Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Another Logo that Doesn't "Read" ... Or Does It?

Website logo that says artosphere but looks like it says Fartosphere because a paintbrush at the beginning looks like the letter F
As seen on a fellow Blogger site... Zichi Lorentz Artosphere.

See my earlier posts one and two on logos that don't "read."

(Thanks to my own daughter number one for spotting this!)


Unknown said...

That logo stinks.

elena said...

...and it's really too bad, because some of the plein air paintings by the artist are actually quite nice (if you are willing to dig deep enough to find them). There's a disconnect between the look and feel of the website and the work of the painter. (Not to mention all those bad green Apple icons!)

Another case where it seems clear that it's possible to have a visual sensibility in one realm (painting, for example) and still benefit greatly from the critique of someone with a more developed sense of design, including awareness of fonts and web aesthetics.

I really enjoy your posts on logos that don't "read"..though they've inflicted me with a painful awareness of how many truly awful logos there are out there!