Thursday, August 14, 2014

Sometimes the Words Have No Meaning

I had to go to Target the other day and while there saw two products whose names confounded me.

The first was a true what the #%**#@ moment, because I was just wandering past when the bright-orange package leaped out at my eyes:

Yummy! Good thing it was in the pharmacy department and not in groceries.

The second was a product that I was actually looking for and found without help of the sign, since they (sports bras) are recognizable without the help of words. Afterward, I saw this sign above:

And marveled at the way copywriters have to come up with names like "compression racer" for a bra. Compression. That's a new one on me. Not to mention that the word "cami"—short for camisole—appears to now be common usage when it's not even part of my vocabulary.


Update: I just realized I've written about Joint Juice before. I guess that means it's not as memorable a name as its creators might wish.

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