Thursday, December 2, 2021

Twitter November 2021: A Month of Verdicts

November 2021 started with elections (mostly local, but also the Virginia governor's race) and ended with the Supreme Court about to hear arguments on gutting Roe v. Wade. In between were verdicts in three trials: Kyle Rittenhouse, the killers of Ahmaud Arbery, and the Unite the Right perpetrators. Plus COP26 in Glasgow, book-banning and talk of burning, and panics over gas prices and inflation increasing. Oh, and Kamala Harris bought some cookware while on a trip.

Everything below the line is a quote from the attributed Twitter account.


This is my regular reminder that the modern evangelical movement in America is a white supremacist movement that started because Southern whites did not wish to integrate schools after the Brown decision, so private "religious" schools formed which then incubated a culture.
Josh Kruger

We need a moral panic over moral panics to reset our palate
Chad Dickerson

It’s not just powerful politicians who have brothers in media. Our entire society is designed for the patriarchy to protect itself.

The thing about Mark Meadows revealing Trump deliberately spread Covid is that Mark Meadows is still being treated as a respectable person despite his complicity in so many different kinds of crimes, scandals, and the spreading of misery.
David M. Perry @Lollardfish

Canada before tar sands oil // after:

Resist Line 3

My wife went to city hall in Japan and signed up for Japanese national health insurance. It took 10 minutes. It cost $120. For a year. WTF is wrong with America?
TimTheEnchanter @TimTheGodmocker

Car culture brain is thinking that the $9k/year to own a car is an essential part of working class life, but the <$300/year to have a bike is an affluent luxury
Seth Geiser

Anyone who ever wondered, "How could so many East Germans have cooperated with the Stasi?" should join Nextdoor.
Matthew Feeney

Dr Oz’s life arc is fucking fascinating. From respected surgeon to TV quack to Trumpist candidate. What drives someone to just absolutely obliterate their reputation like that?
Rusty Crawler @toxic_megacolon

Carbon capture and storage is a fraught fantasy of the fossil fuel industry trying to extend the period of its relevance. We should be enormously skeptical, and as a populace demand far more transparency around any government plans to engage in such boondoggles.
Saul Griffith

I can’t get over how many people think they’re personally responsible for their immune system doing its job

We have a winner:

André Fran

Voters in Utah passed a ballot measure to ban partisan gerrymandering. Republicans overturned it. Voters in Ohio approved a constitutional amendment to ban partisan gerrymandering. Republicans are arguing in court that it doesn't apply to them. We need the #FreedomToVoteAct NOW.
Democracy Docket

Every policy decision that humanity takes from this point on, from the local to the international scale, should include careful assessment on whether it accelerates or slows climate and ecological breakdown.
Peter Kalmus @ClimateHuman

- Imports at 4 largest ports are 21% above 2018
- Long-dwelling containers are down 41%
- Retail inventories (ex. autos) are above pre-pandemic levels
- Black Friday sales are up 30% vs. last year
Brian Deese

“He simply appears to believe, as much of the modern right does, that…some people should be subject to total physical coercion, and some should be subject to none at all.” –Michelle Goldman (NYT) on the galling appropriation of “my body, my choice”⁩
Natalia Mehlman Petrzela

You cannot support the criminalization of abortion, and be a feminist.
David M. Perry @Lollardfish

Next time you see a half-full parking lot, think of all the untapped possibilities trapped underneath that sea of asphalt.
Strong Towns

Not only did Race to the Top turn out to be a colossal and expensive flop but by amping up the 'schools r failing' discourse, Democrats have been left unable to make the case for why we even have public education. The Obama-era education reform theory of change is not faring well.
Jennifer Berkshire

Please I beg you all to see structures where you think you see a series of individual problems
Chanda Prescod-Weinstein @IBJIYONGI

In 1970, students in a fifth-grade class at Hawthorne School in Beverly Hills were assigned to write a letter to someone they admired, asking them "What makes a good citizen?" Joel Lipton, 10 years old at the time, wrote to Peanuts cartoonist Charles Schulz. Joel got a reply...

Michael Warburton

Republicans in 2019 defended their president shuttering the pandemic response task force spent 2020 insisting the pandemic wasn’t real and opposing all efforts to contain it in 2021 added opposition to the vaccine will spend 2022 blaming Democrats for not ending the virus.
A.R. Moxon @JuliusGoat

The virus is super consistent in its messaging around the need for cooperation and collective care, isn't it? Totally on message wave after wave after wave.
Dr. Elizabeth Sawin

A Republican congresswoman called a Democratic congresswoman a terrorist. The Republican Party endorsed it and repeated it. The networks response was to invite Tate Reeves and Chris Christie on TV to talk about how Democrats are destroying the country with cookware
Matt Negrin

It turns out that vaccine systems organized around corporate patents, nationalist hoarding, and colonial inequalities are not particularly effective.
Jason Hickel

Want a perspective check? Scientists ran a model simulating 5.2 million possible climate futures. In every single one, the only time temperatures were kept under 2C was when carbon emissions reached zero in every single country on the planet by 2030.
XR Cambridge

Necessary reading! 20,000 people have been killed by cars in the first *half* of 2021. The EU's traffic deaths have dropped 36% in the last decade; US' has grown 10%. Why? Europe fixes streets, grows cycling and transit and regulates the car industry while America focuses on cops.
Darrell Owens @IDoTheThinking

Very importantly in the US, transit is designed for the work trip, the trip policymakers most value. So if people don't take trips to work, they can't use transit. That isn't the case in other countries, where better funded transit takes you everywhere you need to go.
Beth Osborne

It was a huge mistake for the IPCC to present scenarios underpinned with massive amounts of speculative carbon capture technologies which do not, and may never, exist at scale. These fantasy scenarios do not belong in a scientific report.
Peter Kalmus @ClimateHuman

Men who are after a quiet woman with an entirely hairless body who smiles all the time may be looking for a dolphin.
Helen Kingston

Just a FYI, George Jetson is going to be conceived this weekend.

Rich Tipple @farfromallover

At a public engagement meeting, I had a driver (who drove to his workplace 1/3 mile from his home) call me — a carfree pedestrian — lazy for wanting to cross the street at grade, rather than use a pedestrian bridge that was out of my way + required backtracking. People sometimes!

People who want to fly disease around the world whilst we are in a climate emergency? And pollute the air in the process? Jeez
Rosalind Readhead @Privatecarfree

any shoplifting news story ought to be accompanied by at least 100 stories about wage theft and investigations into local occurrences of it:

union jake @JacobM_AL

people really swear the main reason people do good is for money and don't do bad is because jail, and cannot fathom a world without the two

Vax rates would almost certainly be a couple % higher if Americans really had "their doctor" like the language of the politics of healthcare suggests. Having one physician with whom trust and a relationship form over time would make the most marginal no-vax cases persuadable.

