Thursday, December 1, 2016

Twitter B.E., A.E.

This is the hardest Twitter round up I’ve ever done. It begins B.E. (Before Election), and like all things B.E., it now seems like some other self liked these tweets and even in some ways felt hope for the future. I’ve struggled with how to organize them.

There are still some about the election itself from early in the month, but there are many more post-election tweets, which I have organized into subjects like Trump’s cabinet picks, the Carrier deal, or related topics like the upsurge in hate crimes and backlash against “political correctness” and calling racism by its name.

Here are the hard-to-read B.E. tweets from the early days of November, 2016, just before election day:

I am excited to vote for Secretary Clinton tomorrow, but I am even more excited to vote against Mike Pence. Yes, even more than Trump.
Ashley C. Ford ‏@iSmashFizzle

Donald Trump is like the pied piper of shit:

William Lindeke

Question for the election: Which would be worse in 2040, telling kids we have to raise the Social Security tax by 2 percent or we ruined planet?
Dean Baker

Voting 3rd party is a good way to let marginalized groups know that your abstract principles are more important than their very real lives.
Molly Manglewood

I want this election to be over so I can return to my preexisting levels of cynicism, rage, fear, and powerlessness.
Sherman Alexie

Oh the irony of the FBI leaking like a sieve to criticize Hillary for not being careful enough at keeping info private.
John Aravosis

Things we learned in 2016: Giving white people a college education is the gift that keeps us giving:

White supremacy has been around for a long time and is far from gone. But the fact that going to college takes the major edge off of it matters. It is a reminder that when we invest in "common things," in @JedediahSPurdy's lovely phrase, we benefit in common. These numbers suggest that if 10 percent of Trump voters who didn't make it to college had, this race wouldn't be close. So all those people who are #WithHer but cling to public schools being funded by local property taxes need to think.
Anand Giridharadas

Don't blame Black voters if Trump wins. When Democrats win they act like our votes didn't count. When they might lose, now our votes count. Nope.
Brittney Cooper

Once all settles we'll be stunned we treated it as somehow normal that a hostile foreign state all but openly worked on behalf of one candidate.
Josh Marshall ‏@joshtpm

This will always be remembered as the presidential election in which the KKK, the KGB and the FBI all supported the same candidate.
Victor Laszlo ‏@Impolitics
There are a few from election night, before we knew Donald would win:
They built a cash bar at Trump election night party-- and his supporters are going to pay for it.
Dana Milbank

$11 Trump beers at a loser party is what Schadenfreude tastes like.
William Lindeke

Donald Trump getting actual electoral votes is something that should shame us for three generations.
Hunter ‏@HunterDK

Florida's motto should be "We will find new ways to disappoint you."
Aparna Nancherla

How do so many white men really believe they can only lose to a woman and/or person of color when the process is rigged? Then they’ve got the nerve--nay, the GALL--to call everybody who doesn't look like them "entitled". Y'all are really something else.
Ashley C. Ford ‏@iSmashFizzle

Each Democrat should go thank a person of color today for their service to the republic.
Vann R. Newkirk II ‏@fivefifths

What this election has exposed is the LOW FUCKING STANDARDS WE HAVE FOR WHITE PEOPLE.
#FreeBresha ‏@prisonculture

Whether Trump wins or loses, academics will study for years why millions voted for someone so widely seen as con man.
Steven Greenhouse ‏@greenhousenyt
Then the realization slowly pressed itself into our consciousnesses. It was possible Donald would be president:
A litigious, emotionally volatile sociopath best known for firing people on TV is likely to become the most powerful leader in the world.
Olivia Nuzzi

1. This was a year when #BlackLivesMatter was ascendant. A year when we saw more unrest on racial oppression than in a quarter century.
2. If Donald Trump is our nation's answer to that moment, then let me be clear: this is the same nation it always has been.
3. It's not a mistake. It's not "not who we are." It's the same as our history. No better. So don't tell me "it's 2016."
4. Don't tell me "we had a Black president." Tell me you will work to educate yourself and your people on who we have always been.
5. Tell me you will grind and sweat and do better. Tell me we will be better. But don't tell me we are.
Phillip Atiba Goff

for everybody who thought drone killing was cool because you trusted Obama, the bill's coming due on that shit.
Tom Tomorrow

but hey maybe I'll wake up tomorrow and HRC won a squeaker and we'll all have a good laugh at my drama queen bullshit
Tom Tomorrow

Very least, if Trump wins then somebody better fucking hire me full-time. [Naming The Nation and Mother Jones.]
Tom Tomorrow

I'm 55 years old. I watched Ronald Reagan win. Georges Bush H.W. and W. But this is the worst of all possible timelines. We are fucked. We are fucked in ways we can't even begin to imagine. Going to suck to wake up tomorrow and have that moment of remembering what happened.
Tom Tomorrow

If Trump wins, it savages the planet's chances of dealing with climate change. In the (very) long run, the biggest result of a hideous night.
Bill McKibben
Then the next day and the days after, with an avalanche of reactions to the fact that Donald would be the president-elect. These are in more-or-less reverse-chronological order, with the rawest ones last.
My great grandparents were slaves. I choose to stay, to stand and to fight. The question I asked myself all night: Do I really BELIEVE those songs they sang during the civil rights movement? If so my choice is clear.
jelani cobb

I long for the days when I didn't have to care what Trump said, did or bankrupted.
Mark Thompson

I mean, we aren't stupid.

Hold on ... I'm being told we *are* stupid.
Chris Steller

We got Ted Cruz's policies with Donald Trump's temperament. The ultimate disaster
Ari Berman

I have moments, and sometimes entire days, when I just cannot fucking believe this is happening. And perhaps that's his entire point.
Jamil Smith

I'm so sick of this idiot already and it isn't even January 20 yet. The stupidity is astounding.
ProfB ‏@AntheaButler

We're slowly reaching the point where the most far-fetched part of V for Vendetta is the bloke smoking in a pub.
British Problems

Imagine looking like a pile of old moldy butter and still believing you're genetically superior to all other races. And I know superficial arguments based on appearance are bad but the idea of racial supremacy is already ridiculous. But then I SEE white supremacists and am like, F'real? You got up and thought, "This. Yes this is the pinnacle." You did that? Ay yai yai.
Janine Brito

Trump is all the evidence we need to understand the need to weaken the power of the nation-state & imperial presidency & empower the local.
Richard Florida

1. The president-elect is a Twitter Troll folks, full stop. He's basically an egg turned orange with a tuft of bad weave.
2. All of these antics of the president-elect are not going to stop after inauguration day. So quit listening to the genteel pundits who are delusional.
3. The president-elect actually is rather predictable. The stable of cons and reprobates he is putting together are, too... and much more dangerous.
4. Enjoy Christmas and New Year’s. It might be the last one we have that is not in full on civil war, or being under defcon 2 or 1.
No, I am not joking. FIN.
ProfB ‏@AntheaButler

Late to this, but I'm setting up a watchdog organization called CaligulaWatch.
Chris Steller

My neighbor (Trump supporter) said "I hope u don’t hate me based on who I voted for.”
Me: No, but based on who u voted for I think u hate me.
Jasmine ‏@JasmineLWatkins

What we now know in a November 9 world: Whiteness is more important than any other identity for millions of White folk.
Ebony Elizabeth ‏@Ebonyteach

This feels like something Marty McFly would see when he steps out of the Delorian in a version of the future he must change:

Lucy Leiderman

Lowest turnout since 2000, Clinton won the popular vote. This isn't a newly empowered majority, the majority stayed home.
Ramsin Canon

This feeling you have right now. Amazement that the country could be so short-sighted, that it could embrace hate so tightly? Welcome. This despair and dread you feel. The indignation, the bewilderment, the hurt, powerlessness, the fear for family and livelihood? Welcome. That knot in your stomach, that feeling of heartache? That uncertainty about your safety? The deep sense of fundamental injustice? For many marginalized people, this spike in distress you feel this morning is what we feel EVERY morning. Welcome. Let this be the last time you are surprised by the prevalence of virulent hatred in this country. Let it be a moment that opens your eyes.
5'7 Black Male ‏@absurdistwords

Given the racism & misogyny in Trump’s win, hard two see how Democrats could have won with an old Jewish guy or a female academic.
Billy Bragg

If one studies history, one knows last night was the most American of things. After racial progress always comes a white backlash. After Lincoln, Grant, we get Hayes who ends Reconstruction and restores the white South. After LBJ, Nixon & the Southern strategy. Obama, Trump. It is not incidental nor a fluke if one looks through the ever-revealing pattern of history that the first black president would be followed by one KKK endorsed.
Ida Bae Wells ‏@nhannahjones

fuck white people. I'm ashamed:

Ari Berman

I think a lot of White Clinton voters underestimated other White voters' racism, and Black voters overestimated White American decency.
Ra's al Sauce ‏@sassycrass

Well. Looks like Ida B. Wells tried to hold it together but Susan B. Anthony said no, let it burn:

wikipedia brown ‏@eveewing

Best analysis heard tonight: "The establishment took him literally but not seriously, while his fans took him seriously, but not literally.”
Jack Shute

Because the way to protest blue-collar job loss is definitely to vote for a New York plutocrat with no policy plans beyond supply-side economics.
Jane Doe, MD ‏@DrJaneChi

What a good day to be a straight white man, just like every other day since the creation of the United States.
danny @kingdanimals

We survived colonization.
We survived the middle passage.
We survived chattel slavery.
We will survive a Donald Trump presidency.

