Saturday, April 17, 2010

More Signs of the Timez

A photographer named Christopher Rory was shooting at a Tea Party rally in Champaign, Illinois last Thursday. He's posted quite a number of images to his Facebook page.

Here are a few of them... First, a couple of classic spelling errors, in keeping with my earlier post on this subject. In the interest of fairness, I should note that these were the only two I saw among almost 50 photos.

Smiling white woman with sign reading The best social program in Ameica is a job
But that one is an excellent example, you have to admit.

Man holding sign that says No taxization STOP without representation
This sign is completely incoherent, and it's not just the extra letters in "taxization." "No taxization STOP without representation" anyone?

And then there's this guy...

Beefy man holding big sign with lots of words making claims about Obama's support for terrorists
Click to see it larger so you can read his every one of his correctly spelled but still unintelligible words.

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Ms Sparrow said...

Why do you think they call these events Rabble Rousers? The rabble flock to them like chickens and with just about as much intelligence.