The U.S. is the only nation where civilian guns outnumber people. In 2019, the number of US gun deaths was 4 per 100,000 people – 18 times the average rate in peer nations. Yet 1/3 of US adults believe there would be less crime if *more* people owned guns.
Shannon Watts

Just wait until they find out how much insulin costs:

Sarah Wood

Trump paid $130,000 for sex with a porn star. But by all means, get offended by Kamala’s cookware expenditures.
Kate White @ImSpeaking13

An AR-15 costs more than a Le Creuset pot. Just saying.
Victoria Brownworth Christmas @VABVOX

Has anyone done the Venn diagram of people having a cow over Kamala Harris spending $300 on a Le Creuset  and those who think nothing of dropping $500 for a Glock?
Mollie Katzen

Whether it’s liberals making complicated peppermint mocha orders at Starbucks, or conservatives bringing AR-15s to Christmas parties, both sides need a lesson in basic holiday etiquette.
New York Times Pitchbot @DougJBalloon

The perception of biking as an elitist hobby completely breaks down if you consider biking for transportation. Yes, I bought the best brand-new e-bike money could buy. But it's still cheaper than a cheap second-hand car, which nobody would bat an eye at.
Madeleine Bonsma-Fisher

I still read and code 20 police union contracts every week. And I'm still shocked at the things that we allow the police to bargain in these negotiations. It's truly criminal. Police/corrections officers should not be able to bargain discipline, oversight or record retention.

you can try to understand anti-PC stuff as an extension of some kind of ideology but you're really going to have to contort yourself to explain why it comes from left, right, and center. or you can just look at the race of the writers and audience and it makes perfect sense
Will Stancil

Americans are accustomed to so little - no guaranteed care, rights at work, support for basic human functions - that access to infinite quantities of cheap goods is all many even know to demand.
Anat Shenker-Osorio

Reminding you that people are not low-wage workers. People are workers for low-wage employers.
Mary Morse Marti

Blood Pheasant, spotted in western China's #Sichuan province:

@linjianyangbe (photo by 观潮)

More people have died trying to cross the English Channel in the last decade than those who crossed the Berlin Wall for the entire time it was up (almost 30 years). Forget appeals to historic authoritarianism and suffering - these are the bad old days.
Aaron Bastani

The horrifying deaths of at least 27 people in the English Channel is the latest tragedy in what has become a humanitarian crisis. Over the past decade, there have been over 200 border-related deaths in and around the Channel.
Novara Media

Norway spends about $30,000 per child on early childhood care. Finland spends $23,000. Germany, $18,000. The U.S. spends $500 per child. In other words, 1/60th of what Norway spends on its toddlers. How do we expect to build a better future if we refuse to invest in our kids?
Robert Reich

There’s maybe 3 racist incidents in the history of humans that a significant majority of white Americans will acknowledge were fueled by racism. And one of em ain’t even the Civil War. So you just can’t wait on a general consensus to determine whether something is racist or not.
Joel D. Anderson

"oh my god you guys flying is so unsafe we should really stop promoting it as a way to easily travel and start framing it as a hellhole of awfulness." Oh wait, that's only for public transit.
Amity Foster

Sean @dukakis_poster

Let me save you from asking a Native this:
Yes, some Natives celebrate Thanksgiving. Which is cool. It was our holiday first.
Also, some Natives don’t. Which is also cool.
But what isn’t cool, is if you only think of Natives once a year.
Lucas Brown Eyes

Phew! After these two high-profile, emotional, legally complex trials in which race was ever-present but never center stage, you almost wish there was a robust, if limited, analytical framework that could help us understand the relationship between racism and US law/legal institutions.
Duke Kwon

I don’t like paying higher gas prices either but it’s incredible that people will buy GOP outrage on gas that’s $4 instead of $3.50 — but then excuse GOP for keeping the minimum wage at $7.25 instead of $15, insulin at $1200 instead of $35, and paid leave at 0 weeks instead of 12 weeks.
Qasim Rashid, Esq.

The best electric vehicle is an electric bike.
The best electric vehicle is an electric bus.
The best electric vehicle is an electric tram or train.
The worst electric vehicles are too many privately owned cars, SUVs or trucks that are too big & driven too much.
Brent Toderian

did they mean chupacabra???


Months after Ahmaud Arbery was lynched, the Washington Post released the police incident of the video, which showed Arbery lying on the ground, bleeding and gasping for air, and the police officers completely ignoring him while attending the McMichaels. I hope we see justice there, too.
Julia Ioffe

It never ceases to amaze me how much society and (especially) media expect Black folks to collectively jump for joy when white people are (finally) convicted for murdering us. Don’t you all understand we would rather have our people still alive and with us?
A lowly Policy Aide @CJ_Hende

a massive chunk of the things that alarm suburbanites about being in an urban environment are solved in totality by adopting the city dweller's habit of simply declining to perceive things that are none of your fucking business

How does car culture exacerbate the housing crisis? Residents fight against desperately needed new housing because they worry that the new residents will make street parking harder to find or congestion worse.
Laura Goodfellow @transitrunner

Authoritarian states require a religious mythology to legitimize their violence and oppression as ordained and necessary. A nation chosen by God. A state engaged in holy war against apocalyptic forces. A shining city on a hill charged with dominating the world.
Jared Yates Sexton

These illustrations by Portuguese illustrator Andre Carrilho are such perfect images of America:


it will be bad for corporations when people screaming "crime is surging!" learn that they are far more likely to die or be hurt by air/water pollution, defective corporate products, lack of access to health care, high salt/sugar foods, foreclosure fraud, wrongful eviction, etc. big banks take almost $12 billion in ludicrous overdraft fees every year from ordinary people, about the same amount as all shoplifting combined. guess which one of these issues most corporate media and criminal punishment bureaucrats are obsessed with?
Alec Karakatsanis @equalityAlec

Capitalism taught me that an engineer is the son of gem miners who bought Tesla and can't code for his life.