The Supreme Court. The Justice Department. The FBI. We handed it over to someone who thinks the Central Park Five should’ve been executed.
Joel D. Anderson ‏@byjoelanderson

Too many people took his stupidity for granted.
suna:)) ‏@buckfruitt

Tomorrow, next month, and next year, somehow, I'm sure this is going to be our fault. We get blamed for simply observing the situation and naming it, let alone speaking out about it, and saying that it's not OK.
Ebony Elizabeth ‏@Ebonyteach

This next few months are going to be very important. The people who said that "they wanted to take their country back" have. Now it may mean they and their preferred candidate will destroy the very country they claim to love so much.
ProfB ‏@AntheaButler

This is how much our country hates women. I have never been sadder for us.
Julieanne Smolinski

I've been reaching for the wisdom of my ancestors. They didn't deserve it, either. Yet they found a way to survive.
Ebony Elizabeth ‏@Ebonyteach

Truly a timeline of myself on election day:

Aparna Nancherla

Alright, which one of y'all set the Holodeck to Global Nightmare?
Janine Brito

This is just another random reminder that patriarchy is deeply and inextricably tied to white supremacy. Carry on.
Melissa McEwan ‏@Shakestweetz

We can't vote bigotry out of the fabric of American culture. No matter how many elections are held.
Mikki Kendall ‏@Karnythia

The message this sends to people of color is that a majority of Americans are unwilling to share this country with us as equals.
Mazel Tov Cocktail ‏@AdamSerwer

I wake up every day, look at news & go into, not denial, but refusal. “This is wrong, this is illegal, this is unethical, this is a lie.”
Rainbow Rowell

As Democrats contemplate the future, remember minimum wage hikes won everywhere they were on the ballot in 2014/2016, including AZ, AK NE and SD.
sean. ‏@SeanMcElwee

A little weird to me that after the most epic polling miss in history, we're all citing data from the exit polls.
Christopher Hayes

Most people didn't vote. Of those who did, Clinton got more votes than Trump. To say "Voters sent a message" is to overnarrativize this. Voters sent many different messages. Because of the Electoral College, Trump will be President. That's our system. It's not a message.
Mark Harris

For young people wondering if this is always what if feels like when your candidate loses — no. Nothing about this election is normal.
Rainbow Rowell

In one last act of sad historical irony last night, Donald Trump held his victory party in the hotel where Malcolm X spent his final night.
Michael Moore ‏@MMFlint

Sad confession: there are still moments when I hope Trump is going to stop and say “MY GOD I am bad at this. Never mind. All yours, Hillz.”
Sarah Mackey ‏@sarahjanet

It feels like our country is untangling a giant pair of earbuds right now but also they are on fire.
Aparna Nancherla

Part of anger that people feel when pundits say "give Trump a chance" is, if we'd done/said 1% of the stuff he did, we'd get zero chances.
Robert O. Simonson

Also for the "I'm not racist, I just voted for the guy making racist promises" folks? They have a name for you too. Collaborators.
Mikki Kendall ‏@Karnythia

Had not fully appreciated until now how much the relentless American drive for optimism resembles abject denial.
jelani cobb
Hillary Clinton is an intelligent, accomplished, highly qualified woman, but many Americans just couldn't overlook those flaws.
Frank Conniff

And, like that, culture's hatred of women--and by extension women's hatred of themselves--all but disappears from election analysis. For the record I think it was underestimated and under-polled by approx. one million percent, across class and other markers.
Sarah Smarshg

Black folks are told to be patient, incremental progress is the only way. Then white folks reverse generations of progress in one election.
Samuel Sinyangwe ‏@samswey
Ruminations on what life will be like in Trump’s America were popular. (Popular. Probably the wrong word.)
So basically Ivanka Trump [as a child] made the "help" buy her lemonade as a kid. Metaphor for...everything right there.
DC Women Kicking Ass

Who we are now:

Travon Free ‏@Travon

It's cute how we keep thinking Trump and GOP's goal is to make government work when I'm sure it's precisely the opposite.
Tressie Mc ‏@tressiemcphd

"My fellow citizens, at 0600 hours, U.S. forces, on my orders, invaded Scotland on a mission to remove the scourge of wind farms. I have apprised Nigel Farage, my preferred contact in the United Kingdom, of the terms I require for a return to peace: No wind farms!"
Chris Steller

Trump was a very unpopular figure during the campaign and remains historically unpopular now. He lost by more votes than any incoming president. What we're seeing, I think, is Trump setting up "the media" as his Clinton-esque foil for his presidency. He will be campaigning full-time against this institution that is widely despised, distrusted, seen as corrupt, compromised.
Christopher Hayes

Pace your outrage. Take time off if you need. This is a marathon, not a sprint.
Tom Tomorrow

Indigenous still struggling at Standing Rock.
Black bodies still catching cops' bullets.
Families still being deported.
Trabajo continúa.

every time I read analysts talking about how current fears of autocracy are misplaced I think of this image:

Saladin Ahmed

Seems like 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is gonna empty a lot over the next four years. Can it become a rental? Or an Airbnb?
Robert O. Simonson

1. A quick riff on Trumpism, migration & expensive cities ...
2. Many have suggested (hope) that expensive cities will spur migration to less expensive parts of the county - so-called rise of the rest.
3. My sense is Trumpism stymies any such trend ... & reinforces concentration & spikiness ...
4. Creative class will increasingly migrate toward blue, spiky, tolerant expensive cities/ metros which they perceive as "safe spaces."
5. This will ultimately pack more liberal Americans in spiky blue places, and tilt the electoral map even redder ...
Richard Florida

I don't think many trump supporters are trying to "win" in the sense that classic political commentary assumes. And that's a real problem for analysis and counter organizing. If they're not trying to win but to burn it down, you have to adjust. What if I told you that the Trump America isn't the anomaly, the Obama America was...
Tressie Mc ‏@tressiemcphd

Thus words actually spoken and actions promised - recorded even - become "charges" from "critics." Evidence dissolves into ethereal opinion. Welcome to Gaslight America, where everything is always fine what do you mean everything's not fine are you crazy?
Bearded Stoner

The campaign was a preview of the presidency. The outrages and lies will be so relentless, it will be impossible to even keep up.
Tom Tomorrow

Some will resist. Some will collaborate. But many mushy others will simply try to make the best of it, pitch their wares, avoid the drama. That, too, is how it happens: when too many interpret tyranny as a personal problem to navigate, not a public problem to overcome. "The scapegoating of otherness by miserable people cannot be justified by their misery."
Anand Giridharadas

Obama won a huge landslide in ’08 and was told he had to be bipartisan. Trump lost popular vote and will steamroll opposition without media criticism.
scary lawyerguy

I will not be following the reality TV circus that is the federal government for the next 4 years, except to mitigate its harm where I can.

It's in Trump's interest to pick fights with big mainstream media outlets, because it then puts them squarely in the enemy camp. It's a way of unilaterally converting an entity into a "biased" one and thus untrustworthy.
Christopher Hayes

2008: some folk worried the government'd come for their guns.
2016: we're worried the government's coming for our friends. For us. Our kids.
Max Gladstone

Hey, Donald Trump. Those protesters out there? You work for them now. Welcome to public SERVICE.
Crystal Ward ‏@Crystal11

here's a pin they can't co-opt:

Jams ‏@_glocks
I have to admit there was a fair amount of satisfying ad hominem stuff about Donald:
We hate Donald Trump like you hated President Obama. However, we hate Trump because he is racist, you hated Obama because you are racist.
David Yankovich

If he wasn't a dangerous would-be autocrat, there would be something almost touching about Trump's transparent insecurity and vulnerability.
Anand Giridharadas

The metaphor of Trump as a body with no head just gets better and better.
Pat Thompson ‏@pattho

Trump, the thin-skinned, delicate Snowflake-Elect will make the White House a “safe space” where he won’t be triggered by facts/reality.
Mrs. Betty Bowers

Trump says he does not need to read extensively because he reaches the right decisions “with very little knowledge.”
Pedro da Costa ‏@pdacosta

Donald Trump appeals to the worst in people so that they stop caring that he's the worst of people.
Brian Beutler

some relevant anagrams for "trump's america":
- mr. amateur pics
- mr. epic traumas
- racism tempura
Alex Eichler ‏@AJEichler

It's really remarkable how quickly a politician hailed for being authentic is being hailed for not meaning a single thing he said.
Monika Bauerlein

Andy Singer has a vision:

William Lindeke

Trump's favorite business model is renting his name to shady people and making $$ even as the partnership fails. GOP is his latest victim.

