Sunday, October 10, 2021

Murals from Open Streets

I moved to Saint Paul from Minneapolis more than 28 years ago. I never thought I would be a person who rarely went to Minneapolis, but over the years, it has happened, and of course, covid hasn't helped.

So it was really nice to spend several hours today at Open Streets Lyndale, walking down the middle of the usually car-busy thoroughfare between 22nd Street and 31st Street. (The Open Streets area extended another 20 or so blocks south of that, but I only got that far on foot and back.)

Every politician and cause in the upcoming Minneapolis election was out, of course, plus food, lots of music, and random people doing interesting things. Along the way I saw some murals.


Treehouse Records, 26th Street.


Next to the VFW, south of the Midtown Greenway.  


South of Lake Street. 

This final image is from the middle of the bridge over the Midtown Greenway near 28th Street. It's an area that's usually particularly dangerous since it's close to Lake Street, and because car drivers wait to turn left onto the one-way. 

Today, though, children were safe standing in the middle of the street.

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