Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A New Meaning for Baby Doll

Does anyone remember this?

Ad for Mommy-To-Be dolls, with white and black pregnant dolls pictured
I think the ad is from the early 1990s. The copy helpfully points out that you can "take off her tummy, and there's her baby. Lift out the newborn with moveable arms and legs, and now she has a flat tummy."

Closeup showing how the baby can be removed and replaced with a flat stomach
I also clipped a New York Times column by Anna Quindlen about the dolls, in which she describes the baby removal process as "a cross between a C-section, a tummy tuck and an Easter egg hunt."

Then and now, I find the photo of the smiling doll -- flat on her back, with her torso opened up like a porthole -- revolting.


Carmella said...

This is FABULOUSLY terrible! I love that husband Charlie is sold separately.

Carmella said...

oh! oh! And I love that it is for 3 and Over. Because babies might swallow the newborn by accident.

(I do hate EUROPES 1991 DOLL OF THE YEAR has no ' . Ew.)

Ms Sparrow said...

Talk about a lousy anatomy lesson for the little ones. It gives the impression that girls have hinged abdomens and no guts... It really is revolting!