Friday, January 14, 2022

Birthday Card with Rabbit

Things in the world are just a bit too depressing to write about at the moment*, so instead, here's the card Daughter Number Three-Point-One painted for her dad's birthday:

She's been looking at the animal illustrations in medieval illumination lately. In addition to the rabbits, she said she's particularly taken with their sometimes wild representations of snails. 

Those musical notes, she said, are part of the Happy Birthday song, maybe? Hmm.


* In case I or anyone else looks back at this post at some point in the future, here are just a few of those things: voting rights and needed change to the filibuster being blocked by obstructionist Senators, the lack of any substantial federal action on the climate crisis, covid at a tipping point, and international news about Russia and North Korea that I can't even begin to listen to.


Michael Leddy said...

That’s one special daughter at work.

Blogging sometimes feels to me like a way to engage with current events, sometimes not. Whichever is necessary.

Bill Lindeke said...

awesome card!