Monday, March 31, 2014

The March Lion in Winter Tweets

Oh, March, you are finally over and it could yet someday become spring.

On the #cancelcolbert outbreak:

In my opinion, going too far &/or offending is a part of satire. Sometime the sword you use cuts you. The comic's response to the backlash is the key.
By W. Kamau Bell

Ultimately all performers have to ask themselves, "Who do I want in my audience? Who do I want to feel invited? Who do I want to exclude?"
By W. Kamau Bell

& audience members have to ask, "Can I ever forgive a performer? & if I can then how many times can I forgive them?"
By W. Kamau Bell

You know what hashtag is never going to trend? #LetsAllHaveAThoughtfulDiscussion
By W. Kamau Bell
So much more progress would be made if comedy ceased to exist & life was a never-ending open discourse in a Unitarian church. #cancelcomedy
By Janine Brito

Can't wait till everything's canceled so we can have the MOST fun at our all-inclusive-vegan-farm-to-table-potluck-whispered-storytellings.
By Janine Brito 
Here are a couple for St. Patrick's Day:
Um queer folk INVENTED sippin crazy drinks & wearin bold colors. It's how we passed the time b4 we were allowed 2 get married #StPatricksDay
By Janine Brito

Not to mention white privilege means being drunk and disorderly in huge hordes in public while police look on and smile.
By Matt Guariglia
The rest of the month was taken up with news about the lost Malaysian airplane (which I did my best to ignore), Hobby Lobby at the Supreme Court, the Russian annexation of Crimea, and the usual goodies.
How to deactivate a swastika:

By J. Ali

The prizes we should be after are social justice and ecological sustainability in a meaningfully democratic society. - Robert Jensen
By pattho

More of Gov. Walker's handiwork: 1 huge ore mine + 700 jobs + $15M > 7 generations. The Wisconsin Idea — it's dead.
By Robert O. Simonson

It's sad how Wile E. Coyote is remembered for his violence, and not for his brilliantly realistic paintings of tunnels.
By Pause Designs!

manatees not anemones:

By Jake Donham

This idea that children won't learn without outside rewards and penalties...usually becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. - John Holt
By sisyphus38

GOP wants to end government programs that encourage lazy low income Americans to engage in harmful activities, like voting.
By Frank Conniff

All forms of education work for some but not all. Pretty much like anything else.
By Helaine Olen

Listen @EBONYMag, you apologize to the GOP when they apologize for gutting the Voting Rights Act.
By jelani cobb

Give it 100 years and you can turn any old tragedy into corporate sponsored family fun.

By Rich

Survivalists, this is real: 168 servings of freeze dried chicken alfredo for $149 from Costco. After week one, you don’t WANT to survive.
By pete hautman

"From its earliest 1st Amendment cases the high court has distinguished between the absolute right to hold beliefs, the not-quite-so-robust right to express those beliefs in writing and speech and finally the less expansive right to act based on religious belief." - David Cay Johnston on the Hobby Lobby case
By pattho

The presidents of Argentina, Brazil, and Chile today vs in the 70's. We've made real progress!

By rabble

Beware of Alpha males. "Alpha" is like the earliest stage of development, shouldn't really even be released to the public at that point.
By Matthew Baldwin

The saddest Spice Girl was Hospice.
By DC Pierson

Nothing like a well-placed typoo
By Aparna Nancherla

I can only pray that mass media coverage on most topics isn’t as shoddy as when they report on typography. But it probably is.
By Nick Sherman

Don't take a panorama picture whilst your dog walks past.

By Bedale

if of if of if of if of if of if of if of if of if of if of if of if of if of if of if of if of if of if of if of if of if of if of if of if
By Chris Steller

Why do we love inspirational quotes about passion and creativity, but then lock our kids up in standardized schools?
By Shauna Reisewitz

Typos are just puns that haven't woke up yet.
By Chris Steller

"There's really no such thing as the voiceless. There are only the deliberately silenced or the preferably unheard." - Arundhati Roy
By Nikhil Goyal

Wish explanatory journalism wouldn't treat readers as stupid but as if they just don't have a lot of time to spend on explanatory journalism
By Susie Cagle

If we don't train kids when they are 6-year-olds to sit quietly in desks how can we expect then to sit quietly in cubicles when they are 40?
By sisyphus38

#TED asked me to share one chart there. Here’s my pick:

By Bill Gates

I think people see Black Women as maids/servants...we're expected to love/cherish those who don't give a fuck about us. We owe loyalty.

