Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Wilmington on Fire

A new documentary is coming out soon about the Wilmington Massacre, the only armed coup d'etat in U.S. history. I wrote about that historical event awhile ago, and look forward to seeing this film, called Wilmington on Fire, so I can learn more.

The film is being made by a guy whose family is from Wilmington, who grew up hearing about it through the oral tradition of black families in the area. You can see the trailer here. The release date is listed as November 10 on the film's Facebook page.

The fact that almost no people (especially no white people) know about this travesty is predictable, but telling.


Gina said...

Another good grief! I'd never heard of it until I read this post. Wasn't there a town in Florida that was completely wiped out? But I think that was a white lynch mob that decided to vent on the town. I can't remember.

Daughter Number Three said...

Yes, that was Rosewood, Florida, 1923. Here's a story about eight black communities that were destroyed by white violence.