Friday, January 13, 2012

Headline Goes Here

If I were young and could start over with my collections, one thing I would keep are all the examples I see of "dummy" display text that goes to print. A favorite one I recall from the 1980s was in the Washington Post obituaries; the headline read something like "Slug Goes Here for the Dead Guy."

This recent example from the Guardian isn't nearly so bad, but I love it anyway:

Guardian newspaper page with large pullquote at left that reads Pullquote over five lines in here herey herey herey type over text
Seeing oversights like this makes me happy in some unexplainable way. Schadenfreude, I suppose, but I'm much more sympathetic than that implies. I am. Really.

Maybe the Germans need to come up with a new word that means "commiserating while also seeing the humor in it."

Via Twitter user @jamiecraven.

Here's a past post of mine sharing a fine local example.

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Blissed-Out Grandma said...

I, too, love finding these. They make me happy that it never happened to me, despite the fact that I wrote place-holder copy all the time.