Wish I had any idea how to shift the culture away from panic hopping in service of repressive politics. I do not.
David M. Perry @Lollardfish

I hate these fascist crimewatch accounts, which are mainly about insulting the place I live and not at all about preventing crime
Will Stancil

I’m frequently asked what gives me hope and courage. My answer is always this: it’s knowing that we wouldn’t have the freedoms we have now if it weren’t for the hope and courage of those who carried the banner before us. What’s been done before can be done again if we all stand up.
Bree Newsome Bass

“Essay” comes from the French word meaning “to try.” But that spirit of tentativeness is crushed when essays are graded and the point isn't to explore but to snag an A.
Alfie Kohn

We are never surprised [by a verdict like Rittenhouse], but we get to be human and feel the full range of emotions. And we can never, ever stop dreaming about another possible world. Because it doesn't have to be like this.
Ebony Elizabeth Thomas

I think it’s good, actually, for media outlets to be biased in favor of a livable planet.
Mary Annaïse Heglar

Read The Guardian on the early growth of ecofascism, i.e., the right-wing's inevitable pivot from climate denial to climate change as a pretext for higher walls, lower immigration, and isolationism.
David Roberts @drvolts

If you have to tear gas Indigenous people to build your infrastructure, maybe you shouldn’t build it. #StopLine3
Resist Line 3

why don’t any of the bad people have burnout
Julia Carrie Wong

8 years ago today, the Senate changed its rules to eliminate the filibuster for all nominations other than for SCOTUS (which it went on eliminate in 2017). Now we have the anomaly that lifetime appointments only require a simple majority but ordinary legislation a supermajority.
Michael Li @mcpli

The GOP Tax Scam added approximately $2,000,000,000,000 (two trillion) to the national debt. 83% of the benefits went to the wealthiest 1%. Now they're lecturing us about fiscal responsibility for cutting middle class taxes and lowering prescription drug prices? Get lost.
Hakeem Jeffries @RepJeffries

What I look for in a magazine is the absence of ambiguity:

Annie Hatfield

Decarbonizing transportation without increasing traffic violence means we have to make driving painful. Centrist liberals who drive Priuses and Teslas won't like it, but I guarantee they'll love their new e-bikes. Who's ready to make driving hard and walking/biking/rolling easy?
Mary Morse Marti

The USA is a white settler state like apartheid South Africa. The only difference is white settlers here displaced most of the Indigenous population and engineered a white settler majority. The government and legal system they established has always been racist in its construct.
Bree Newsome Bass

Why is that the people who think teenagers can be trusted with guns don't think they can be trusted with books?

The whole concept of self-defense becomes meaningless when you can open-carry an AR-15.
Lindsay Beyerstein

This doctrine where an aggressor gets to claim self-defense the split second that their target begins to defend *themselves* is just so obviously perverse and unworkable. Without any coherent principle, it can only ever default to being applied for the benefit of favored groups.

Lol. White Rittenhouse defense lawyer (who will probably get a book deal soon) declares there will probably not be another situation where a white gunman shoots up a protest. Somebody write that down for when this fool is wrong.
Elie Mystal

The EU just announced its 2020 road fatalities: 18,800, down 17% from 2019. In the USA, 38,680 died last year, up 7% and the highest total since 2007. (Note, the EU pop. is 1/3 larger) Something is very wrong with the American approach to road safety.
David Zipper

The problem for Center-Whites is that they choose ignorance over knowledge, especially from Black and Brown people who know America better than they ever will, every single time.
RiShawn Biddle @dropoutnation

At this point the idea I would ever "bless America" is so absurd it's funny.
God @TheTweetOfGod

"The automobile has dissolved the living tissue of the city. Its appetite for space is absolutely insatiable; moving and parked, it devours urban land, leaving buildings as mere islands of habitable space in a sea of dangerous and ugly traffic." —James Marston Fitch, NY Times, 1960

Taras Grescoe Snail

Two of the big stories of the day – 1) Republicans are preparing to steal the 2024 election through state legislatures and 2) Republicans are celebrating that their fans can show up at protests to shoot people with near impunity. Almost seems as if these two things could be related!

An issue that is mostly ignored by "law enforcement" is the illegal dumping of toxic chemicals in poor neighborhoods across the US. There are 100,000s of corporate crimes every year that lead to more death and illness than all "violent crime" combined.
Alec Karakatsanis @equalityAlec

this country is like being awake on the table

All reactionaries "feel threatened," basically all the time. It is one of the constitutive features of the reactionary mind. If every one of them that lashes out with violence because they "feel threatened" is innocent by way of self-defense -- they just have license to kill.
David Roberts @drvolts

There are so many things happening that individually should be deeply alarming. But because they're all happening at once, we greet each escalation and broken norm with exhausted sarcasm, rather than the serious response they merit.
nate bowling

Why has Wikipedia achieved a moderate consensus on topics while all other internet platforms polarize? Wikipedia doesn’t filter what users see, so each article is exposed to different views. Rules and norms subtly encourage extremists to leave, retaining moderate content and users.
Ethan Mollick

Funny how any organization these days that uses the word 'liberty' isn't really for it.
Mark Saleski

It takes months to convince people that highways through their city are neither "normal" nor "beneficial." If you stick with it they eventually realize what an utterly anti-city, racist, failed outcome of capitalism they are. They were built to drain cities of wealth.
Mary Morse Marti

Its odd that CNN is saying Americans aren't feeling the relief from a bill Biden signed TWO DAYS ago while ignoring the fact that Americans aren't feeling the effects of trickle-down economics from decades ago.

Everything traces back to the ruling elite establishing a system that allows them to hoard land, resources, wealth and power worldwide.
Bree Newsome Bass

Besides fewer climate disasters than there would otherwise be, what's one thing you long for that a low-carbon society could make possible?
Dr. Elizabeth Sawin @bethsawin

Not enough people understand that the climate crisis was intentional
Mary Annaïse Heglar

Thank you Kevin McCarthy for publicly confirming your desire to reward neo-nazi members of Congress who incite violence against women under GOP leadership! I appreciate your clarity. And predictability. Thank you for no longer pretending to distance your caucus from this.
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

It's fun how people looked at the ongoing destruction of a livable climate, thought "hm, how might we needlessly accelerate this?" and invented cryptocurrency.
Dave Levitan

POTUS zooming around in a giant SUV, saying "I'm a car guy!" when his wife and baby daughter were killed in a crash is pretty deranged, IMO
Michelle DuBarry

one of the world's most powerful information companies just renamed itself Meta and is openly building a parallel global financial system but Dr. Omarova [one of Biden's banking regulation nominees] is the extreme one for not wanting that sort of thing to happen
Raúl Carrillo

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter. #StopLine3

Resist Line 3

I will never understand why (mostly) men think accelerating quickly in a car makes them appear strong or impressive. You moved your foot like 6 inches.
Seattle Bike Blog

Perhaps Biden’s approval ratings are partly a reflection of existential despair. These polls are being done as if it is before-times when we’re still losing more Americans to COVID every three days than died on 9/11. Not to mention the growing awareness of climate change.
Leah McElrath

Lol they're literally talking about MAKING you commute so the drive-thru Starbucks they built along your commute doesn't go out of business. Really great economic system we've got here
Arthur Chu

“The Gospel” only makes sense if people already believe that they deserve eternal torture. But that’s toxic nonsense.
God @almightygod

Many people working in fossil fuels are desperate for an escape route. Isn’t it time governments gave them one?