Is "practicable" just "practical" for people who like syllables?
By Chris Steller

"Curation" = monetizing others' work. Its a media economy that - like Wall Street - is built on derivatives and theft.
By David Sirota

Gift idea:

By Adrian Chmielarz

Next time you're going to call someone a "carpetbagger," remember, during Reconstruction, carpetbaggers were the good guys.
By Josh Barro

Wondering if pro-Hobby-Lobby types also think my boss should get to keep the part of my paycheck I'd planned to spend on beer.
By ClinicEscort

It's really quite astonishing for a former President of the United States to say he believes the NSA is monitoring his speech.
By Tim Shorrock

When someone tells me "it's just semantics" I like to point out that they don't know what that word means.
By carlsewall

Stupid Science:

By Science Porn

Great new Cleanse idea: eat whatever you want but you have to be crying the whole time
By gemma correll

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now. - Old proverb
By Aaron Doering

“I think you’re having Myers-Briggs contractions.” [giggling through pain] “You mean Braxton-Hicks?” “Whatever.”
By Matt Jacobs

The rich have so little grit that if required to pay one additional cent in taxes, they will move to Utah.
By Arthur Goldstein

I'm sick of grit. Asks that children with the fewest resources take all responsibility. Where's the discussion of societal changes?
By Karen Lewis

Who loved "school choice"? George Wallace, Strom Thurmond, segregationists. Don't bring it back, right wingers!
By Diane Ravitch

I remember when I used to write the tests my students took on the material I taught them - the good old days.
By Michelle Poandl

Plot idea: 97% of the world's scientists contrive an environmental crisis, but are exposed by a plucky band of billionaires & oil companies.
By Scott Westerfeld

Let's measure and address... the opportunities we give all of our students:

By Brian Page

#Flotsam: The part of the wreckage of a ship and its cargo found floating on the water. #Jetsam: goods cast overboard deliberately.
By Ed Joyce

BOSS: Sarcasm will get you nowhere in life
ME: Well it got me to the "World Sarcasm Finals" in Santiago, Chile in 2009
BOSS: Really?
ME: No
By Dirty Eddie

If you could say it in words there would be no reason to paint. - Edward Hopper
By Rhonda Stratton

network network network network unfair rigged socialcapital culturalcapital bullshit unfair network network network network
By Matt Bruenig

What if soy milk is just regular milk introducing itself in spanish?
By Alan Garner

By TruthSurfer

"Unbought and unbossed." - Shirley Chisholm
By Henry Louis Gates Jr

Yo! This brand I engaged with retargeted me on another site & the personalization was so compelling, I clicked & completed a transaction!
By Anil Dash

So, you know. Seek out the sweet smart people. Take them as your models. Walk away from the chest-beating. That shit is boring as hell.
By Erin Kissane

Proposed academic thesis: The word 'denizens' is only kept in circulation by thesaurus wielding students and journalists on deadline.
By R. Stassen-Berger

When it comes to stadiums and malls, Minnesota can get things done!
By William Lindeke

DID YOU KNOW: you don't actually have to pirate books because there's literally an entire building filled with free books in like every town.
By Mark O'Brien

Time for a Peeps® problem in Fort Lee:

By Jim Aley

My dad was always one of those people who talked about how he wanted to die before he got old, and then he DID ...
By Rainbow Rowell

So I'd like the universe to know that I'd like to get old. Getting old is FINE WITH ME. I have stuff to do & kids to raise. Also I like life.
By Rainbow Rowell

Ugh, it's always about you, priorities.
By Aparna Nancherla

Was going through some old pictures and came across this quote in the @GeorgetownLaw library:

By Billy Freeland

My favorite book about creating a management-free culture for your company is called "Lord of the Flies."
By Tom Dale

If you're a woman and you don't have one vintage camera on your shelf, how will people know you're a free and untamed spirit?
By Tony Sam

Paris #freetransit costs over $5M/day. To put that in perspective, one fatal collision in the U.S. costs $6M.
By Free Public Transit

“Paper jams are like snowflakes –- there’s no two alike.”
By Overheard Newsroom

"Intrusion and support are two different processes: support is about the needs of the child, intrusion is about the needs of the parent." - Madeline Levine, The Price of Privilege
By Nikhil Goyal


By Edward Harran

When people defend the Iraq war to me, they never say straight out that, to them, the removal of a dictator was worth 600,000+ Iraqi lives.
By Graham Linehan

If you’re a guy and say, None of the women I know in tech have experienced harassment, it’s because they don’t trust you enough to tell you.
By Glenn Fleishman

Using the word 'drama' to describe someone speaking up or out about harassment is not ok.
By Julie Ann Horvath

Reminder that we *do* live in a future where there are scary black-armored police. Brazilian Police for world cup:

By Jonathan Bolding

For a happy career do what you love doing. Ok none of those are real jobs. I was hoping you loved software programming or selling insurance.
By lawblob

I wish they'd find that airplane so cable news can go back to focusing on other stories they have no information about.
By Frank Conniff

My position, which I think is quite reasonable, is that if you publicly advocated invading Iraq you should never be listened to ever again.
By Charles Davis

Never forget:

By Uncle Dynamite

I like how Whole Foods has tiers of how humanely meat was raised, so you can tailor your shopping to how angry you are at chickens that day.
By Tim Carvell

