Saturday, June 12, 2021

Jen Sorensen

Somehow as I've gotten older and the weekly alternative press as faded as a part of the American scene, I've lost touch with political cartooning as well. I still know the long-time names (like Tom Tomorrow) but I haven't kept up.

I've mentioned Jen Sorensen a few times because I saw her work repeatedly on The Weekly Sift and was always impressed by it, but I didn't realize how long she has been working, that she won the Herblock Prize almost 10 years ago, and is the current president of the Association of American Editorial Cartoonists. 

You may have heard that no Pulitzer Prize in editorial cartooning was awarded this year, although there were three finalists nominated by a highly qualified jury. Maybe there wasn't much going on in politics or something? 

Sorensen wrote a letter on behalf of the AAEC to the Pulitzer Prize organization objecting to that lack of result and calling on them to return the many artists' entry fees.

As I've mentioned before, the Star Tribune can't seem to run any editorial cartoons by women (except once in a great while, one by the unintelligibly right-wing Lisa Benson). And there's Jen Sorensen with her portfolio of great stuff, analyzing all of the issues of our day.

Come on, Star Tribune — let's have something other than 29 to 31 men each month on your op-ed page!


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