Thursday, September 22, 2016

Four Photos for the Election, Sort of

As seen on the streets these days: First, an interesting case of cohabitation:

It's possible these windows are from separate apartments on the second floor, or possibly it's a single inhabitant who doesn't know what the rainbow flag usually signifies.

The simplicity of the design on this woman's shirt hit me suddenly:

I'm not a big fan of pink, generally, but if it appeals to a few more little girls that way, I'm okay with it.

This shirt was also pink, but, again, it was the message that made me run after this unsuspecting woman to take a photo of her back:

A big YES! to that sentiment.

And finally, this book:

It's hard to read, but the subtitle at the bottom reads, "The Way to Life and Happiness." An odd companion for a book called The Battle of Armageddon. But it seems kind of fitting while we live under the threat of a Trump presidency.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting photos. I like your take on things.