Sunday, November 30, 2014

Ankle Report

I've been scooting along (on a knee walker) for the past three or so weeks with my right ankle in a cast. That is, until the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, when my cast was sawed off and I came home with a removable boot instead.

The saw tool is pretty interesting. It appears to be a rotating circular blade, about half as big as a CD. But it's actually vibrating and will only cut into surfaces that are hard and resist the blade. When it encounters a soft surface (like the nurse's hand or the padding inside the cast) it won't cut and is completely harmless.

My tibia is mostly healed, so now I get to take off the boot when I'm home and start range-of-motion exercises to get the muscles around my ankle back into shape. While I still have decent motion up and down (parallel to my leg), what I lack is the ability to move my foot in a circle, and particularly to rotate it inward. When I compare what my left foot can do to my right, it's a pretty big difference.

Something to work on while I await the okay to put weight on the leg, which should be in about a week-and-a-half.

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Gina said...

All excellent news! Thanks for the update.