Even if you are generally anti-car the fact that most Americans lose their minds if gas gets to 1/3 the price it is in Europe is main reason it pays to be extremely evangelical about EVs. We need mass adoption of EVs because it is the only way to wean us off not only gasoline, but the political economy of gas prices
Jake Anbinder

Trans Mountain, the other major pipeline bringing oil out of Canada, has been shut down for the past 48 hours due to catastrophic flooding and mudslides. If you were waiting for a sign this is it.
Resist Line 3

Our country commemorates Martin Luther King Jr. as if he wasn't assassinated.

This figure represents 58% of the 2020 Minneapolis Police budget:


$111 million = $258 for every Minneapolis resident. It’s a top-line figure that may not be met, but also only 1 year. Equals:
- entirety of federal relief funding over next 3 years
- 4x affordable housing budget
- 14x violence prevention budget
- 1/3rd of property taxes
David Brauer

... we maybe spent too much time in 2021 talking about the theoretical problem of eliminating police and not enough time counting the ways our abusive, racist, ineffective, poorly led, money pit of a police department threatens the viability of the city.
Wedge LIVE!™

I feel like there's a bigger picture here:


Vancouver is living discontinuity. In the past *two years*, Vancouver/British Columbia has experienced a zoonotic pandemic, a savage heat dome, record megafires, the worst air pollution of any major city, an atmospheric river, catastrophic flooding and infrastructure collapse. It's only 2021.
Alex Steffen

It's nice that the media have discovered real wages. It is striking that they highlight the drop so much in their effort to discredit Biden, but were willing to ignore comparable drops in the past, like during the Reagan "boom"
Dean Baker

In 1980, the average trucker made $120,000 a year (in 2020 dollars). In 2019 truckers earned $45,000 [source in original tweet]. A 63% decrease. Tell us more about the so-called trucker shortage though…
Emily Peck

The theory is that "profit motive" means that companies will be highly motivated to produce things people need and want and enjoy. The reality is "profit motive" means that companies are highly motivated to do what makes people give them money. Even if it's bad.

Will we survive the existential meltdown of structural whiteness that’s happening right now? That’s the more relevant question
Bree Newsome Bass

If you get angry when climate protestors shut down a road during rush hour, you're gonna hate climate change:


The best cities in America do not have limited access highways in their downtowns (images: Madison, New Haven, Ann Arbor,and Milwaukee for contrast). Few businesses or human activities can succeed next to them. Planners should be working on urban highway removals, not expansions.
Mark Abraham @urbandata

"In general terms, that means that Congress is incentivized to gut the IRS (and every other enforcement agency) because, by rule, cutting spending is the only way to realize budget savings."
Amanda Lorian @fantabulizer

At COP26 Biden pledged to spend $3 billion a year to help developing countries cope with climate disasters. Line 3 alone is poised to drive $287 billion in climate damages.
Resist Line 3

When Republicans fix roads and bridges, Republicans call it "infrastructure."
When Democrats fix roads and bridges, Republicans call it "communism."
(Just kiddin'.  Republican don't fix roads or bridges.)
Tea Pain

“Dream job” is a weird concept.

If children walked to school in our bike lanes would cities still consider paint a good enough barrier?

Tom Flood

My father was an electrician and my mother was a home healthcare worker. It occurred to me recently that by the time I made enough to purchase the home they raised me in I had a doctorate, tenure and had written several books. We’ve effectively turned housing into a luxury.
jelani cobb

‘34 percent of men with children had received promotions while working remotely, compared with just 9 percent of women with children.’ What a shocker
Lulu @lourdesgnavarro

I need a “six degrees of Mel Gibson” site that lists everyone with power who has chosen to work with him so I can skip everything they ever do. And maybe everyone who works with them too.
David M. Perry @Lollardfish

And the challenge with highways aside from the highway itself (and associated environmental issues), is that they act as a funnels and dump cars into adjacent cities and towns and communities and make intensifying incredibly tricky. Transit dumps *people* - big difference.
Jennifer Keesmaat

when women are the subject of men's art, we are called muses and told to value it. when men are the subject of women's art....OMG HOW DARE HER DRAG HIM LIKE THAT
Lyz Lenz

Discontinuity is a one-way trip. The forces unleashed by the climate/ecological crisis are even stronger than the climate chaos and ecological collapses we rightly fear. If we "solve" the climate/ecological crisis, we'll still live in a planetary crisis for generations to come.
Alex Steffen

It should not be this hard to stop a new tar sands oil pipeline in 2021.
Resist Line 3

So much handwringing from the media over their Steele Dossier coverage. I don't recall any such level of self-reflection over "But Her Emails" - especially the egregious coverage in the final days of the campaign. Why is that?

So electric scooters can be speed-limited based on GPS... how about limiting the speed of all cars, RVs, pickup trucks, taxis, police cars, minivans using the same system? Because speeding cars are a hell of a lot more dangerous than scooters!
Jon Worth


Jakob Gemassmer

A lot of these car covid metaphors we see thrown around make it very clear that a lot of public health people pay zero attention to traffic safety.
Angie Schmitt

We must all fight for free and fair elections every single day. If we don't, the forces behind 1/6 will win next time.
Marc E. Elias

My take on Kyle Rittenhouse: That's what you get when the adults in a community arm children and effectively encourage them to engage in vigilantism. Not just the adults who encouraged him directly, but those who did their part on loose gun laws and the "civil war" narrative. These culture wars narratives and permissive carry wars are basically just creating an environment where all of the people suffering from antisocial disorders can bring weapons to some part of town and just antagonize each other.  What could go wrong?
Joseph N. Cohen

Me: single dad of 2 making well below the average salary in PA and pedaling a bike around = elitist.                             
Asking the owner of a $76,000 SUV to move off the sidewalk so my kids can pass = hassling the proletariat
Christian Kurpiel-Wakamiya @BikeSmall

The biggest feat of the fossil fuel industry is convincing so many that we can't live without them when exactly the opposite is true.
Dr. Elizabeth Sawin @bethsawin

Love seeing this from my alma mater!

