Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Six from Victoria

Here are a few from Victoria, B.C., a charming city.

First, see if you can spot Ralph Kramden and Ed Norton in this mural on the back of a hotel.

I've been reading Chasing the Scream, a history of and jeremiad against the Drug War, so I couldn't help noticing this bit of evidence of Canadian humaneness.

And then there's this evidence of Canadian male inhumaneness. They've taken Princess Leia, the most accessible female character in fantasy/science fiction, and turned her into a typical boobs-and-butt cartoon character. Ugh.

Cartage -- a term not used much anymore -- along with what may be the best tag line ever, "Careful since 1890."

Here's one more piece of evidence that some folks think quote marks are a form of emphasis.

And finally, one more name that I think would be literally bad for business. Can you ever start any business name with the prefix "mal"? Well, these people did.


Michael Leddy said...

I love The Honeymooners (even without fire escape) and “Careful.”

Gina said...

Canadians do think differently from Americans, and they have a different worldview, all different for each individual with some overlap. I'm always surprised online when I run into a Canadian and he or she doesn't believe I'm an American. I tell them they need to spend more time in America not being a tourist but just wandering.