Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Off the Rails

Long day, and the world is overwhelming. I guess there's some good news on the infrastructure bill (maybe, we'll see if they manage to pass it) in the Senate, but they still haven't gotten rid of the filibuster so we can have a democracy.

But the thing I want to call attention to is this:

The nation’s top military leaders discussed a plan to resign one by one rather than carry out dangerous orders in the event of an attempted coup by then-President Donald Trump and his allies after the November election, a new book reveals.
CNN Politics

I'm sorry, the military was contingency planning for a coup and we're finding it out as a book teaser so that our coziest political journalists can make a little more cash on the side?
Will Stancil

For some reason, that pair of ugly absurdities makes me want to share this bit from Doug Muder at The Weekly Sift, who this week resurrected a Wired cover (and cover story) from 25 years ago. "When you predict the future," he wrote, "sometimes you get things just a little bit wrong. Like Wired, 24 years ago:"

We are watching the beginnings of a global economic boom on a scale never experienced before. We have entered a period of sustained growth that could eventually double the world’s economy every dozen years and bring increasing prosperity for—quite literally—billions of people on the planet. We are riding the early waves of a 25-year run of a greatly expanding economy that will do much to solve seemingly intractable problems like poverty and to ease tensions throughout the world. And we’ll do it without blowing the lid off the environment.

Yeah, no, Wired. Short of nuclear war, it turns out that was all about as wrong as it could be, plus more.

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