Travis Allen

The collapse of democracy and rise of authoritarian oligarchy as our climate becomes unlivable for billions cannot be overstated. Especially by a media paid to keep quiet so it can happen.

A majority of white voters gonna let the unnecessary deaths of around half a million people [from COVID] slide though because they're worried 3rd grade is insufficiently teaching *both sides* of the slavery debate.
Elie Mystal

A general calling for a theocratic state cheered on by a base that’s being radicalized by conspiracy theories and prepared for violence and antidemocratic action. That’s the historical circumstance for civil war, mass atrocities, and totalitarian regimes. Warning about this danger isn’t a grift. It isn’t a bit or a pastime. People studying this stuff and viewing it outside the mythological lens of American Exceptionalism see this pretty clearly. History warns us. It begs us to listen.
Jared Yates Sexton

Americans are spending a much smaller share of their household budgets on fuel compared to decades pasts, and yet the politics around moderate gas price increases is still pretty bad. Not a good sign about our willingness to address climate change or auto-dependence.
Daniel Trubman, MPP

Sometimes I think about how Allied commanders made German civilians tour the death camps. They knew, already, how fragile the truth and memory would be.
Eric Rauchway

We can engineer such sprawling complexity, but fail at engineering simplicity, such as complete streets and transit priority lanes. Imagine what we could accomplish if we set our minds to the task of deprogramming 50 years of car-dependent infrastructure.


Okay, Michele @norskieMN

Breyer's refusal to retire is the kind of slow-motion trainwreck that alienates people from electoral politics. It's not just a disaster, it's an easily avoidable disaster literally everyone can see coming. And when it finally happens we will be told it's our fault.

"The strong winds of climate change have failed to move the opinions of many Americans." As Press Watch says, let me rewrite that for you. "The Republican campaign to minimize climate change has successfully isolated its voters from the rest of America."
Jay Rosen

It was less a climate summit and more a climate themed cocktail party.
Avocado Toast

Reactionaries are always the same. I don't know why we treat each new wave as some novel phenomenon or a unique response to circumstances. 20-30% of any population is just ... this way, and will always support things like this.
David Roberts @drvolts

how TF did i take all those classes when i was in school?? now if i have one meeting and get groceries the same day i fall apart

My overarching takeaway after spending two weeks at COP with climate experts from across the world is that we already have all of the answers to end this climate crisis, it's just genuinely that world leaders and corporations don't want them.
Frances Leach

Battle Starling Galactica! Taken yesterday through my kitchen window:

Carl Bovis

Part of a working marketplace is that Consumer Reports and the BBB don't endorse products that are obviously broken. "The marketplace of ideas" means you *don't* platform scams. Being generous to junk is not how a marketplace is supposed to work.

Yeah the "marketplace of ideas" is accidentally a good metaphor! The actual marketplace is *extremely* regulated. Labeling requirements, FDA rules, OSHA inspections, etc. A truly "free" market would be a fucking nightmare and so would a "free" marketplace of ideas.
Michael Hobbes @RottenInDenmark

I have a feeling that for the next several years we'll read a lot of stories about how various non-native born demographics are swinging right because they reject woke orthodoxy and no reporting on who's funding non-English-language print and radio and TV and what it's all saying
Alex Pareene

it’s crazy that they only figured out tectonic plates in the 60s. a child in the 50s would say “it seems like south america and africa would fit together” and his mom would go “that’s cute honey would you like a cigarette”
sophia @pastoralcomical

The people who most love saying "Why can't you just defeat [idea] in debate?" are the people who will never accept that the idea has been defeated in a debate, who will constantly insist that any assertion of that defeat and discrediting is actually censorship, etc.
Alex Cruikshanks

If they were serious about preventing more than 1.5C of heating and, potentially, systemic environmental collapse, they would decide to burn no more fossil fuels after 2030, and to launch today an emergency programme of full-scale economic transition. But they are not serious.
George Monbiot

There seems to be a fairly large section of the white population which cannot understand why Black people care about the white victims of Kyle Rittenhouse and... I think those people are just telling on themselves.
Elie Mystal

It really saddens me that Kyle is referred to as a “kid who had to defend himself” by people who had no sympathy for Trayvon, who was walking home, unarmed and un-white.
Be A King @BerniceKing

As a society, we WANT people to bike, but our bike lanes are dangerous and deadly. How useful is a sidewalk if in the middle you have to DASH ACROSS A FREEWAY? Not useful at all. Safe bike lanes are ridiculously cheap, just politically hard.

They TRICKED us into believing that cars = freedom… that parking is a “human right”… that busses are to be avoided at all costs, bicycles are a menace… that apartments buildings are an eyesore and highways are somehow “beautiful.”


Global public transport usage has to DOUBLE by 2030 to meet the world’s 1.5°C emissions target, according to a new report calling for $208 billion in annual investments in 100 cities to improve the infrastructure, safety, comfort and reliability of transit.
Brent Toderian

All of your worries about biking in the snow are actually worries about biking next to people driving in the snow.
Shawn Gettler

According to the current narrative, Black people somehow secretly gained control of America’s education system. But instead of addressing disparities in funding, resources and access to advanced courses. Apparently, we just decided to make white kids cry during social studies class
Michael Harriot

I am so sick of hearing people ask how you get young people engaged in politics. Uh. You DO SOMETHING with political power. You stop telling young people that their values and objectives aren’t practical.
ashley fairbanks @ziibiing

It is so hard to watch the same media that last year insisted we were in a so-called racial reckoning now reveal through their coverage how uncomfortable they were with it.
Ida Bae Wells @nhannahjones

Being told your bad opinions are bad is an extremely important part of the college experience!
Michael Hobbes @RottenInDenmark

I would prefer if unstable white men with anger issues who watched too many cowboy movies aren't permitted to shoot everyone who makes them mad.
Angie Schmitt

Police disappeared people into vans last year. A kid arrived at cop riots with a fully armed white supremacist militia, murdered people with a gun, and became a GOP hero. There was a coup. GOP reps issue death threats. Media is platforming the debate: are colleges too "woke?"
A.R. Moxon @JuliusGoat

Way coooool. The insulin I’ve used for the last 20ish years is just all the sudden not covered by my insurance. Sending this tweet simply to reiterate how stupid our systems are.
Andy Holmaas

"We can't end fossil fuel extraction! We need oil!" Uh, we need a livable planet more, actually.
Resist Line 3

What if anything we built that big in “low density” neighbourhoods had at least 3-4 homes in it? #GentleDensity

