Wednesday, November 30, 2016

What Not to Flush, Part 2

Long-time readers may remember my fascination with the graphics that label diaper-changing stations in public restrooms (some of them can be found here).

But I'm also interested in the messages sent to women in public restrooms about what and what not to flush down the toilets. I wrote about it once before, and bemoaned the fact that I only had two examples to share. Well, now I have a few more.

First, there's just the classic hand-written message:

Then there's this much fancier and funnier variety:

And finally, there is the unintentionally funny:

There's nothing wrong with the words — the humor comes from the four symbols above, which are actually the logo of the restaurant in question. But in the context of this sign above the toilet, they seem to be an illustration of the feminine products we are not supposed to flush, you know... coffee cups, plates and flatware, muffins, and wine.

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