If I wanted to see a flustered 70-year-old make an epic transition surrounded by their self-centered adult children, I'd stream "Transparent.”
Dave Gilson ‏@daudig

"Drain the swamp" was a Mussolini rallying cry (a literal swamp, the Pontine marshes). This stuff isn't accidental.
Susan Hennessey

Haha we always used to call this the Home Despot haha ha

Chris Steller

There is an alternate timeline where Trump is on season 15 of Celebrity Apprentice grilling Rudy Giuliani for not selling enough hotdogs.
Jesse McLaren ‏@McJesse

Trump during the campaign: "Obama is the worst president in history!" Trump after the election: "Can you teach me how to do this whole President thing?"
Lisa Tozzi

Relax, it's a perfectly normal thing for a leader to give governmental power to his adult sons.

Schooley ‏@Rschooley

The GOP rainbow coalition: Alabaster, eggshell, ecru, cotton, cream, lily, bone, linen, milk...
Mark Harris

No, really, we just wasted 4 years over Hillary's private server and now Prez-Elect Trump is talking to world leaders on his private phone.
Zeddonymous ‏@ZeddRebel

Obama walking through the ruins of democracy feels a bit on-the-nose at the moment:

Brendan Sasso

If Donald Trump wanted to avoid public scrutiny over his every move, he shouldn't have wanted to be president. That's the price of admission.
Noah Rothman
What to do in response to Donald’s election, or next time, or even still this time:
1. This is what scares me: the left loses because we play by the rules. But what happens when no one plays by the rules?
2. I am saying today: We need to play hardball, because Republicans under Trump will be ruthless.
3. But if we respond by breaking the rules, our whole civilization is degraded, democracy is weakened, and Putin wins.
4. I wish there were some way to prove to Republicans they are damaging our society horribly, but they refuse to listen to reason.
5. America today - and the world - are in a much more dangerous situation than our media seem to be able to comprehend.
Elliott Lusztig

Look I'm just gonna go ahead and say it: when the people's revolution finally comes, it's not gonna be led by an old white dude.
Anne Thériault

The next few years will be a test for all of us. But art is a weapon. Artists are made for times like these. We control the vertical & the horizontal. We can influence the Zeitgeist. We can remind the world that bigotry is *shameful* & weak. And all we have to do is not be mediocre. Not pander to the fearful and the entitled. Write for humanity, not one whiny sliver of it. Seriously. They come for the artists first, in times like this. So be it. I will fight them - been doing that. I will *outwrite* them.
N. K. Jemisin

Love is the anti-Trump. Inclusion is the anti-Trump. RESPECT (even for those we disagree with) is the anti-Trump. HUMANITY is the #antiTrump.
There were lots of thoughts about “why Trump won”:
Here, America. Have some context. This is what you look like. Not that sea of red with little blue islands.

Adam Smith ‏@AdamSmith_usa

Models are only as good as their inputs. Garbage in, garbage out. But the illusion of decimal place precision leads us to infer certainty.
Liam Donovan ‏@LPDonovan

In the zeal to use the power of markets, wonks underestimated how goddamn annoying it is for Obamacare premiums to be unpredictably priced/costly. People would be pretty angry if their Social Security check fluctuated year to year or month to month.
Michael B Dougherty

I am reminded that the supposed experts re: elections, voting, & ground game didn't have the answer this time. We need to make new paths.
deray mckesson

The genius of the GOP: obstruct the president for eight years, then win the presidency because people think the government is broken.
Rob Tannenbaum ‏@tannenbaumr

Being back in my dying hometown was a reality check. Miserable white people want people they hate/envy to suffer too. So they voted Trump. Never underestimate the need for these folks to burn everything down because they failed at life. You might as well suffer too.
Gabe ‏@widestance

While news fixates on workers who swung from Obama, perhaps Trump's millions of suburban educated white zealots with money are more dangerous. Just a thought, as the Far Right's money keeps creeping into every corner of U.S. government while we obsess over the decisions of the poor.
Sarah Smarsh, responding to a tweet by Jeff Sharlet that read, “Evangelical writer Lance Wallnau began to suspect God had sent Trump to be prez when he saw Caitlyn Jenner on the cover of Vanity Fair.”

Pre-election from the New York Times, Washington Post, and Politico: Clinton email server outnumbered Trump conflict-of-interest stories five to one:1372 vs 279.
Zeynep Tufekci ‏@zeynep

The inability of the left to distinguish between an imperfect ally and an enemy is the height of privilege and will be our downfall.
Alex Hirsch

| ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄|
| BETTER’S     |
| GOOD             |
| _______|
(\__/) ||
(•ㅅ•) ||
/   づ
Chris Steller

I am a pragmatic voter all day. This expectation of a perfect candidate for the whole country is a damned fairy tale. Black people have had to suck it up & pick who is the least damaging since we got the vote. Welcome to democracy.
Mikki Kendall ‏@Karnythia

My suspicion: rural vs urban location + high school vs college education deeply shapes prospects in life. Addiction is a consequence. So is Trump.
Atul Gawande

Question for everyone saying Democrats would have won with different policy ideas: Since the media completely failed to cover policy, how would this have worked?
Paul Krugman

Hillary Clinton won fewer than 400 counties nationwide, out of more than 3,000. Those HRC counties make up nearly *TWO-THIRDS* of the U.S. economy.
Jim Tankersley

Take: supporting Trump was less about thinking he would do things he said he would do & more about hearing him say them (& get away with it).
Will Jordan ‏@williamjordann

[White women are] aware of their womanhood. They made a choice. People aren't race "or" gender. They're race and gender.
Trudy ‏@thetrudz

This week, I've been remembering so many conversations I've had with straight white women, who wish they could live their commitments to diversity. "I wish I could put my son/daughter in a more diverse school. But with those test scores, I just can't sacrifice my child, you know?" I've had that conversation a half dozen times, with White colleagues in academia & publishing. I wish I'd listened more closely. Even ensconced in the blue & purple states, even among those of us in the professional class, the language of sacrifice often gets invoked. The discourse analyst in me is intrigued by the lexis of sacrifice. When I was younger, I was awed by White folk who would give up ground and make common cause with us. But in the end, many of you were getting something else, weren't you? It wasn't about us after all.
Ebony Elizabeth ‏@Ebonyteach

Trump won a coalition that felt mocked by the future. Some of that feeling compels our respect; some of it doesn't.
Anand Giridharadas

Getting out of the DC bubble actually made me *more* inclined to think of many Trump voters as motivated by racism and sexism, not less. I'd read the analysis about economic anxiety, then I'd talk to people and hear about imprisoning Muslims, cutting off welfare to lazy blacks. That said, there are millions of Trump voters who voted for reasons other than racism. Lots of decent people told me they wanted change. But I don't buy the "if media spent time in the heartland, they'd get it" stuff. One, media did. Two, what I learned was regularly ugly.
Daniel Dale ‏@ddale8

If you're wondering how poor, exploited white people could vote for a dude with a golden elevator who will fuck them over, here's how. They don't see themselves as poor. They don't base their identity on it. They see themselves as "temporarily embarrassed millionaires." The stigma against poverty is incredibly strong. It is shameful to be poor, to not have the comforts of the middle class. So they pretend that they aren't poor. They are willing to lie to make it seem like they aren't poor. They purchase things to make it seem like they're not. In my town, wealth wasn't associated with greed, but with hard work and inherent goodness. You are blessed if you have material wealth. When they see Trump, they don't see an extortionist who is rich because of the very conditions that keep their own communities in poverty. They see someone who worked hard and was justly rewarded with wealth. Most men, especially, think they too could be Trump were it not for the unfair obstacles put in their way. White men who don't consider themselves successful enough have so many excuses for their "failures." The idea that immigrants are the reason they are poor and not wealthy like Trump is so appealing. It takes all the shame and blame away. And here we have a man who, they think, "tells it like it is" and is willing to name the things stealing prosperity out of their hands. If these people saw themselves as an exploited class of people, if American culture didn't stigmatize poverty so much, it might be different. But America has so entangled wealth with goodness and poverty with moral deficiency that they can't build that identity. They won't. Capitalism and the American Dream teach that poverty is a temporary state that can be transcended with hard work and cleverness. To fail to transcend poverty, and to admit you are poor, is to admit you are neither hardworking nor clever. It's cultural brainwashing. So if an exploited class of people don't want to admit they're exploited and they blame themselves for their oppression, what manifests? Xenophobia. Hatred of anyone who is "different," queer people, people of color. These people are eroding the "goodness" of America. Still, we need to understand the identity working class white people have built for themselves, one diametrically opposed to, well, reality.
JuanPa ‏@jpbrammer

