Thursday, July 20, 2017

A Sad But Beautiful Sign

Old motel signs are a favorite of mine. It's a joy to see one that has been maintained and sad to see one that hasn't... yet there's a different kind of beauty in a weathered, half-destroyed sign, too.

This sign is on Brewerton Road in North Syracuse, New York, almost right across the street from Julie's Diner (where I stopped for lunch, upon recommendation from Michael Leddy).


Michael Leddy said...

OMG! (As they say.) I have a photo of that sign that I’ve been meaning to post.

Did you see the painting on the side wall of the fish store? I caught sight of that one only when pulling out of the diner’s parking lot. Hadda hit the road.

Daughter Number Three said...

Glad I beat you to posting the sign... though maybe your picture is better than mine.

I didn't see the side wall of the fish store... the strip mall was a bit inauspicious-looking and I was making a left, so lots of on-coming traffic to watch for.

If I get back there again (may happen in September), I'll get a photo.