, I like to remind myself that I just purchased 1-5 years of that person’s life for 26 dollars.
Julia May Jonas

No one ever majored in the arts, or social work, or history to get a fatter paycheck. But we need people who know this stuff. When no one knows history (and overall scorn the idea of learning things that don’t lead to $) you get things like tech bros reinventing the company town

Free idea but maybe the personal responsibility crowd could take some personal responsibility and get a more sensible car than expect government handouts to artificially lower the price of gasoline.
Sean Hayford Oleary

If you want to know what parenting is like, when my oldest child was 23 months old & I was very pregnant, I let him spend a couple of hours gleefully dropping hundreds of packing peanuts behind a couch in the living room. Oldest turns 10 soon. Packing peanuts are still there.
bag of moons

A South African diamond mine trust fund baby who grew up to become a plutocratic twitter troll? Sounds about right for 2021. Now someone please put this year out of its misery.
Dave Zirin

It’s silly but the fact that we consider cities “feminine” and rural areas “masculine” has enormous political and cultural consequences imo.
Angie Schmitt

When liberal democracy gives way to oppressed people even having a glimmer of hope for change the Right reacts immediately by rejecting democracy, imagining new weaponized fictions like “original intent” and “natural rights,” and mobilizes extremists happy to commit violence.
Jared Yates Sexton

I have a friend who was forced to put in a much larger driveway to a house on a multi-building property so fire trucks could turn around, and then when they HAD A FIRE the truck driver refused to go down the driveway
Taylor Pope @legoruthead

Low fire deaths are due to a Safe System approach to prevent them and to protect occupants. 1. Proper building codes (road design) 2. Fire detection systems (safe speed cameras) 3. automatic fire suppression systems (barriers) 4. EMS. Our roads need 1, 2 + 3 if we want the same result,

Kamala is a Black person. Racists will describe her as lazy and over-prepared, frivolous and grim, complain about her laugh and her lack of smiles, and any other contradictory thing, because racists don't allow Black people to define themselves, but define them however is most convenient. I think one thing people fail to understand about the racist backlash to VP Harris is that, like Obama, she is white people's greatest fear incarnate. It's not Black people, it's Black Excellence. They aren't scared of Terrence and Diamond & Silk. They are scared of excellence.

One of these is a truck. One of these is a tank:

Warren Logan @WarrenMobility

A President who builds a new tar sands oil pipeline in 2021 is not “moderate.”
Resist Line 3

“sorry I responded late to your email I was unjustifiably terrified of opening it”
Kyle Chayka

If built to the density of Brooklyn, the entire population of the United States could fit inside a square the size of the distance between New York and Philly, leaving the rest of the country empty for agriculture and nature. Density preserves space, it doesn't destroy it.
Michael Tae Sweeney

One of the weirdest things about being a human adult who has basically always lived in the mid Atlantic region is that about 10-15 years ago without much fanfare we just stopped having winter. Anyway it's 53 degrees out at 9:41 on December 10

It feels like people privileged enough to ask the question ‘where can I move that’s safe from climate change’ are only just really, in an embodied way, beginning to realize that the answer is nowhere.
Dr. Kamal Kapadia

People need to get grown and start checking the legitimacy of their fears
Cassandra @witchonaunicorn

why do I pay $230 a month for insurance and still have to pay $78 for a TWENTY (20) MINUTE TELEHEALTH VISIT. AMERICA EXPLAIN. this is batshit and we all just accept it because what is the fucking alternative!!! god this country is doo doo!!

They want to sell the narrative of electric planes, of course. If batteries get 10x as energy dense as they are now, yes, we could cross oceans in electric planes. But #EmergencyMode needs to happen now, not in 20 years. The e-plane narrative upholds the status quo & stops change
Peter Kalmus @ClimateHuman

For telling the story of the past and present “as though Negroes were ordinary human beings” — to quote W.E.B. Du Bois — antiracist scholars and writers have been called “political,” “biased,” “subjective,” “anti-White,” “racist,” “stupid” and “angry,” to name a few of the terms. Du Bois is *still* being described in this way and so are we. Antiracist scholars and writers are belittled for refusing to belittle Black folk. We are dehumanized for refusing to dehumanize people of color. The backlash proves our point and serves as the appendix for our writings.
Ibram X. Kendi

Here's some good trivia — the Connecticut birth control law overturned in Griswold v. Connecticut was written in the late 19th century by...P.T. Barnum.
Erik Loomis

There are many talented journalists at the New York Times to whom I am grateful. Nonetheless, the institution exists to support the structures that sustain it. Those structures include the patriarchy and white supremacy.
Leah McElrath

BUILD SOIL; Plant Chestnuts! @BuildSoil

Your friendly reminder that bars are supervised consumption sites for alcohol use.
Gary McCoy

The 14th Amendment provides for prosecution and political exile for any leaders who participate in insurrections - eg, after Civil War. Time for Democratic "originalists" to enforce this Amendment as Republicans want to enforce their view that the 2nd amendment creates a "right to carry muskets."