Turns out the domino theory was right all along. But it was a story about us, not about them.
Jonathan Metzl

1. The map of counties in the US that shifted to Trump, from Romney, is almost an exact map of the counties having increases in drug overdoses.
2. That isn't just a coincidence. I "fell into" writing about Trump because I was documenting addiction & saw him resonating wherever I went.
3. What I said about drugs then I can say about Trump now. Wherever I see hope exiting, I see Trump/drugs entering.
Chris Arnade

i always get a kick out of people blaming "US trade policy" — they don't know who is the VP, but they know our trade policy?
richard sands

Trump won over 80% of voters who have over one square mile of land to themselves:

Richard Florida

If you're a Democrat crying hot salty tears for the white working class, tell me how people of color workers managed to not fall for Trump's message? WHAT could it be? Finally, everyone making that ridiculous claim that "whites who voted for Obama didn't suddenly become racist when they voted for Trump?" Ever considered that those voters ROSE ABOVE their racism to vote for Obama? That eight years of vile slander has "brought them home"?
Jeff Yang ‏@originalspin

1. I actually think in all the analyses of this election, impact of Trump's celebrity has been underplayed.
2. Trump started the campaign with close to 100% name recognition. He had been portrayed as a tough, effective executive on a top-10 TV show
3. He didn't have to do any work -- and did no work -- to get voters to know who he was.
4. And while HRC was obviously famous, she was famous as a politician. Trump was famous, in a way, for being famous.
5. Which might have seemed like a strike against him. But for lots of Americans, fame is, in and of itself, a mark of value.
6. And the success of The Apprentice meant that millions of Americans had already decided, in some sense, that they liked Trump.
7. Trump didn't win because he was famous. But it was much easier for him to reach voters, and to sell his message, because of his celebrity
8. In that way, he had a lot in common with candidates like Schwarzenegger and Jesse Ventura.
9. Does make me wonder if Kim Kardashian is now thinking about her 2032 campaign.
James Surowiecki

Acres don't vote: people do. One of the reasons we're focusing on white working class votes in the rural Midwest is that their votes *literally* counted for more than people of color in coastal cities.
Christopher Hayes

A big problem on the left is that its elites are suspicious of populism. They prefer nuance, which is great but doesn't win elections.
Josh Harkinson

The formulation that White people who once voted for Obama couldn't be motivated by racism in voting for Trump is wrong. Not how racism works. Case in point: even David Duke said nice things about Obama when he was running. It's called exceptionalizing.
Imani Perry

I don't think the press failed to cover Trump. I think people are scared to recognize just how little white voters cared that he was racist.
Mazel Tov Cocktail ‏@AdamSerwer

White supremacy is impossible without White women. And not silent acquiescence, either. Active complicity.
Ebony Elizabeth ‏@Ebonyteach

"White supremacy does not demand deep conviction. Ruthless self interests, not sincere belief, is the signature feature..."-- @agordonreed
Ta-Nehisi Coates

53% of white women went for Trump. Clinton got 43%. *She didn’t win white women.* Against a misogynist serial gropist. Wow.

Let's be clear: 'white economic anxiety' is code for whites refusing the precarious circumstances that are designated for people of colour.
Akwugo Emejulu

You can't say this election was a class revolt when non-white working class voters overwhelmingly voted for Clinton.
Dan Pfeiffer
On Trump’s business conflicts of interest and the constitutional crisis it presents:
How much of the lack of pre-election Trump business interest reporting can be blamed on the decimation of newspaper & tv overseas bureaus?
Helaine Olen

Lincoln Bedroom scandal but for the 263-room Trump D.C.
Chris Steller

As the epic corruption begins, remember that the life-saving work of the Clinton Foundation "raised questions" and "cast shadows.”
Paul Krugman
Reactions to actual policy or topics that are close to policy:
Trump's plan to end NASA climate research is roughly equivalent to tossing out all the smoke detectors in your house.
Bill McKibben

Fox News attacked President Obama for saving 1.5 million auto industry jobs, now is excited about 1,000 Carrier jobs.
Media Matters

Quick note on coal jobs and where they went: not to China, largely to strip mines in Wyoming.
Paul Krugman

Climate hawks: we may need to flatter Trump into upholding COP21. "President Trump, only you can save the Earth."
Pat Thompson ‏@pattho

all the republicans excited about these carrier jobs are going to be ecstatic when they learn what the stimulus package did
sean. ‏@SeanMcElwee

Every business owner in America now: "Nice domestic employees I got here. Be a shame if anything happened to them, you know, trade-wise."
Anand Giridharadas

by the way, 26K new jobs have been created every week for the last 8 years (!!) under Obama. but yes, Trump saving 700-800 is just amazing....
Eric Boehlert

Since the election, fewer Republicans want Obamacare repealed; the number who just want it scaled back has doubled.
Kyle Griffin ‏@kylegriffin1

News Flash: Alan Greenspan, the guy who couldn't see the $8 trillion housing bubble that sank the economy, says cut Social Security.
Dean Baker

1. On what lawlessness means. I object to describing the next Administration as a "law and order" presidency until there is evidence that...
2. the President-elect & his team intends to vigorously enforce all laws. The Voting Rights Act is a law.
3. The Violence Against Women Act is a law.
4. Title VII of the Civil Rights Act outlaws employment discrimination.
5. Torture violates both national and international law.
6. Brown v Board of Education is the law of the land.
7. You are not a "law & order" president because you enforce criminal law & arrest protesters. The selective enforcement of law while...
8. claiming to be "law & order" is one of the lazy concessions of language with which we have too easily been complicit.
Sherrilyn Ifill

If you hear anyone talking about the "precedent" of Japanese internment, you should also know that in legal circles, the Korematsu decision from the Supreme Court, allowing internment, is universally considered one of the Court's most ignominious hours, just behind Plessy v. Ferguson.
Jeff Zentner

This is on the memorial in DC to the Japanese internment camps:

David Swanson

Not at all surprising that the only FDR policy Trump supporters have anything nice to say about is Japanese Interment Camps.
Frank Conniff

Trump has a "plan for urban renewal." Historically, urban renewal has meant "Negro removal."
Nikhil Goyal

History will record that President-elect Donald J. Trump's first substantive public statement was an attack on the First Amendment.
Ryan Lizza
On Trump and his use of Twitter:
There are 2 schools of thought about Trump tweets: 1) he's trying to distract us; 2) he's an idiot with the impulse control of a 4-year-old. I tend more toward the latter. The former gives him too much credit as a self-aware person who understands he's doing anything wrong.
Tom Tomorrow

Attention media: We follow @realDonaldTrump on Twitter. We don't need you to tell us what he tweeted. We need you to tell us that he lied.
Danielle Muscato

Oh, I get it now. If a headline contains the word "Trump," some papers assume we know that's a synonym for "lie":

Pat Thompson ‏@pattho

Just wait until Trump's bag of diversionary tactics includes the ability to drop bombs.
Matthew Yglesias

If Trump has information about widespread voter fraud, he should share it. If he's just blatantly lying, the electors should consider that.
Tom Tomorrow

This factless madness shows Donald Trump to be unhinged. If President Nixon had a Twitter account it would not reflect this much paranoia.
Carl Bernstein

Just to be clear: a man who'll be president as a result of less than 100K vote leads in three states says a more-than-2-million nationwide margin can't be trusted.
Alec MacGillis

Hard to argue against an audit/recount if the president-elect asserts, without any evidence, that there were millions of illegal votes.
Nate Cohn

this is not a twitter fight with some teenager who misspoke
these are the most powerful men in the world and we owe them only bared teeth
Saladin Ahmed

Hugo Chávez had a weekly TV show "Aló presidente," which he would use to announce laws/fire ministers. This is what Twitter will be for Trump.
Mathieu von Rohr

People are buying into this 'Trump's twitter is a clever ruse' thing because the reality - Trump is an unhinged idiot - is way more terrifying.
Nick Spencer
On the Hamilton/Mike Pence interaction:
"Have respect for the office!" people say about a musical where Hamilton tells the president, "Sit down, John, you fat motherfucker."
Courtney Milan

remember booing makes a theater unsafe but bringing in a gun doesn't
Saladin Ahmed

publicly disrespecting fascists is absolutely crucial to resistance as it lets others know that they are not alone with the monsters. when you feel utterly alone in a dungeon sometimes hearing another human voice shout 'fuck you' at the jailer is enough to help you get by
Saladin Ahmed

You can't have a president demanding apologies for people peacefully asserting their freedom of speech.

