Friday, August 16, 2013

Solipsism in the Magic Kingdom

Today, a parable for the way it seems many people view the world.

Submitted by a worker from a theme park in France [gee, somehow I can't help assuming it's Disneyland Paris]

Guest: “The waiting times are horribly long! There are too many people!”

Me: “Well this is a famous park; a lot of people want to spend time here with their family.”

Guest: “Well, you should not let so many people in. Look around: there are so many people.”

Me: “We have a security maximum that has not been reached yet. I believe you are a visitor too. Would you have liked for you and your family to be stopped at the entrance after miles of traveling because there are a lot of people in?”

Guest: “Of course not! I paid to come here, and we have wanted to come here for a long time!”

Me: “Well, so do all these people…”
This reminds me of several points in Bob Jensen's book, Citizens of the Empire.

From the always-fascinating and too-often-painful-to-read site, Not Always Right.

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