American drivers will never embrace cars that stop them from breaking the law. Never.

the "post-" in post-covid is the same as the "post-" in post-colonialism

The craziest thing about the climate fight is that it’s a fight at all. We’re talking about the survival of our species, the habitability of our planet! Why the f*ck do we need to fight to convince our leaders to do something about this??
Climate Dad

Everyone is rightly praising the incredible advance notice that the weather service gave of these tornadoes. It probably saved many lives. Why was this notice not sufficient for the workers in warehouses and factories? As climate change makes extreme weather increasingly common, we must put increasing pressure on workplaces to provide adequate protections and shelters for employees on the job, whether its from fires, floods, or storms.
Emily Gorcenski

Cops in training have to devote 5x more hours practicing to shoot people than they spend on the actual law. They LITERALLY spend as much time learning how to respond to mental health crises as they spend learning how to use a stick (they call it "baton training"):

Michael Harriot

In West Virginia, more than 26% of people ages 65+ have no natural teeth left — the highest rate of any state in the nation, notes KHN’s Phil Galewitz. And yet the chances of expanding Medicare to offer dental coverage are slim because of opposition from ... JOE MANCHIN.
Eric Alterman

To be more concerned about inflation than a plot to end democracy is pretty much a definition of the choice made by many in pre-WW2 Germany.
stuart stevens

If you are rational and thoughtful enough, it should be dawning on you that police in Woodbury or St Louis Park never prevented or deterred carjacking, not back then and not now. These type of crimes and crime waves have always been managed by the strength of our social contract.
D.A. Bullock @BullyCreative

The destruction in Kentucky is horrible. And it is not a "natural disaster." "Nature" didn't make people go to work during a tornado warning. "Nature" on its own didn't warm climate to make tornadoes in December in the Midwest an actual possibility. Capitalism did that.
Jesse A. Goldberg (Jess)

Jamele Bouie on conservative Democrats: “If and when Democrats lose one or both chambers of Congress — and when we all face the consequences of their failure — I am confident that we’ll hear, once again, how it’s everyone’s fault but their own.”
Erick Fernandez

Ella Fitzgerald jailed for singing to an integrated audience, Houston, TX, 1955:


So I'm reading that Elon Musk, who founded Tesla in 2003 and first had a profitable year in 2020, is concerned that Build Back Better might, for a while, add modestly to the budget deficit while it invests in children and the environment
Paul Krugman

Think about this:
In 2020 there was a 5% increase in violent crime nationally.
In states WITHOUT universal background checks, the increase was 8%.
In states WITH universal background checks, the increase was 1%.
Chris Murphy

Just curious here — what is the “moderate” or “centrist” agenda to address an ecological crisis that scientists tell us threatens the survival of the human species?
David Sirota

Resist the comforting descent into nihilism.
Extinction Symbol

“I can’t believe the media spent more time on Kamala’s headphones than donald trump’s powerpoint.” Yes and I cannot believe you have still not learned the lesson behind all of this
Emily Gorcenski

I know it is minor, but it will never not crack me up that not only are there no subsidies/commuter incentives for one of the most efficient forms of mass transportation, but that I also pay a sales tax.

So the party that plotted a coup, has exacerbated the Covid pandemic, voted unanimously against the American Recovery Act, lies about a "stolen" election, supports outlawing abortion, foments culture war, and has no plan for governing, is poised to win big in the 2022 elections?
Lawrence Glickman

Our nations’ founders would have already arrested Mark Meadows for treason.
Andy Slavitt

As food gets more scarce due to climate impacts on agriculture it will probably manifest in the media as "inflation."
Peter Kalmus @ClimateHuman

I want more of us to understand that the people standing in the way of climate action 1000 percent know that climate change is real
Mary Annaïse Heglar

Putting apartments on busy roads and houses on quiet ones is an injustice.
Donald Shoup

Freeways are built for single family home owners, why don’t they like to live near them?