If we wanna discuss what is rude Mr. President, I'm pretty sure grabbing a woman by her genitalia ranks higher than booing.
i miss the yankees ‏@redrag0n_

To those dismissing this as a silly distraction: Don't kid yourselves. Trump thinks the 1st Amendment goes too far. This is a taste of that. In his few statements since winning, Trump has attacked protestors, newspapers, & performers, lying about all three. This is central to him.
Mark Harris

Trump lives in a world where artists speaking back to power is harassment - but racist thugs who support him just 'love their country.'
Laurie Penny ‏@PennyRed

The cast of Hamilton was incredibly gracious/thoughtful. Can you imagine performing for someone who has ACTIVELY attacked your basic rights?
Rainbow Rowell

If Obama believed in electrocution for gays until they become straight I'm confident Broadway would boo him too.
Martin R. Conterez ‏@HungryDogsLair

When you vote for a candidate who publicly mocks the disabled, you do not ever get to complain about theatre-goers booing someone. Not ever.
Jeff Zentner

A society where academia is only utilitarian and the arts only entertaining is every dictator's dream.

President "Lock her up" will now lecture us on civility.
Mazel Tov Cocktail ‏@AdamSerwer

one of the few joys the resistance will find in the coming years is that the figurehead of our oppression is a rattleable public crybaby.
Saladin Ahmed

A screaming crowd demands that we lock up or kill Hillary Clinton: liberals' fault. A crowd boos Mike Pence: liberals' fault.
Morning No ‏@jesseltaylor

I will boo Mike Pence to his hateful face nonstop until he spends a year in jail for every day Purvi Patel was imprisoned.

clutches pearls at Starbucks cups
faints at booing
literally dies at "Happy Holidays"
Chris Kluwe ‏@ChrisWarcraft

True story. In 1954 Vice-President Nixon went to the first American performance of Waiting for Godot. Got booed and vowed to destroy the constitution.
Jeet Heer

The Right Wing is always uncivil and it gets results.
#FreeBresha ‏@prisonculture
On Donald's transition team and top-level cabinet appointments, including Steve Bannon of Breitbart:
Trump’s transition team is fourteen white guys, his daughter, and a black man who doesn’t believe in dinosaurs.

Can we have a moment with the fact that Obama couldn't EVA be seen near Jeremiah Wright again, but Trump is bringing known racists to the White House.
Elon James White

So civil rights in America will be enforced by a man [Jeff Sessions] whose record suggests he doesn't much believe in them.
Nicholas Kristof

The sad irony is Obama's neglect of the foreclosure crisis helped hand the White House to Trump & his foreclosure profiteer advisors. [Referring to Donald’s Treasury secretary nominee.]
David Dayen

Pro-tip: If you're a blue collar rust belt guy who feels ignored by the system, elect a billionaire who will appoint politicians and bankers!
Tom the Dancing Bug ‏@RubenBolling

I have never seen so many people willing to debase themselves for a position on the Titanic.
ProfB ‏@AntheaButler

Quick recap: the new education secretary is anti-public schools, the new HUD secretary is anti-Fair Housing, and the new Attorney General is anti-Voting Rights Act.
Alec MacGillis

People with no governing experience bring new perspectives to cabinet much like pilots with zero experience bring new perspectives to flying.
Jonathan Metzl

Trump just released this photo of the new Secretary of the Treasury:

Maureen Johnson

I wish one of the qualifications for US Secretary of Education was actually having been an effective teacher - K-12, higher ed, vocactional/technical.
Ebony Elizabeth ‏@Ebonyteach

Feel like it'd be useful for the next president to occasionally consult with people he's not related to.
DENALI ‏@timothypmurphy

I think executive branch confirmations will be a bigger deal in the Trump administration than people realize. Think how many appointees will quit or be fired. Trump is going to have to go to the senate a LOT for confirmations. A source of legislative branch leverage. They may also let roles sit unfilled. This is a man who went through three campaign managers. Turning over staff is a lot harder in government.
Josh Barro
Speaking of Steve Bannon and the alt-right, there were quite a few tweets about that term vs. the more accurate "white supremacy." Not to mention actual neo-Nazis:
The "alt" in "alt-right" doesn't riff off "alternative rock" but "alternate history." Specifically the "If the Nazis had won World War II" sub-genre.
Hal Duncan

If flag-burning merits loss of citizenship, what should be the penalty for a Nazi salute by a Trump supporter?
David Frum

Scandal: She called white supremacists "deplorable."
Not a scandal: White supremacists give Nazi salute while yelling "Hail Trump."
Aღanda ‏@GrnEyedMandy

Remember the days where you didn't have to read, every single day, about how the KKK approved of something the President did?
Robert O. Simonson

I dig CNN's diverse panel discussing white supremacy:

Melissa McEwan ‏@Shakestweetz

If Clinton had won, we'd be discussing minimum wage and maternity leave. Instead we get to argue about the preferred nomenclature for nazis.
Michael Nordine ‏@slowbeard

I realize other minorities have felt this their whole lives, but this is the first time in 57 years I’m scared to be a Jew in America.
David Brauer

We should not treat white nationalism & antisemitism as an impolite idiosyncrasy for us to politely ignore. -@CornellWBrooks

Hey media, referring to Steve Bannon as "former Goldman Sachs exec" is like referring to Charles Manson as "former singer/songwriter.”
Daniel Powell

In a normal world, Bannon would probably not be cleared to enter the White House. In this White House, he will have National Security Clearance.
Ana Navarro

imagine looking like this and truly thinking your genes are superior:

joe mande

Great to see that the man who coined the word "libtard" will be the senior advisor to the POTUS while the First Lady tackles bullying.
Sarah Silverman

Richard Spencer, founder of the alt-right: "The Trump movement was kind of a body without a head. The alt right, as an intellectual vanguard, can complete Trump."
Dave Weigel

Are we going to average 100 hate crimes a day over 4 years?
Phillip Atiba Goff
There were more than a couple of tweets about Facebook, the incidence of fake news, and Russian involvement in the election:
I'd like it not to get lost to the mists of time that one of the two campaigns was subject to one the most devastatingly effective acts of criminal political sabotage of all time, one which generated literally hundreds of negative stories during the crucial final weeks.
Christopher Hayes

It is in Facebook's financial interest to increase "engagement" even when it erodes the foundations of democracy.
Christopher Mims

Tough for the press to admit, but in 10 years we'll generally agree that it got played by foreign agents who wanted to sabotage Clinton.
Dave Weigel

We have now established that there is no penalty for foreign intervention in an American presidential election. Good luck with 2020.
jelani cobb

This is pretty remarkable. More readers "interacted" with Fox/Breitbart articles on FB than CNN/HuffPo/NYT/WashPost/WSJ articles combined.

Fake news is "Angelina Jolie to Leave Brad Pitt for Space Alien.” What we're talking about now is propaganda.
jelani cobb

"Fake News" = Buzzword of the month. But the spread of false facts is irrelevant compared to systematic misinterpretations of correct facts.
Ola Rosling

Some suggestions for journalism, going forward:
1. Rely less on hot takes.
2. Rely less on polling.
3. Rely on reporting.…
4. Pay reporters.
5. Pay reporters well.
6. Stop overpaying bloviators.
Sarah Posner

Post-truth = lying
Fake news = propaganda
Alt-right = white supremacy
Prevent double-speak.
Use the correct words.
Dan Brown ‏@brownorama

I love how all these people are shocked, shocked about Russian interference in the election. Had this happened in ’08 or ’12, Obama would have been tried for treason. Seriously. So while I hate what is to come... I'm not surprised by the inaction and dithering.
ProfB ‏@AntheaButler

Your parents in 1996: Don't trust ANYONE on the Internet.
Your parents in 2016: Freedom Eagle dot Facebook says Hillary invented AIDS.
Daniel Kibblesmith

I think we've only begun to realize how much sock-puppets, trolls, and bad actors fucked with electorate. It's not just sewing the ground with fake news. It's throwing gasoline onto every tussle in primary, every camp across political spectrum.
1/ Make people afraid to speak for being mocked and attacked.
2/ Amp suspicion.
3/ Strike at soft spots of imperfect, uneasy alliances.
And it worked. If you wonder why some factional disagreements on left and right got so toxic and crazy ask yourself who/what benefits.
Clara Jeffery
And there were even a few tweets about Hillary:
I like that Hillary appears, like a wood elf or dryad, only to people who seek her with joy in their hearts, then shows them her true face. “Walk into the woods along the path, bring a baby, kneel by the stream, and whisper, ‘I’m still with her.‘ She will appear.”
Rainbow Rowell

also in the snack aisle at a grocery store and a bookstore. I think Hillary might be my patronus.
Sarah Mackey

