Thursday, June 10, 2021

Maybe It's Insecurity

One of my more recent Twitter follows, Texan progressive Leah McElrath, tweeted this about Jeff Bezos' lunar lander project, part of one of his companies that's called Blue Origin:

These motherfuckers are going to the moon, and we can’t even afford to go to the doctor.

The next day, it was announced that the domed tax-avoider himself would be going up into space for a ride on the first of his company's rockets. When I heard that, this is the image that was shown to along with the news, so I'm assuming this is what the company's rockets look like:

All I can say to that is… It's good to know his industrial design and engineering staff members are laughing behind his back.


Michael Leddy said...

Wow. It makes me think of a story that a favorite professor of mine told on himself. He referred to the term “phallic symbol“ in a classroom, and a young woman asked what that meant. And without thinking, he replied, “Well, you know what a p---- looks like, right?” And then felt mortified. In 2021 he could answer “Jeff Bezos’s rocket!”

Daughter Number Three said...

My Egyptology professor used to say, "Anything wider than it is tall." But this takes it to a new level.