Note: Staging a violent attack against elected officials and then using that violent attack to declare a state of emergency and then using soldiers to falsely recount ballots and overturn election results is an attempted coup.
David M. Perry @Lollardfish

What’s fascinating, the conceit of all this crime reporting and collective panic, the implicit that these crime of opportunity that have been happening all along, are only supposed to happen in certain Black spaces. We are the only ones who are supposed to be unsafe.
D.A. Bullock @BullyCreative

The problem isn't Democrats losing white voters — it's Republicans winning them over with lies
Paul Thomas

LOL I never read this study before. In a survey of American drivers, 93% believed they were more skillful than average and 88% said they are safer than the average driver.
Peter Flax

Republican state legislatures are trying to create a world where it's illegal to do anything but say nice things about fossil fuels and give the industry all your money
Brian Kahn

it's wild that "pedestrian safety" is a thing, bro why is it so dangerous to WALK OUTSIDE

Republicans are calling the destruction of the Fox News Christmas tree a hate crime because it involved burning a symbol of Christianity. (Oops, wrong photo.)
Middle Age Riot

Student debt was a choice to punish folks for wanting jobs beyond the class they were born into.
melissa byrne

Let me get this straight. I once spent a night in jail for parking tickets at my college, but you can just say no to a Congressional subpoena?
Brent Spiner

The 28th Amendment of the United States Constitution: To each restaurant their own individual gigantic parking lot.
Nate Hood

We’ve had viable solutions for mobility both within and between cities for a long time, like high-speed rail, prioritized public transit and networks of protected bike-lanes. We have to stop letting “shiny new tech” distract us from implementing them.
Brent Toderian

Why is it always that pedestrians have to wear bright colours and carry lights, but never that drivers should slow the fuck down when it's dark and raining?

Jeff Bezos' 9-minute joyride to the edge of space created more carbon emissions than 1 billion people produce in an entire lifetime

It would cost less ($10 billion) to vaccinate the world than ONE pharma company is earning ($36 billion) in one one year.
Mohga Kamal-Yanni

I come to Twitter to talk to myself with company.

5 days ago, a woman set fires at Albuquerque Islamic Center/prayer hall. FBI investigating. Fox is silent.
Yesterday, what seems to be a homeless man set Fox Christmas tree on fire. Police says it does not appear political. Fox speaks of it relentlessly, says it harms democrats.
Kurt Eichenwald

If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that by the time someone’s writing an op-Ed about how we don’t have to worry about something happening in the future because there will be regulations and guardrails, someone else is already four rounds of VC funding into creating it
Dan Gurewitch

When people said “ban cars,” this is probably not what they meant:

Andrew Salzberg

Please cover Republicans and the cost of their guns the way you covered Harris and her pan and Pelosi and her ice cream fridge. (Hint: they are much much much more expensive)
David M. Perry @Lollardfish

The longest war in US history ended this year, and still the defense budget grew. But somehow child care, prescription drugs, family leave, and home care are "too expensive."
Naomi Dann

Remember : Smith & Wesson is the reason for the season!
Jeff Schmidt @jsbiff

A fun thing is that there isn’t a free-speech problem on campuses just like universities aren’t actually bastions of leftist radicalism. But the myths and stories that say otherwise are incredibly good at getting clicks for ad dollars and pushing reactionary political ideas.
Jared Yates Sexton

In a situation where two political sources are telling you different things about scientific or technological fact, it does not make your reporting biased to go ask an actual scientist or tech expert who is right.
Maggie Koerth

"Climate change" is a euphemism for chaos and mass death
Extinction Rebellion

Them: You've heard of Elf on the Shelf but have you heard of--

I see all these shocked tweets about the media. In 1974, the oligarchy began buying up all the media so they could control the narrative. The whole plan was laid out in public. This is not media in the old sense. This is a national propaganda machine. Y'all need to get that.
Jeff McFadden @homemadeguitars

I'm telling you, The Onion never misses:


Something to look forward to: over the next decade or two, the forces of fossil fuel incumbency are going to blame every single energy price fluctuation, supply constraint, & blackout on the clean-energy transition. It will be empirically ridiculous & quickly debunked by experts, but nevertheless become unquestioned gospel in the RW media bubble & thus get both-sides MSM coverage. You can already see it beginning, eg, Texas responding to natural gas failures by blaming solar & wind.
David Roberts @drvolts