Brent Toderian

It's true that if you define 'teaching critical race theory' as 'telling children that racism is bad,' lots of schools are doing it.
Michael Hobbes @RottenInDenmark

Kyle Rittenhouse claims he went to provide “medical support” that he was not qualified to give, while holding a gun that he was not legally allowed to carry, in a state where he did not live. It doesn’t add up.
Kaivan Shroff

Are active shooters allowed to claim self-defense when people chase them down? I’m confused how this works.
Bree Newsome Bass

Man. It’s strange that when it’s kids of color getting murdered people fall all over themselves to tell you they’re not children and when it’s a white guy pulling the trigger all of a sudden he’s basically a toddler. Strange how that works.
Jared Yates Sexton

When Congress last updated merger law, in 1976, it expected  150 mergers/year. Today, the agencies face 150 deals every 2 weeks. This is because judges have so warped the law that companies know they can get away with harmful deals. We need reform.
Stacy Mitchell

owls walking always look like they're headed straight to the headmaster to report you for insubordination


I wonder if the systematic demonization of Carter and deification of Reagan in US public life has anything to do with the presence of a giant, relentless right-wing propaganda machine in this country.
David Roberts @drvolts

It's funny how "save the children" always distills down to "keep them ignorant by setting books on fire."
PZ Myers

People say public transit is dangerous but 80 shootings on the Alameda County freeways last year alone? On public transit that numbers no more than 1 or 2 instances.
Darrell Owens @IDoTheThinking

Americans have about a 1/100 chance of being killed in a car wreck over their lives. And they have a 1/3 chance of being seriously injured.
Angie Schmitt

Why is every single Democrat forced to answer for the most cartoonish caricature of a slogan that only a few activists ever used, while Republicans are not forced to answer for actual elected officials publicizing violent fantasies about killing their colleagues?
David Roberts @drvolts

A lot of the language we use around traffic safety desensitizes the issue to a harmful degree. Streetsblog used to use the term carnage. Really much more accurate than any of the official jargon. Would truck underride guards be a more salient issue if they were called anti-decapitation guards or something, IDK. I suspect they would. We have not done a good job communicating the effects of traffic crashes and various speeds on our bodies and organs. People don't understand the risks they are exposed to very well.
Angie Schmitt

It's funny to me that "heterodox" thinkers largely just say the same thing, over and over, which is that open racism makes the world better. It's staggeringly dull, and sophistic, and the money in the grift is only proof that it comforts the wealthy.
Talia Bracha Lavin @chick_in_kiev

Anecdotal, but here in VA it seems rather simple: mid-road Reps were excited to actively support someone other than Trump that allowed them to feel proud to be Republican, while Democrats are still so exhausted from 2016-2020 and want time off from politics that they didn’t mobilize.
Jake Tuber @heycoachpotato

Human beings are capable of both enormous good and also of causing enormous harm and brutality. The primary factor that we have control over is creating environments and systems of connection, relationship, health, and community instead of pain, trauma, and isolation.
Alec Karakatsanis @equalityAlec

The manufacture of one SUV EV and the building of one underground parking space to park it produce more greenhouse gasses than making 250 electric bicycles. Low-car cities are low-carbon cities.
Alex Steffen (citing

It seems like one of the fundamental climate divides in the world is
1) People who want to figure out how we can keep the world as is, but still meet whatever targets
2) People who recognize that we need to fundamentally change the order of things in order to survive.
Thelma Young-Lutunatabua

The existence of the Wife of Bath implies the existence of the Wife of Bed and the Wife of Beyond

St. Paul cast 59,103 votes last Tuesday. 8% of that is what you need signature wise to put something on the ballot. So what can we get for 4729 signatures? Weed decriminalization seems easy. A public bank seems dangerous and fun. They’d probably drop more than $4 million to stop that. Boy those garbage dimwits taught me a very dangerous trick.
Tom Basgen

Pride and shame are 2 sides of the same coin. If you only accept one as a valid emotion, you lack the humility to learn and grow. People learn from both success and failure.

Martin Bloch, The Mississippi at Minneapolis, 1948:


Why is it that in a country with 50 unique states and a diverse population, the only definition of “Ordinary American” is a conservative white man living in the rural Midwest?

I have never seen a single anti-woke column even attempt to delineate what "the American left" actually means. Under what definition is Terry McAuliffe responsible for  Robin DiAngelo and a random powerpoint but Glenn Youngkin isn't responsible for Tucker Carlson and Jan. 6?
Michael Hobbes @RottenInDenmark

Something I think many have difficulty recognizing is how race is a class system. People assume racism is discrimination against “other races” as if “race” is a biological reality. So we therefore resolve it by allowing “all races” to exist in harmony. But race is a class construct.
Bree Newsome Bass

What's the most American thing you can think of? I'll start. Spending $75,000 on a pickup truck, then complaining about the price of gasoline.
Lou Savastani

We are living through a reactionary panic among white elites. They have convinced themselves that all this racial inequality talk has gone too far and must be squelched. They’re hiding it (barely) behind a new vocabulary of “wokeness” and claims of political pragmatism.
Will Stancil

Regardless of what it's fueled by, it emits wind noise, brake dust, and tire particles, and it makes city streets hazardous. Why do car ads not show other cars, city streets, and kids on bikes at 5mph, or the Porsche illegally parked on the sidewalk, or stuck in honking traffic?
Fietser Pete (Peter Som de Cerff)

What kills me is how conservatives keep making non-controversial things into hyper-partisan hills to die on, so the rest of us are supposed to pretend they're divisive issues with two sides. Like, sorry I didn't realize you'd demonized common sense in a particular area. Again.
Harm Wiggins

I cannot emphasize enough how ridiculous and ahistorical it is to say “the country’s never been this divided!” about a place that has never fully resolved a civil war.
Bree Newsome Bass

It’s actually simple: If you can feel pride in things you didn’t personally take part in, then you can feel shame in things you didn’t personally take part in. Some of you are motivated to make this hard, but it’s only hard bc you want the glory of our history but not the burden.
Ida Bae Wells @nhannahjones

Another great shot for the “road safety is a shared responsibility!” files. People walking have basically zero control over their own safety and are completely reliant on drivers not to kill them. Camera @CarHelmets:

Martyn Schmoll

I use the term “white society” because whiteness is not an ethnicity, but a sociopolitical structure. Whiteness is a marker of elitism because it’s defined by what it is not. One can only be “white” if they don’t have any other nonwhite identity in their lineage. White society is organized around exclusion & domination of all nonwhite people. The existence of whiteness itself is violence—not the existence of pale skin or European ancestry, but the artificial, legally enforced construct of whiteness that is defined by racial exclusion. White society constantly operates to exclude & subjugate nonwhite ppl from white-dominated spaces whether it’s the halls of gov’t or classroom curriculum. The constant threat of physical violence against nonwhite people with the backing of state power undergirds the whole system.
Bree Newsome Bass