The first time we ran a woman for President she won all three debates and cruised to a victory of over 2 million votes. Was denied the office.
Elliott Lusztig
And don’t forget voting rights and the Electoral College. If we’re going to change any of this peacefully, getting more people to vote and for votes to count equally is important:
One other thought while some weep for Clinton’s — and the Democrats’ — demonstrated inability to woo the oh-so-fickle white working class... What if folks were as interested in voter suppression as a possible reason for HRC’s loss as her failure to persuade enough white voters? Nah. That’d involve actually working with and reaching out to black Americans, only the most loyal base of voters the Democratic Party has.
Joel D. Anderson ‏@byjoelanderson

I dunno, a system that allows a swing from "Loretta Lynch" to "Jeff Sessions" after an election where Team B got fewer votes seems...flawed.
Alec MacGillis

6.1 million people can't vote in this election because of a felony conviction. And in many states, their lives are literally on the ballot.
Clint Smith

SCOTUS should be appalled at violence and racism resulting from its gutting of the Voting Rights Act, and should restore full enforcement.
Jonathan Metzl

There is nothing inspiring about pictures of long lines for people to vote. It's actually an indicator of municipal failure.
Jason Johnson ‏@DrJasonJohnson

Occasional reminder: the concept that voters need to be "registered" is itself a disenfranchisement strategy.
Jacob Anbinder

Republicans ran a campaign of disenfranchisement, closed hundreds and hundreds of polling stations and lost the popular vote by 2 million.
Ian Karmel

In the Electoral College white votes count more:

Lara Merling
Late in the month, there was a lot of talk about the backlash within Democratic circles against “political correctness,” identity politics, and calling racism by its name as a cause for Clinton’s loss:
If you want to know what complicity looks like, check out all the talking heads now suggesting that anti-racism *creates* racists.
Liam Hogan ‏@Limerick1914

We want the value of our lives to be non-negotiable. They have opened the negotiation. Bridging that divide is not the responsibility of those who fear for their safety and dignity as a consequence of the election. If you endanger people, you cannot ask them to take the first step towards healing. You must first move to make them safe again.
Phillip Atiba Goff

A thing that gets left out of all these "you should empathize with the white working class!" discussions is... and then what? Empathy doesn't have to have a purpose, but there's an agenda in these exhortations. We're supposed to empathize & *change.* And since the empathetic gestures Obama made weren't acceptable - fixing the economy, growing jobs, ACA... Then what gestures should be made instead to show how deeply we empathize with people who are OK with racism, sexism, homophobia? We're supposed to be okay with those things too. That's what it boils down to. Because most of us *do* empathize with the white working class. And we see what they want. Entitlements are OK 'til they think we might get some. Obamacare's fine when it's only called the ACA. It's the association with the first black president that offends. So this is why I keep posting "stop asking me to empathize" articles. I can hear the unspoken "and" that follows the request. As I just said to someone in my mentions, we can empathize. But joining them won't change them. Just us.
N. K. Jemisin

I maintain that what's really being demanded of [black] people isn't hope, but absolution. It's in the exclamations like the one I got recently about refusing to "give up on my white rural American father-in-law. I refuse to believe he can't be changed!" Well okay. The conversations you need to have right now are hard. They are necessarily about people's choices and structural challenges. Attitudes are very hard to change. Your conversation may make you feel better and that may be enough but let's be real about what it is. What, instead, we probably mean to be saying is that changing one's habitus or embeddedness can change his or her worldview.

So how do you tell your racist family or friends that residential segregation & homophily & income inequality is probably why they're racist? I haven't got a clue. But I do know that oppressed cultures developed what you call a hopelessness precisely to manage that tension. It isn't naive or fatalist to resist baseless hope when, to paraphrase the saying, someone really is out to get you. It's rational. And it may be a prerequisite for hard conversations and hard political choices in way that irrational hope is not.

I didn't say pointless. I said hard. The hopelessness so critiqued among black folks has always accompanied resistance. We have always shown up anyway. So, it must be possible. But I guess this is my habitus speaking. I don't get why this is so hard to comprehend. Reject irrational hope AND work hard. Black folk wake up every day and do it. But I guess I can see how that wouldn't be a selling point for non-black folks...
Tressie Mc ‏@tressiemcphd

If only people were as horrified about actually being racist and/or behaving in racist ways as they are about being called racist.
Jennifer Richeson ‏@jaricheson

it is expected of me to connect with and explore the beliefs/thoughts of someone who devalues my right to exist. what is to be gained there? and I suppose what makes me (quietly? deeply?) angry about calls for empathy is that they never go the other way. we ask the queer kid who's been assaulted to try to understand that his bullies' actions come from a place of deep insecurity and fear... we ask the working class black family to understand that the racist working class white family is projecting fear of precarity onto them.
Christopher Persaud ‏@blackgaygemini

Well, let me tell you people, black women on Twitter were the canaries in the coal mine for the events happening now. We were abused. Steve Bannon, and other right wing outlets, now are entrenched in the white house, and they use these racist tactics to silence people. I am not clutching the pearls and crying with you. I feel for you, but as someone who experienced this shit regularly with no help... I'm fresh out of energy to fight for you, because these trolls and abusive racist white people have been doing it to me for YEARS.
ProfB ‏@AntheaButler

[The] unspoken assumption [is] that the neglected citizen is a white one. Working-class Hispanic service workers, low-income black communities, etc. etc. are very much ignored in national life. But focusing on their struggles as workers of color within a racial caste system is, I suppose, "identity politics." East and West Baltimore are 45 minutes from DC and utterly ignored by national press. But I don't think that's who he is talking about. When you insert the unspoken assumption, what you have is a call for liberals to push nonwhites out of the circle of primary concern. Under the faulty assumption that one can separate "identity" from universalist concerns. (I'll add also that pieces like this are clearly being written to white liberals. That's the imagined audience.)
Jamelle Bouie

By "political correctness" they mean they should be able to disrespect you without criticism, but you must always be deferential to them.
Mazel Tov Cocktail ‏@AdamSerwer

All of this talk of "giving up identity politics" while people who identify as violent racists come to power is graveyard hilarious. Trying to woo people who hate into being nice hinges on the idea that they don't like hate. They do. It feels good. I've talked to former white supremacists. Listen to them sometime. They'll tell you the problem is hate. And rage. So much rage.
Mikki Kendall ‏@Karnythia

This will sound cold, but I can't support the infantilization of white voters to excuse them voting against their own interests. People are voting against their own interests because they prioritized hate of the Other over their own survival. They know it. At some point we have to stop pretending people don't know what they are doing in the voting booth, and start talking about why they do it. America's working class has never been all white. No other group of working class voters resolutely votes against their interests this way. Coincidentally no other group gets the running "It is so hard for them to learn" despite every other group having fewer resources. Hmmm.
Mikki Kendall ‏@Karnythia

Having an email dialogue with an angry reader, and they said this: "I am not a racist. I am a responsible citizen who wants to have jobs for Americans, and prosperous safe communities." The disconnect between me and some of my readers is that they think the latter means the former cannot be true.
Jamelle Bouie

*whispers* Obama spent eight years trying to make white men feel comfortable - they called him a Kenyan Muslim then voted for a fascist.
sean. ‏@SeanMcElwee

Not really in the mood for another "the Democrats need to become the party of racism, too" think piece. That's really what this anti-identity politics stuff comes down: Those people who wanted basic human rights ruined it for "the rest of us." I'm just saying. Democrats, you don't have a party without people of color. Throw us under the bus, and there is no bus.
Courtney Milan

At some point in liberal lexicon, "working people" phrase became the way for Democrats to wink at white voters uncomfortable with civil rights. You can't separate racism from economics. The essential function of racism in America has always been about economics, beginning with slavery. Systemic racism in America has always functioned as an economic caste system, determining who has access to power, privilege & money.
Bree Newsome

When I see someone who has "politically incorrect" in their bio, I just swap "politically" for "generally."
Tauriq Moosa

Even a cursory review of human history shows that racial and ethnic supremacy does not work. What I do know for sure: White supremacy will end the species if we let it. It is maladaptive, an ideology that will lead to extinction. Either we will figure out how to get along with each other and this planet, or that's it for Homo sapiens.
Ebony Elizabeth ‏@Ebonyteach

It can't be overstated how "normal" it has been for humans to treat each other horribly for immoral reasons throughout history. With that said… there are some aspects of contemporary Western domination that are new and uniquely catastrophic. While slavery was not new, the transatlantic slave trade was the largest forced global displacement of human beings in history. While colorism was not new, Europeans' made up concept of "race as biology" is new -- and uniquely difficult to eradicate or overcome. While ideologies of superiority are not new, scientific racism (developed by Europeans to justify colonialism and slavery) is new. While environmental harm is not new, Western expansion / industrialization produced the #anthropocene which is new and uniquely destructive.
Professor Fleming ‏@alwaystheself

