Saturday, October 9, 2021

Five Badges

While I was looking for my 1970-era vision of the future yesterday, look what else I found in the same box:

These are the five badges I earned as a Girl Scout in Juniors, which is as far as I went with the program. I'm not sure why we all stopped, but it happened at the same time that Daughter Number One left as a Cadette. I'm not sure what year it was: did I do one year or two of Juniors? I think maybe one, because I'm pretty sure Daughter Number Two never did Cadettes. Now I wonder if Daughter Number Four continued with Brownies and Juniors or if she got shorted on that experience. 

It took a little digging but I found a site that could tell me what each of the badges is for. Clockwise from top left, they are Collector (no idea what that was for), "Indian Lore" (I shudder to think what that involved), Books (big surprise), Water Fun, and Health Aid.

Badges I did not get but which I remember and probably wished for: Drawing & Painting and Gypsy. I have no idea what the Gypsy badge was given for, but it looks extremely familiar.

I'm happy to say I did not get badges for Housekeeper, Hospitality, or whatever "My Home" means. Ironically, I was probably blissfully unaware of the ones for Active Citizen and My Community.

This badge program was used from 1963 to 1980.

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Jean said...

Oh, I recognize those! I came along after 1980, but a lot of the badges were the same -- they put on color-coded edges for five 'worlds' (I had a lot of purples, which was arts and humanities-type stuff). By then the emphasis was on camping and careers. I earned a lot of badges and stayed in until I got my Silver at 14. The books one was a favorite of mine (I am now a librarian) and, when I joined my local quilting guild a few years ago and became its librarian, I embroidered a version of it on to my name tag.