Friday, May 19, 2023

Go DFL, Pass Some Laws

Local readers already know this (probably), so this is addressed to my non-Minnesota readers.

The Democrats, in control of both houses of the Minnesota legislature as well as the governor's office, are just about to wrap up this year's legislative session by passing more bills than we have seen in years and holding the line against the right-wing onslaught we see in many other states across the country.

It's too much for me to list what they have gotten done since February, but the issues have ranged from rights to climate to gun reform and beyond. 

This is the top of today's Star Tribune:

And they're not done yet: they'll be working all weekend on some of the last big items, including funding public transit and the state's bonding bill.

Just now, I saw that one of our suburban Republican state reps — who is not as unreasonable as most — went on Twitter to complain about the DFL's lack of bipartisanship in the session. He wrote:

Whether you support or oppose the DFL's decision making is up to you. But it is an objective fact that the DFL has abandoned any pretense of moderation or pragmatism this session.

Criticizing lack of moderation and pragamatism? From a Republican?

I was glad to see the responders to his tweet were not having it. This is a sample:

If the GOP had the legislature and governor's office, you'd be banning abortion and giving tax cuts to the 1%.

I believe their votes reflect the wishes of the majority of Minnesotans as well as the majority of Americans. Exactly what they said they would do.

Whereas if Republicans were in charge you'd be moderately and pragmatically sending 12-year-olds into the mines and maternity wards. [Editor's note: Iowa!]

Man, it's just disgusting when political parties enact the platform they ran on. Horrifying stuff.

Your top guy is still claiming the election was stolen. Is that pragmatic?

Things are not perfect here, of course. I have disagreements with specific things that are or are not happening at the legislature. But compared to much of the rest of the country, it's nirvana, and a model for how to start getting somewhere.

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