RIP Tony Benn:

By Graham Holliday

How hard are you eyeballing other people in the checkout line that you even realize who is using EBT? Who even pays attention?
By Matt Bruenig

Graphs showing an 18% increase in dollars as an 80% increase in length & 300% increase in area make Edward Tufte cry:

By Gabriel Rossman

Analysts warn that paying American workers overtime pay for overtime work could cost companies as much as 3,000 yachts per year.
By Chris L. Robinson

Overheard by the @codeforamerica Rhode Island team: "Libraries used to be grocery stores but now they are becoming kitchens." Brilliant!
By Tim O'Reilly

We supposedly want free-thinking, independent children, but we segregate them by age, measure them like meat, and sit them in desks in rows.
By Nikhil Goyal

Here's George Zimmerman–whose only claim to fame is killing an unarmed black teen–signing autographs at a gun show.

By Justin Wolfers

Checked bags should be free. Carry-on is what wastes everyone’s time; charge for that.
By Dave Wiskus

"Length times width," says area expert.
By Sean Thomason

20 years of subway evolution in Rio & Shanghai:

By Conrad Hackett

I want to live in a world where the diagram on a printer actually shows how you should put paper in said printer.
By Melissa

Wise words from Linda Darling-Hammond: "assess and improve," not "test and punish."
By Ty Alper

We don't need more young app developers. We need more activists who are helping to create a more just, equal world.
By Nikhil Goyal

Short stories are great if you enjoy fiction but only have a little time to become incredibly depressed.
By Julieanne Smolinski

You can’t make me understand Bitcoin, people. Just stop trying already. This willful ignorance of it is not a facade. It’s who I am.
By John Moltz

An exceptionally suave and sophisticated daikon radish:

By Halloween Costumes

"Somebody paid for your free lunch!" No shit, dude. And now I'm paying for some kid's free lunch today. That's the deal.
By John Scalzi

Basically no one in politics has internalized the fact that we're gonna have to leave 80% of known fossil fuel reserves in the ground.
By Christopher Hayes

Common Core is a plane being built in midair. Pilots have parachutes. Students are passengers.
By Julian Vasquez Heilig

US media loved Pussy Riot. Russia Today did great coverage of Chelsea Manning. All empires prefer their dissidents foreign.
By mollycrabapple

I would have loved to see this happen.

By George Takei

Ari Fleisher laments attacks on Presidents during times of crisis then attacks Obama as weak IN THE SAME SENTENCE.
By Greg Pinelo

programmers: 1, lawyers:

By alios

Nation that launched two wars in a decade and sends drones to half a dozen countries in danger of looking weak, analysts say.
By Laila Lalami

Some magazines' designs just don't agree with me. I've probably subscribed to Harpers 4 or 5 times but I never got into it, and I suspect layout.
By Chris Steller

Crimea: anagram for 'Merica
By David Kochel

When soylent green comes to America, it will be wrapped in bacon and carrying a gym membership card.
By Chris Steller

Finally, I heard someone say what I have been saying for years: stop voting for people who don't like the government.
By Andre Johnson

Accidentally tried to assemble an Ikea desk without a man.

By Morgan Missentzis

Today, Walmart is paying its workers less than the beloved patriarch did when he opened his 1st store.
By Amy Traub

From the icy grip of winter, O God, release us:

By Unvirtuous Abbey

“For every vehicle that is used in a car-sharing fleet, automakers will lose 32 vehicle sales.” Peak car.By Eugene Wei

By Jason Mayhem Miller

I judge the value of education reforms like TfA, standardized testing, common core, merit pay, and VAM based on whether Sidwell Friends does it.
By John Kuhn
In this graph of life expectancy at birth vs. health spending per capita, one country stands out:

By Conrad Hackett

So far the only ethnic Russians beaten/arrested/persecuted are the ones trying to demonstrate in Moscow against the war on Ukraine.
By Yaroslav Trofimov
Cynicism helps combat how terrifyingly beautiful everything is.
By zefrank
Finally, this sequence of tweets about the white beauty standard and racialized gender display:
I cringe whenever Black people describe light-skinned Black folks as "fair-skinned." What's so "fair" about it?
By Michelle Benee

Even calling light-skinned men "feminine" comes from praising White women's beauty. Light/White skin = "fair". "Fair" = "feminine."
By Michelle Benee

Declaring some Black women as "masculine" is another way to reject them in favor of others closer to the European standard of beauty.
By Michelle Benee

"Natural hair makes you look masculine," says almost everyone whose idea of femininity is based on white women.
By flask gordon

Declaring women whose physical build goes beyond what is acceptably "feminine" makes men insecure in their "masculinity" feel better.
By Michelle Benee

Now. Will anybody actually address the issue of how so many gender identity concepts are tied to whiteness as a fundamental defining value?
By deluxvivens

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