I'm getting real sick of this framing of climate change as the "challenge of our generation." Ain't gone be no more generations if we fuck this up. This is the challenge of our species.
Mary Annaïse Heglar

gotta be honest i’m impressed by the ability of college professors to indoctrinate students given the extent to which they struggle to get students to even read the syllabus. speaking for myself, my college politics were influenced way more by, for instance, living  in an international dorm with Muslim students and having friends who were part of the living wage campaign on campus than, like, any of the reading i did
Jamelle Bouie

We should take note that the US is producing record amounts of oil & gas & is still forced to go to OPEC on bended knee begging for increased production any time prices spike. When does that "energy independence" show up?
David Roberts @drvolts

I have heard hundreds of political staffers vent about their boss. I have only seen such venting covered as news when the boss is a woman.
Jason Kander

....Am I the only one more scared to face her than Tiamat?


I think "why do conservatives want to spread Covid even though it collapses our shared society?" is the wrong question. The right question is: "What is it about the total collapse of our shared society that conservatives now want?" I think the answer is the "shared" part. It’s the same reason they no longer participate in our shared reality. They don’t want to share. I think they want the system to collapse. Anyway, whatever their intention, it’s certainly what they’re doing.
A.R. Moxon @JuliusGoat

if Democrats pass voting rights legislation, we can save abortion rights. We can save what democracy we have left. Otherwise it's just going to get so much worse. I don't think people even really understand how bad it's going to get. The answer to everything cannot be "Black people vote harder."
Imani Gandy @AngryBlackLady

The Kamala Harris “Bluetooth scandal” is just further evidence that it was never “but her emails,” it was always “but they’re females.”
The Volatile Mermaid @OhNoSheTwitnt

Been thinking a lot about the poverty of the anglophone understanding of dictatorships, and military coups. Too many movies I think, but even influential commentators seem to think that the bad guys come, admit they are destroying democracy, and basically 100% of people hate it. They forget: every regime has a constituency; every coup has a discourse constructed that can justify it; every political movement that actually makes history has succeeded in getting a significant minority to accept and reproduce its ideas. And no matter what, life goes on
Vincent Bevins


Jon Baker

While the AP reported on the "sluggish" jobs report under President Biden, they called a similar number under Trump "robust."
The Beat with Ari Melber on MSNBC Television

When schools close unexpectedly, who reduces their work activity and takes care of the kids? IN A TOTALLY SHOCKING DISCOVERY, @HoughtonKendall finds that US women reduce their paid work by 34%, while men continue as normal…
Alice Evans

It’s insane that we allow advertising of prescription drugs
Adam Miller @ajm6792

the two genders are cryptocurrency and astrology
katie @skatie420

Please stop using “utilize” when “use” works just fine. Subtweeting my profession
Heidi @laflaneuse

Canada is so weird because the people building pipelines will do land acknowledgments
nashwa lina

I feel like it was a mistake to leave people alone with religion.

Been thinking about why people want to get "rich" and a lot of it seems to boil down to things we could ALL have in a different kind of society: assurance we + loved ones will always have housing, healthcare; education; personal autonomy; free time to pursue interests.
Scott Feeney @graue

COVID deaths in the four "oldest" US states (measured by % of population 65+):

Jeremy Horpedahl Bread

You know you live in a country with a right-wing bias when Democrats are forced to answer for every op-ed by every college sophomore but Republicans aren't even asked about their party's concerted effort to extend a pandemic or support an insurrection.

Us: "We should make it safer and easier for more people to take transit and cycle if they want."
Them: "OH REALLY?!?!? What if you need to carry a refrigerator filled with elderly people's groceries to soccer practice at the doctor's office? What then?!?!?"
Bicycle Lobby

There's nothing more morally obscene than 8 Pfizer & Moderna investors becoming $10,000,000,000 richer last week alone while over 3.5 billion people in the world have not been vaccinated in a global pandemic. The vaccine belongs to the people, not the billionaire class.
Warren Gunnels

Media description of Covid as a disease of urban density for months - but when it became a disproportionately rural disease, suddenly all the geographic sociology largely disappeared.
Nathan Newman Compass

Today I learned that when Diego Rivera was in Detroit to paint the murals at the DIA & the Fords were entertaining them, Frida Kahlo trolled Henry Ford at his house by asking him if he was Jewish.  Absolute queen.
Caryn Rose

I don’t see much evidence of people being terrible. I do see a lot of evidence of people having emotional and psychosocial needs that, if unmet, leave them susceptible to cults and cultic thinking

