Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Men and Women on the Op-Ed Page of the Star Tribune, Month 2

It's time for month 2 of my Star Tribune op-ed author count by gender. Here's month 1, where I describe my methodology and the reasons I started doing this.

This month, which included the last days of February, is only 28 days long. Sticking with the same order of presentation I used last time, here are the results:

  • Once again, the cartoons are entirely skewed: 27 men vs. 1 woman, with the Strib again asking us to put up with the awful Lisa Benson as the sole representative of all women.
  • The representation of women writers got worse. Last month, there were exactly twice as many men. This month, men were 69% of the writers (54 vs 24). Though this time, only one of those women was an obvious conservative mouthpiece, Annette Meeks... so that was an improvement, as far as I was concerned.
  • Among local writers (Minnesota/western Wisconsin), women lost even more ground: Last month, there were 1.7 men for every 1 woman, but this month the men outnumbered the women almost 2 to 1 (27 vs. 14).
  • This month, there was one nonbinary writer. (Note that there could be other nonbinary writers among the writers to whom I am blithely ascribing a gender based on their name, or sometimes their appearance from searching if their name doesn't seem like enough of a clue. I acknowledge this weakness in my methodology.)

I'll keep this up for at least a few more months and then provide a summary.

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