Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Tim Scott's New Graphics

Tim Scott of South Carolina has formally announced he's running for president. One of the first big decisions a candidate faces is what kind of campaign graphics to use.

Here's what Scott is going with:

It's an odd choice.

Most candidates I can think of don't put any aspect of their person in their main campaign graphic, so this is an strange variation to start with. (For instance, the Obama "Hope" graphic was not from the main campaign.) The few that have emphasized a unique characteristic of the candidate, like Bernie's wild hair and glasses. So that Scott is using a faceless black silhouette with a generic red Republican tie seems an odd choice. 

The reaction from lefty cultural critics was swift:

No comment except to say that it is a sign of our backlash dominated, revanchist times that Tim Scott’s advisors clearly thought it would be too off-putting for him to have… a face.
Dave Zirin (of The Nation)

This looks like something his "friends" use as target practice.

What kind of token, coon level alpha crap is this to put a literally FACELESS BLACK MAN on your campaign mat...no no I'M NOT WRITING ABOUT THIS MAN. Stop it, brain, just STOP IT.
Elie Mystal

I'm old enough that the graphic reminds me of the television show To Tell the Truth: but I doubt that's intentional, and given that two out of three contestants on the show were lying, it's not a very good reference.

I also note the divergent use of two different tag lines. Are we being A/B tested? 

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Michael Leddy said...

Yes, I instantly thought that it looks like the silhouette that people use for target practice. I wonder what graphic designer will proudly display this in their portfolio.