The vast majority of anti-abortion arguments paint women as incompetent, unable to make their own choices. We’re able to make choices on our own – and that includes whether to have an abortion. We never asked for your input, and it’s going to stay that way.
Rachel O’Leary Carmona

Kamala Harris spent 375 dollars on a pan. That’s bad. But Thomas Massie spent tens of thousands on an arsenal for his children. And that’s good. Did I get that right?
Imani Gandy @AngryBlackLady

On any given day, there are 600,000+ frozen embryos housed in fertility clinics and labs acrossthe US. All it takes to dispose of or donate one is signing a form. No interference, shaming, protests, or terrorists. Never say this is about life and not women's freedom.
Soraya Chemaly

When I was imprisoned at Coxsackie CF, COs would eat food out of packages my family sent and then give me the empty wrappers/containers with whatever was left. If you wanted to receive a “full” package, your family had to include Marlboros for the officers. Prisons are all corrupt.
Dyjuan Tatro

Scolding Democrats for making "promises they can't keep" when *she's the reason they can't keep them*. Horrible fucking person.
David Roberts @drvolts

Weekend reminder that Yale Climate Communication says that "fossil gas" is a term perceived *positively* by Republicans. They recommend that climate communicators should use the term "methane gas," which has negative associations across political lines.
Dr. Genevieve Guenther @DoctorVive

People really underestimate how dystopian the United States is
Kate Aronoff

Perhaps modern US (and Australian) cities’ greatest mistake was thinking of streets primarily as infrastructure instead of public space. We destroyed the space/place function for inferior infrastructure.
David M. Levinson @trnsprtst

man we really got that 'banning indoor smoking in public places' thing under the wire... i can't remotely imagine it being possible in today's political environment
Alan @akgerber

Saw this image in a piece at @cnupublicsquare. The author makes the point that the cargo beds both hold, equally well, a standard sheet of plywood/drywall. The rest of the bulk is just used to transport the fragile male ego:

Tom Vanderbilt

I got curious and looked it up, and at current rates in LA County you're about 6 times more likely to be killed or injured in a car crash than to be the victim of a robbery. You wouldn't know that by watching the news right now!
Thomas @ugathom

driving is amazing because people are constantly asked to place a value on the lives of themselves and others and they regularly come back with like "two or three seconds of my commute"
Tim Murphy

I had an illegal abortion when I was 19 and have ZERO regrets. Making abortion illegal is a cruel, evil, and aggressive act against women. Any of you out there defending a government or religious right to force women to give birth are wrong, misguided, hateful, and despicable.
Jennifer Daryl Slack

The McDonald's Happy Meal is older than the evangelical belief that life begins at conception.
Carla @manicsquirrel

The HUMMER EV weighs 4000kg with a 900kg battery. The battery alone weighing nearly as much as the original Landrover (1180kg).
Saul Griffith

Best solution to our transportation challenges? Housing near jobs and walkable/transit accessible neighborhoods.
Warren Logan @WarrenMobility

Been reading a bunch of articles about how a bus in the suburbs will bring pollution to a town. My response to that:

The Jersey Guy

Two types of History job ads:
- History, All of it, any rank.
- The Scoober McScooberson endowed chair in the study of the third week of July 1861.
Miller Wright

Please, world, I need more articles featuring owners of $60,000 SUVs complaining about 'high' gas prices.
Tom Vanderbilt

Everyone is an anti-authoritarian when they are a kid. Being that I stayed one throughout my life, one of the most jarring things about becoming an adult was that so many of my friends became authoritarians and took their place in the system that I thought we were against.
Sansregret @rantmission

Always presented to me as a gotcha: "if the Democrats are so worried about racism why don't they stop abortion?" Medicaid saved more babies than 60 years of pro life marches but GOP never champion it's importance to black mothers — in fact they fight hard to degrade it!

Consultancies like McKinsey & Co. have grown to multibillion-dollar titans by offering powerful people confirmation bias as a service. Pay them enough and they'll produce a fancy report saying whatever you *want* to do is the best thing you possibly *could* do.
Cory Doctorow

Africa’s perception war:

Richard Kiplagat

Remind originalists that originally there was supposed to be one representative and thus one electoral vote for every 35,000 residents in a state. I look forward to originalists coming out in favor of giving California the 1,130 electoral votes the founders wanted them to have.
Eric Doberstein @DobieWanKenobi

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