Friday, August 15, 2014

Another False Equivalency

Today's Star Tribune contains a pithy and accurate letter to the editor from Robert Heise of Richfield, Minnesota. He's responding to an earlier letter that said Medtronic and other companies carrying out corporate inversions are only following the law, just the way regular taxpayers do by taking every deduction available.

It’s really not like you taking tax deductions

The commenters [August 13] who try to parallel a person using tax deductions with corporate inversions are engaging in false equivalency — the biggest difference being that average people don’t have lobbyists writing the language of bills that affect the way they are taxed. Medtronic is paying hundreds of thousands to try to keep tax law swayed in a favorable direction. The notion that a company is doing right by playing by rules it has helped to formulate is another example of the disparity between the moneyed and the average citizen.
Like Mitt Romney said, you wouldn't want a president who paid a dime more in taxes than he has to, right? Even one who helps to shape those tax policies in the first place.

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