It has to be said. All that we are fighting over — paid parental leave, Medicare expansion, child tax credits, addressing climate change, elder care subsidies — doesn’t even add up to the tax break of $1.9 trillion that Trump and the GOP gave the wealthy when they held power.
George Takei

My phone can’t find my Bluetooth headphones half the time, but robot cars are going to find my beacon without fail?
Matt Holland @Mr_Wind_Up_Bird

Drivers would literally rather microchip every human on Earth than learn to pay attention. Simply dystopian.
David Webb

This is striking: the emissions of the richest 1% are 30x higher than what is compatible with staying under 1.5 degrees. And national climate policies do basically nothing to change this.
Jason Hickel

The saddest part of free market ideology is that if you know your job is beneficial to society, the capitalist will use this against you and pay you less, because they know people want to do jobs that help society.
Existential Comics

Every time I read a tech bro's description of their plans for a utopian future, it makes me want to fill my pockets with rocks and walk into the ocean.

A problem with modern apartments is things like sound-proofing from thin walls. What's in the building code isn't tested enough. This hampers the livability of multifamily housing. That and multiple bedrooms is a much better use of regulations than density limits and aesthetics.
Darrell Owens @IDoTheThinking

Racist white Americans have always viewed themselves as the real victims - beset by uppity blacks and woke whites. This was even true during Reconstruction, as whites were engaging in a national wave of racial terrorism against blacks. The sense of victimhood is not drawn from evidence, it's a fixed and fundamental part of the reactionary psyche and worldview. All the RW attacks on the so-called "victim culture" of the left are about resentment at victim status being taken away.
David Roberts @drvolts

Drivers are more likely to slow down to navigate between trash bins in the street than if there are children playing nearby, so we've taught our children to pull the trash bins to the street when they're playing out front.

eBike Gillian

If you refuse to teach white kids about race, you are teaching them racism
Rev. Dr. Jacqui Lewis

Which reminds me: Instead of asking kids who their heroes are, how about inviting them to reflect on Bertolt Brecht’s comment: “Unhappy is the land that needs a hero.”
Alfie Kohn

The biggest testament to how seriously the culture of the automobile has warped our minds is the sheer number of grown-ups who very seriously believe that the best way to deal with the climate emergency is to manufacture, with haste, two billion new ones.
Finn @nofunfinn

This is just to say...

I have dropped
the ball
on that thing
you asked about

and which
you were probably
I would do

Forgive me
It's 2021
so just
fuck everything.
Dr Sarah Shulist

Biden has now done two big things Trump wanted to, passed a bipartisan infrastructure bill and gotten out of Afghanistan. I don't think a lot of people will spin it that way though.
Dan Friedman

In 1966 the national Society of Professional Journalists — which had started in 1909 as black-robed university fraternity, complete with oaths and rituals — voted against allowing women to join. Overturned by a show of hands at 1969 Convention, and a woman joined 5 minutes later.
Frederick Melo, Reporter

The desire for so many Americans to be free of collective shame, collective atonement and collective responsibility for the shameful legacy of centuries of slavery, racism, apartheid and terroristic violence visited upon fellow citizens is the sign of an immature and selfish culture.
Ida Bae Wells @nhannahjones

Please stop comparing my people's civil rights movement to your need to spread a contagious disease. One was for human rights. The other is antihumanity.
Bougie Black Girl

just thinking about how Rod Stewart sings the whole song "Maggie May" to a person who just woke up
Sandra Newman

When we had the labor movement and people's wages for working class jobs shot up and their work weeks got shorter and they made it to secure middle class, did the media constantly run stories with businesses complaining about worker's entitlement?

My partner spotted this in the walk to nursery #glasgow #cop26

Libby Brooks

One of the common tactics employed by those who want to preserve the racist status quo is to pretend that current racial disparities are simply the vestiges of past injustice. This is all to avoid the truth — that inequality is result of current policies and the refusal to change. For example, no one is responsible for the dismantling of the Voting Rights Act except the people who are currently in power. That has nothing to do with what happened decades ago and everything to do with what has happened in the past 10 years. We have to believe the myth that race is biologically real as opposed to the reality that it is a power construct based on physical appearance, ancestry, language and religion. Whiteness has no functional meaning in a society without skin color hierarchy.
Bree Newsome Bass

Honestly I've become jaded about the whole UC Santa Barbara dorm window thing. The real lesson here is what happens when your state gets taken over by an anti-tax mob and can't fund its public universities so it relies on billionaire's endowments instead.
Darrell Owens @IDoTheThinking

Summary of the current backlash: “Stop calling racism racist. Not all racism is racist. You guys think everyone who practices racism, benefits from it or ignore it is racist. It’s getting old. And, racists are getting tired of being called racist. That’s why you lose elections.”
Charles M. Blow

It is kind of annoying that when the left lose it's because we're bad, and when the centre lose it's because the left are bad, and when the right do bad stuff it turns out to be because we the left made them overreact. Being politics' main character is a heavy burden.
Liam Bright @lastpositivist

Timeline cleanser:

Nate Moll

Establishment conservative media launders far-right ideas into the mainstream. Establishment liberal media debates or discredits far-left ideas.
Michael Hobbes @RottenInDenmark

Will the press PLEASE stop referring to the Care economy infrastructure as "social spending." It is a sexist pejorative to consider the most male dominated industry of construction as "infrastructure" but the most female as "social spending." Just STOP and THINK.
William E. Spriggs

Black jurors in the Ahmaud Arbery case could be struck if they answered — truthfully — that they believed the Confederate flag was a racist symbol. Unbelievable the question was even allowed to be asked. Unbelievable that this was considered a “race-neutral” reason to strike.
Scott Hechinger

Jury selection in the Ahmaud Arbery case involved questioning on experience with racism and “…whether they found an old Georgia flag — featuring the Confederate battle emblem — to be a “racist” symbol.” Surprise - only one black juror remains.