Things white dudes can figure out: everything they think you do wrong. Things white dudes can't figure out: racism. I mean this, a white man can tell me how to do literally everything and anything all the time but can't figure out nazis are racist.
Tressie Mc ‏@tressiemcphd

Oppressors always cryin’ about oppressed people not "loving" them. 1) nobody cares 2) oppression is structural; beyond interpersonal feelings. "You hate White people!" I don't, but let's say I do. And then what? Your salary goes down? You lose White privilege? WHAT HAPPENS?! Besides, you don't want love from me. You want me to hate myself. You want deference. You want worship.
Trudy ‏@thetrudz

people are ready to let a fascist who'll make life hell for my family cheat his way into power because they don't want to look divisive. you know what's divisive? fascism
Saladin Ahmed

I've listened to Trump voters who insist they aren't racist. What I've learned: They do not think discriminating against people of color is racism.
N. K. Jemisin

Economic anxiety is justification for being seduced by bigotry yet people of color who turn to crime due to unemployment don't get the same compassion? Explain to me why the rural working class voter deserves more empathy than the boy on a corner who's been failed by every institution? Mind you I think both groups deserve empathy. The problem is one group is given the benefit of the doubt and the other is demonized.
Christiana A Mbakwe ‏@Christiana1987

We do realize that the phrase "identity politics" really means "Stop reminding me that you're human and matter,” right? If you have to ignore someone's identity to treat them like a human being, the problem isn't their identity. The problem is you.
Mikki Kendall ‏@Karnythia

Every public conversation about racism inevitably ends with the argument that the real victims are people accused of it.
Jamelle Bouie

folks are lecturing us to not shut down arguments with "shaming" or whatnot, and like....not realizing that racism shuts conversations down too.
Vann R. Newkirk II ‏@fivefifths

White people think the word "racist" is an insult and not a description of a behavior, person, or institution.
Rod ‏@rodimusprime

You do realize that Michelle Obama has spent the last 10 years being attacked for everything as FLOTUS. Being POTUS isn't appealing. Stop looking for Black women (who you won't defend or protect or back up) to save you. Michelle Obama has done more than enough. Running for office sounds like hell to me. Pure and utter hell. If you can't fix the election process expect more people to avoid it. To be honest I'm amazed Michelle isn't ready to move abroad and pretend America doesn't exist for a year. I'd need a long break.
Mikki Kendall ‏@Karnythia

It needs to be said over & over: "political correctness" is a specific idea with a specific intellectual history. It was invented by racists. Of course, it wasn't because open white supremacy was rightfully reviled, but a conspiracy of Jewish intellectuals who duped gentile whites. Every time you popularize the idea of "political correctness" you do the intellectual dirty work of dead Holocaust deniers. Good job dipshit. I’m not exaggerating. "Political correctness" was labeled, by the people who invented the idea, a Jewish conspiracy.
Sam Pritchard @thucydiplease

This sense of unfair victimization is key to what Adorno et al find make someone susceptible to fascism in The Authoritarian Personality.
Robin James

White evangelicals voted 81% Trump. But THE REST OF US are supposed to give up on "identity politics." Right.
Siva Vaidhyanathan ‏@sivavaid

We’ve elected the most inefficient and dangerous government in ages to govern during the most fragile of times because racism
Tressie Mc ‏@tressiemcphd

If being called a racist is enough to drive someone to white supremacy, then you were always cool with white supremacy.
Alt-Power Top ‏@angryblackhoemo
Beyond the election, though sometimes intersecting with it, there were tweets on my other favorite topics of late, like the Dakota Access Pipeline and the Standing Rock encampment:
LOL at people who condemn Castro's inhumanities but are totally fine with our government treating Native Americans as second class citizens
J-Peazy ‏@JPeazyyy

Mitchell: When it's the military or the police, it's force. When it's workers or indigenous people, it's violence.
Nikhil Goyal

Standing Rock is where our money worship, fossil foolishness, political corruption, and deep racism converge. #NoDAPL
Bill McKibben

#FlintWaterCrisis #NoDAPL:


Silence is complicity — we don't need silent allies. Choose a side. #StandingRock #NoDAPL

The best way to stop pipelines is to move to town, sell your car, and fight for #freetransit. Or else you will keep driving to protests.
Free Public Transit
Climate change and sustainable cities:
In a built environment, adding turn lanes [to streets] means tearing down buildings and/or reducing boulevards/sidewalks. This is bad policy.
mike ‏@mikesonn

Great chart on greenhouse-gas emissions from agriculture. The dominant sources vary wildly from region to region:

brad plumer

When there are alternatives to cars, people will feel their subsidy to be a burden.
Free Public Transit

You are trying to stop a tsunami of economic demand. People don't care! They want more oil, not less. Give them a different path.
Free Public Transit

Self-driving cars do not inherently ease congestion! We must not release our grip on visions of walkable, cycling, transit-oriented cities.
jennifer keesmaat

Pedestrians can wear what they want. Can't see the human in front of you? You're driving too fast.
jennifer keesmaat

A straight line can be drawn from the de-urbanization [suburbanization] of the 20th century to the 2016 election.
patrick kennedy ‏@WalkableDFW

"Running a leafblower for 30 minutes creates more emissions than driving a F-150 pickup truck 3800 miles.”
William Lindeke

Thought experiment: Community input weighted toward young people, according to remaining life expectancy. Younger people's opinions matter more. Why should someone with 5-15 years left have more say over 30-year-planning than someone with 50 years left (even if they own a house)?
William Lindeke

87% of trips less than 4km in Amsterdam centre are by bike. Why? A “pragmatic mix of pro-cycling and car-limiting policies.”
Chris Bruntlett ‏@modacitylife

Societies make choices. I'd much rather live in a country that subsidizes health care + education than roads + air travel.
jennifer keesmaat

An average car makes as much air pollution in 1 year as 2 elephants weigh. Choose active transportation!
Canada Walks

I wish we built for Halloween walking like we build for Black Friday parking.
mike ‏@mikesonn

Lesson from Paris in transit oriented development: midrise throughout the city vs huge density *only* at transit stops.
jennifer keesmaat

This is a graph of total global sea ice. The red line is this year. Something is very very wrong:

Bill McKibben

"1 km driven by car costs society 17 cents. Society gains 18 cents for each km cycled."
Brent Toderian

Three tweets about why tolls make sense:
Transit riders pay, every trip. So despite the negative + high environmental impacts/costs of driving, the privilege, today, goes to drivers.
Dirty cars, dirty air: transportation is the largest source of air pollution. We want less of this, right?
Those who drive, and drive the most, have the highest incomes. And yet road use is subsidized much more heavily than transit.
jennifer keesmaat

"I think a toll is ridiculous. I'll have to look at something like car pooling.' –resident on @metromorning. *BINGO* it's working already.
jennifer keesmaat

Parking: The Price is Wrong.
Strong Towns

"A parking space would average around $812.50/month if housing a car per square foot matched housing a person."
Brent Toderian

16% of people moving on Toronto's King Street use cars. However, they get over 65% of the space. No equity with Walk&Bike&Transit
Gil Penalosa

"If a driver doesn't pay for parking somebody else pays for it. That somebody ends up being everybody" –Donald Shoup [author of The High Cost of Free Parking]
Strong Towns

Melbourne's magical laneways: a great example of taking space you already have in the city, and using it better.

jennifer keesmaat

WHY CAN'T THE CITY PLOW MY STREET FIRST ALL THE TIME?!? say my neighbors on Facebook. Also they say I HATE TAXES.
Hillary Frazey

We tax buildings more than land, thus penalizing building. Then we use tax incentives to encourage people to build. #facepalm
Rik Adamski

As long as a billion people want suburbs, the energy companies will get away with murder. Give people car-free cities.
Free Public Transit

Crisis. Urgency. Stop treating housing as any good, subject to supply and demand. Prohibit foreign buyers? No second homes? Scandinavians do.
Gil Penalosa

Cities often think of trees as just ornamentation...the evidence suggests that we should think of trees as public-health infrastructure. Urban trees soak up fine particle pollution from cars, power plants, and factories — improving air-quality, and saving lives. Cities/people worried about soaring energy consumption/costs in light of rising temperatures should be planting more trees.
jennifer keesmaat

People vote for racists, then wonder why there are no buses.
Free Public Transit
Racism, white supremacy, police brutality, and Islamophobia:
When you hear hate directed at the Somali community after the Ohio State stabbings — recall NO ONE warned of white males after Dylan Roof shot up a church.
Kerri Miller ‏@KerriMPR

