Wednesday, January 12, 2011

More from Billy Bragg

I admit to following English singer-songwriter Billy Bragg on Facebook. Here are a couple of neat items I got from his newsfeed recently.

First, a quote of his from a Guardian article about him:

The market's like fire, you know? Constrain it, harness it, and it'll provide you with warmth and light and heat for your cooking … Let it rip, and it'll destroy everything you hold dear.
Then, on a completely different note, this post on Facebook:
Finally found time over the weekend to play with my Xmas present - a 35mm film negative scanner. Had a lot of fun digitising photos from the 1970s. Much mirth about my bad haircuts and sartorial choices, but here's one that had my son green with envy: me having just received tickets to see the Who at Charlton and the Stones at Earls Court in June 1976.
Teenaged Billy Bragg in 1976 with concert tickets

Here's a more recent photo to show what he looks like these days.


KLM said...

Oh, gosh. Haven't thought of Billy Bragg since college!

"That's the price I pay for lovin' you the way I do..." still runs through my head on occasion.

Patricia Cumbie said...

I first saw Billy Bragg in a dive bar in Munich in 1986. I've been a fan ever since. But I've always been mystified by what he wore that night--an Izod polo shirt. The shirt just didn't seem to go with the lyrics at all.