Liberals can’t support expanded government services and then ignore people when they complain about them not living up to their promise. (Like what we did with public school last year) What are we doing here?
Angie Schmitt

It’s completely insane that cyclists can say something as simple as “I don’t want to die on my way to work” and drivers’ immediate instinct is to list every single time they ever saw a bike run a stop sign

Just so we’re all clear, critical race theory isn’t taught in elementary school but active shooter drills are.
The Volatile Mermaid @OhNoSheTwitnt

High vis works a lot. Anything with high vis can't be bit:

Divik Wolf

I believe our American kids are strong enough and smart enough to learn the best history we can teach them. That includes the centrality of anti-black racism and indigenous genocide in the formation of this country and the lasting consequences of the same.
David M. Perry @Lollardfish

The vast majority of people in Minneapolis won’t be honest that the difference between 50 homicides and 85 per year is not actually discernible to them and their lived experience, what is discernible is the local news sponsored panic they pay attention to.
D.A. Bullock @BullyCreative

If "having one fewer child" were such a carbon savings, why do the 3 billion people in the bottom 50% income bracket emit only 7% of carbon? People in the global north emit way more carbon but also have fewer kids. Children are not the problem. Consumption is the problem.
Dr. Genevieve Guenther @DoctorVive

Seems to me if you *really* had contempt for non-college-educated white people, what you'd do is lie to them all the time in order to make them unwitting footsoldiers for your oligarchic economic policies.
David Roberts @drvolts

Bottom line: you can get $12,500 for using carbon (yes, less than an ICE car but still *lots* more than zero), but $0.00 for not using a car in the first place. That's not an environmental incentive, it's a sell-more-cars incentive.
Travis R. Eby @travis_robert

"The cyclist came out of nowhere." –Driver of a soundproof 5,000-pound SUV with moose-sized blind spots seconds after lowering his iPhone to his right knee.
Peter Flax

Republicans have found a new way of subverting the law, via a principle – "sheriffs have total authority, unrestrained by state or federal law!" – that will vanish like a puff of smoke the first time a liberal sheriff tries to use it.
David Roberts @drvolts

Democrats consistently lose control of political narratives that the GOP twist to their advantage. The media happily carries that water. They better deal with that pretty soon here.
roxane gay

57% of white women in Virginia voted for a Republican *the day after* Republicans spent an entire day in court trying to overturn Roe v. Wade, and *actual professionals* in charge of Democratic messaging are going to blame it on Beloved.
Elie Mystal

“Education” is the new “economic anxiety.” (It’s race. It’s always race.)
Renée Graham

Turns out lies and fearmongering work on liberals too. Helps that the Star Tribune reported on the lies like they were questions or disputed facts
Adam Miller @ajm6792

It’s so weird when voters are like, “Democrats can’t clean up the horrific mess Republicans made fast enough so we should elect more Republicans.”
Mikel Jollett

When will folks understand the single unifier on the right/center is white grievance
Jessica Mason Pieklo @Hegemommy

We've outlawed building somewheres and are stuck with nowheres.

Politics & Education

White supremacy is indefatigable. That truth is both personal and political this week. Long way of saying I’m tired.
Brittney Cooper @ProfessorCrunk

I've never seen the media interview a black parent about how race is being taught to their children.

Most journalists have been so conditioned by three decades of climate crisis being 'about individual behaviour' that they feel compelled to tweet about vegetarian sandwiches at a summit which can decide when to end global oil extraction.
Tom Peters @tbtpeters

Neo-Nazi Matthew Heimbach, in court today for his role in organizing Unite the Right in #Charlottesville, citing Republican backed legislation today, that makes it legal for car drivers to run over protesters blocking roads in various states.
It's Going Down

Glenn Youngkin doesn't want parents to control their kids education- he wants REPUBLICAN parents to control your kid's education.
Rachel Bitecofer

In all of the political analysis, there is a truth that must be understood. Republicans win by weaponizing racism, and Democrats lose by trying to ignore it.
Charles Booker

If you just replace the words "Critical Race Theory" with something like "Reducing White Supremacy," folks' opposition to it and refusal to get into specifics on camera makes a lot more sense.
Franklin Leonard

This guy says Critical Race Theory is the most important issue in the Virginia Election. He also says he has no idea what Critical Race Theory is.
The Good Liars

They talk tough. But in reality, they seem to be afraid of everything. Books. Votes. Trans-athletes. Masks. Women making their own health care decisions. The truth. The other. Yes, it’s mean. And power hungry. And nihilistic.  But it’s weak and fearful at its core.
David Plouffe

"One analysis of 61,998 stock trades made from 2004 to 2010, for instance, showed that politicians outperformed the market by 20 percent, with the portfolios of high-ranking Republicans beating the market by a whopping 35 percent.”
Yoni Appelbaum

More than 730 municipalities get at least 10% of their revenue from fines and fees, a New York Times investigation found. Most are in the South and Midwest. In many cases, officers' salaries — and sometimes, the size of the police force — depend on ticket revenue:

The New York Times

I often think about how preposterous the idea of gas stations is. Somebody was like, we’re gonna put these underground tanks of flammable liquid on every corner and have trucks make weekly deliveries to fill ‘em. They’ll leave a legacy of pollution all over. Response: OK!
Mary Landers

Increasing productivity over the past 50 yrs only improved the lives of capitalists. For the rest, it eroded the demand for labor, resulting in stagnating wages and mounting debt. The genius part was capitalists convincing labor that immigrants and minorities were the problem.
Jeff George @webdevjeffus

Technological advances should have reduced work. Instead we have most households with both adults working 40+hr/wk just to get by, maybe with a nice vacation once a year. Who benefits? Those who were already rich. It's well past time to revolt against this economic system.

seriously — either some people high up in the FBI prevented the information on the January 6th attack from getting to Wray — and they need to be fired and jailed - or the info got to Wray, and he needs to be fired and jailed
Dean Baker

A crinkle crankle wall is an unusual type of garden wall built in a serpentine shape typically found in the UK. It economizes on bricks because it can be made just one brick thin. If a wall this thin was made in a straight line, it would easily topple over:

Massimo @Rainmaker1973

I still think about how people used to tell me that Fox and Rush Limbaugh were too "easy" of targets for me. There's a direct line from Limbaugh in the 90s to Republicans storming the capitol and trying to overthrow the election. Sometimes you need to pay attention to things even if they seem obvious.
Tom Tomorrow

Would you have imagined that after the murder of George Floyd and a historic uprising, a large segment of this city would be voting to keep it all the same? Same leadership? Same system of police accountability?
D.A. Bullock @BullyCreative

After threats that 10,000 NYPD officers could quit the force over the NYC vaccine mandate, the actual number going on unpaid leave today was 34.
Tristan Snell

If Trump can declare a national emergency for a wall, Biden can do so for climate change. I didn’t write the rules.
Resist Line 3

Bus lanes are emergency vehicle express lanes!
Sandy Johnston @sandypsj

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