Sunday, September 20, 2009

Bad Spellers of the World, Untie!

Photos of handmade signs (many of them from the 912 march in Washington, but some from other gatherings) are floating around the interweb. I saw a collection on a Facebook page today and couldn't help laughing at many of them.

Clearly, we are all capable of making mistakes, but I wanted to share a few because of the patterns I noted among them.

Clever, with a Chance of Errors

Politians are like dipers
A two-fer!

If your silent today you'll be speaking Spanish tomorrow
Which leads me to my next category...

Anti-Immigration and English-Only Activists Who Can't Write English

No amnety
Is this how you spell it? No.

No amensty
How about this? No.

Two signs, one reading Make English America's offical language, the other Respect are country speak English
I can't help thinking it's fair to hold these people to a higher standard of spelling and usage.

This is America and our only lanaguage is English
Perhaps this is the alternate version called Engalish.

Darn Those Latinate Words, They're Just Too Hard to Spell

No lard No fat No pork No stimulas
"Stimulus" has been used in the news constantly for close to a year, but can he spell it correctly? Nope.

A new era of medioracy where the streets are paved with debt
I believe the word was meant to be "mediocrity." Or maybe "mediocracy," as in government by the media? Who knows. But it's sad to see someone holding up a completely unintelligible sign with so much enthusiasm.

Man writing sign that says Birth certifict where Obama...
Perhaps this is the first time he had to write a four-syllable word.

Crisis of competnce
Someone has a crisis of competence, but the immediate evidence would indicate it's you, dear.

Letters Gone Wild

I like the little "YES GOD" in the upper left corner.

Thank you Fox News for keeping us infromed
Perhaps they are stunned.

One hugh mistake America
Who is Hugh? Is he related to "Not Me," the invisible creature who was responsible for all the trouble in "The Family Circus" cartoons?

No Pubic Option
The classic "pubic" error -- good to see that it still happens.

Impeah Obama Socialism is not the answer
Geez, you can't even pronounce this one.

What Were They Thinking?

Don't tread one we the people, plus a snake and the word Taxes down in the corner
No spelling or grammatical error here, just a bad case of banging together multiple historical references. Plus a really painful drawing of a snake.

Obama half-breed muslin
Probably my favorite among all the signs, despite the steep competition! One can only wonder if this sign writer believes Muslins worship Satin.

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Ms Sparrow said...

Thanks for the laughs. Nothing like right-wing hysterics to bring out the dunder-heads!