Sunday, June 13, 2021

No More Fir for Me

One of my tiny but recurring and annoying parts of life is when autocorrect doesn't learn from errors I make while typing on my phone. The most common one was words that should have the letter "o" (farthest out to the right on the keyboard) that turn into the adjacent and less far-to-the-right letter "i." 

The most common example is substituting the word "fir" when I meant to type "for." I have no idea why autocorrect never learned that I have no interest in writing about fir trees, and am much more likely to write the common conjunction "for," but it never did. I finally found a work-around using Text Replacement (if you have an iPhone, look under Settings > Keyboards to find it).

I have since also replaced "goid" and "snd" (which aren't even words, unlike the real words "good" and "and," so I have no idea why it won't learn to correct those), and "hone" and "hones" (to become "home" and "homes"). 

Next I think I will teach my phone that there is no such thing as 2918, 2919, 2929 or 2920, or 2921. 

But I must say it made me feel good to see my tiny rage affirmed by Hilary Price in her comic "Rhymes With Orange" a few weeks ago:

Maybe I should send her a note about my work-around.


Michael Leddy said...

Are you off and resorts and dictation, but then it' S necessary to go back and correct the machine's mistakes.

See what I mean? I often resort to dictation, etc.

Daughter Number Three said...

I don't use dictation at all ... just my fingers, so it's all about not learning what it seems like it should learn. I suppose if I was dictating, it would at least get the fir/for thing correct.