Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Seven Years of Daughter Number Three

Seven years ago today I finally got my act together and started this blog. That's 2,677 posts, for those keeping score.

This is me at age 7, the beginning of second grade:

Note the light green dress with lace collar, made by my grandmother.

Second grade was a big year because, for the first time, a teacher took notice of me. I may even have been a bit of a teacher's pet. (Though she's also the teacher who gave the misunderstood "letter writing" test.)

My grades were generally B+, with B the second highest grade on a four-point scale. I was getting S grades (the highest) in reading and spelling by the end of the year. My lowest grades were in writing, by which they meant handwriting. It seems my daily work was not neatly written; I got minus marks for that each quarter.

I missed 23 days of school, 10 of them in the third quarter. Winter was tough in those days. That may have been the beginning of my yearly encounters with bronchitis.

Despite knowing that I liked my teacher, the incident with the letter-writing test is just about the only thing I specifically remember from second grade, other than the fact that one of my classmates' fathers was decapitated in a car accident after he ran into a train. I guess something like that takes up all of your available long-term memory space when you're only 7 years old.

Past anniversary posts, each with age-appropriate photographic evidence:


Michael Leddy said...

Congratulations, Pat. Long may you wave, and post.

Marsha Qualey said...

2677 posts in 7 years? So glad I stumbled across DNT for the most recent 1400 or so. Happy Anniversary.

Daughter Number Three said...

Thanks, you all! (I prefer "you all" to "you guys." Not sure if I've ever written about that on the blog...)