"White supremacy" doesn't [just] refer to the belief "that whites are inherently superior." It refers to support for white POLITICAL supremacy. Support for electoral disenfranchisement of people of color, for instance, is support for white supremacy. Support for gerrymandering legislative districts in order to disproportionately empower white voters is support for white supremacy. White supremacy isn't about what is in somebody's heart. It's about who wields political power. As always, I blame an educational system and a culture that would rather talk about segregated water fountains than legal lynching. Belief in white racial superiority and support for white political supremacy have typically gone hand in hand, of course. Now, of course, (and again) support for white political supremacy goes hand-in-hand with belief in white racial superiority. And these days, the term is sometimes used more loosely to refer to the latter. But its origins, and its literal meaning, are the former. (The term "supremacy" itself refers to dominance, to subordination, not to mere feelings of superiority.)
Angus Johnston ‏@studentactivism

Make no mistake, when people yell "Blue Lives Matter" after Black people are killed, they are celebrating our murder.
Tiff ‏@BlackLoveSong

The story of America over the past 40 years is the poor, immigrants, people of color being blamed for social ills created by Wall Street and elites.
Nikhil Goyal

Black working class people struggling? Meh. White working class people struggling? PANIC O CLOCK.
Jane Coaston ‏@cjane87

The zero sum view of racial progress that says equity among races means whites will do bad is very dangerous and deeply un-American.
Heather C. McGhee

1964: black people get government jobs
1964: white people discover government sucks
ZB ‏@IRBroadshow

The notion that a non-confrontational approach can ameliorate racism in this country is an idea with no basis in American history.
Jamelle Bouie

A. Racism is more than being mean.
B. Racism is a spectrum that starts at normalizing racism and ends with murder.
C. Stop absolving bigots.
Mikki Kendall ‏@Karnythia

I went to a private high school that was 5% African American. Teacher said it was my responsibility to educate my classmates. I said my parents are paying full tuition, give me a discount since I'm now teaching my peers.
Dbl Heel ‏@Tarheel2104

For all of you who want to retweet me, fuck no. That shit is what leaves me fighting the racists while you get to look woke cause you follow me.
ProfB ‏@AntheaButler [Butler keeps her account set to private after years of harassment]

And US history shows that "coming together" across White class divisions always happens on the backs of Black/Brown/Indigenous/Asian people.
Imani Perry

Don't ever talk to me about affirmative action. The next president of the United States is a white man with no experience and a rich daddy.
Akilah Hughes ‏@AkilahObviously
How much college would a summer's minimum wage pay for? Not nearly as much as it used to:


18: can I buy a bottle of wine?
USA: no that's illegal and irresponsible.
18: can I go $50,000 into debt for education?
USA: we encourage it.

The Essential Selfishness of School Choice:

Peter Greene ‏@palan57

The Republican plan for public education is the same as their plan for government. Say it's a failure and actively work to make that statement true.
Ben Moser @ benjaminmoser

“Want the best for your child, not for your child to be the best” –Palo Alto psychiatrist quoted in the New York Times. The latter undermines the former.
Alfie Kohn

High school student of my acquaintance: "A creativity rubric? How can they even say that without laughing?"
Alfie Kohn

I love the data that charter schools with weekly teacher coaching work. But in 2011, I wrote that public schools with it do, too.
Atul Gawande

Broadfoot: "IQ provided for the twentieth century the selection that wealth and breeding provided for earlier times."
Nikhil Goyal

Finland is esteemed for providing some of the best education in the world. Children enjoy an hour of recess and unstructured 15-minute breaks.
Gil Penalosa

Is it ironic for students to learn about America's freedom while not being free to leave that classroom?
Sisyphus ‏@Sisyphus38

"What billionth of 1 percent of all there is to know should we teach in school?" —Seymour Papert
Sisyphus ‏@Sisyphus38

The suicide rate for middle school kids has doubled since 2007. Why? Not enough rigor and standardized tests?
Steven Singer
And finally, there were still tweets on other topics and even some funny ones. Life goes on because it has to. I notice there are many more Strange Animals photos this month than I’ve saved lately. I think I’m taking extra comfort in them.
Dead people receive more flowers than living people because regret is stronger than gratitude. –Anne Frank

Colonialism is a bunch of home invaders who killed your parents, took the house, but offer to let you sleep in the closet if you prove worthy.
5'7 Black Male ‏@absurdistwords

Oh gourd!!

Faces in Things

The first few chapters of Tony Judt's Post War are really worth re-reading on the origins of European social-democracy [after World War II]. Two important factors! The Holocaust and post-war migrations/ethnic cleansing meant European nations were the most linguistically/ethnically homogenous they'd been. Also: right wing parties were totally discredited (or literally dead) because of their collusion with Fascism. The right wing was decapitated. If you lop off the right-most, say, third of a nation's politics, it gets substantially more left-wing. That happened in lots of places. Finally, amidst the sheer devastation of post-war Europe, the State was basically all that was left standing. People looked to it to provide.
Christopher Hayes

Idea for Twitter: shut down between midnight and 8 am, like you were a bar, and your users were addicts. Because, you know, they are.
Robert O. Simonson

Socialism without democracy isn't socialism: it's unaccountable bureaucrats mixing paternalism with prisons and persecution.
Owen Jones

Did you know? Gun-related homicides in Florida are up 31.6% since Stand Your Ground was enacted in 2005.
Legal Defense Fund ‏@NAACP_LDF

Time magazine's "Person" of the Year really should be Gerry Mandering.
Molly Priesmeyer

Part of the reason I like to use crude language (when appropriate) is because white supremacist patriarchy would prefer women like me to be docile.
Flavia Dzodan ‏@redlightvoices

It's always worth remembering that the ambient violence necessary to maintain your own nation usually exceeds whatever you're condemning. [Referring to criticisms of Fidel Castro and Cuba.]
Emmett Rensin

Fought off the Thanksgiving food coma and stitched a few of the journalistic things I am thankful for this year:

Hannah Wise ‏@hwise29

If only conservatives made conserving things a priority.
Jan Middendorp

What percent of our country's problems could be (could have been) solved by public campaign financing and effective gun control?
Pat Thompson ‏@pattho

A very colourful beetle! (Photo: flickr/j_aubz):

Strange Animals

#IDreamOfAWorld in which being Human is a greater binding force than the rampant tribalism that fractures us all.
Neil deGrasse Tyson

There is literally no way that the three little bears sitting on chairs in Goodnight Moon are not in a doomed couples counseling session:

Tim Carvell

Everybody blaming 2016 realizes 2017 will be much worse right?
Chris Steller

Good people of Twitter, this was Ron Cobb on Thanksgiving, way back in the ’60s:

Aliki Chapple ‏@amaenad

Communities not fighting back won't stop war, it just makes genocide easier.
Mikki Kendall ‏@Karnythia

some white liberals think it's cool to sing along to a musical about founding a slave republic but a crime to respect Castro's achievements
Saladin Ahmed

Until we fully grapple with the fact that America was built on stolen land and stolen labor, we can't face our present and plan our future.
Jose Antonio Vargas ‏@joseiswriting

The gofundme method of financing critical social needs feels like civilization devolving before our eyes.

No need for a nanny state. Let's just rely on good will:

Pat Thompson ‏@pattho

The looper inchworm makes its own disguise by plucking flowers from the plant it feeds on. (Photo: Hope Abrams)

Strange Animals

Twitter used to be a series of funny little quips and now it's just a list of succinct and bloody stabbings directly into my ribcage.
Erin ‏@ErinGlaser

it feels almost wrong to write about non-election-related stories, but then I remember this is just another way civil society can be wrecked.
Rachel Cohen ‏@rmc031

The devil's hand tree can be found in Guatemala and southern Mexico:

Nature Is Weird

That so many religions line up SO WELL with capitalistic patriarchy tells me all I need to know about the true nature of those religions.
Son of Baldwin

Maine this week became the first state to adopt ranked-choice voting.

The Republicans want term limits because they would turn Congress into a boarding school for future lobbyists run by lifetime lobbyists.

The awesome cecropia moth (Photo: Carol Milne):

Strange Animals

I like that people use Twitter not as it was intended and usually not as its ownership currently wants. Whereas Facebook feels like you're on a leash.
Chris Steller

Unions are liberals' chief institution for turning white working class voters into Democrats. That's why Republicans try to destroy them.
Nick Confessore

I hate the word "hubby" a lot. Like a lot.
Ashley C. Ford ‏@iSmashFizzle

Peak horse:

Benedict Evans

There is no point at which you become good. There is only the process of becoming.
Sarah Mei

Whatever GREAT America you are imagining is never coming back and probably wasn't that great. Time moves in one direction.
John Hodgman

Men's reaction to Jay-Z's transformation to a husband and father are actually kinda terrifying. It's like they've never seen anyone grow up.
Shyne Coldchain Jr. ‏@Smooth_Orator

Hydnora africana or swaddled babies tulip:

Nature Is Weird

Today I learned Herb Block [the cartoonist] coined the term McCarthyism.
Chris Steller

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