Thursday, April 8, 2021

A Gooey Sign of the End Times

Before Mafia Mulligan made everything 1000% worse, I used to have recurring moments when I would see something — usually a product — and think, somewhat tongue-in-cheek, That is a sign of the end times. 

I just realized today that I haven't had one of those thoughts for a while, and that it was probably because of the horrors of the past four to five years.

Today I saw a video for a product that made me cringe and laugh at the same time, thinking exactly the way I used to: This is a ridiculous thing, but also useful in this absurdly unsustainable world we have created, and therefore symbolic of how our way of life deserves to end.

Ready? Here it is: a reusable dust-cleaning gel you can use to touch up all those hard-to-deal-with spots in your car. (You really should check out the video on that page.)

Even more special: this product comes in green, yellow, or blue!

The writing on the page is not quite of the sort that would be done by a native English-speaker. A few examples:

Try to find some tools to improve the efficiency of cleaning these places? Want to make the cleaning a little bit fun? Our Dust Cleaning Gel is here for all your need!!!

Sticking the dust and dirt thoroughly by pressing it onto the surfaces that you would like to clean.

Simply put the gal on the surface that you want to clean

If it do flow into some small cracks because of time, please be patient and stick them out with the remaining large part of the gel.

After receiving the item. We recommend keeping the refrigerator cooler before use.

But that adds to the fun, I guess.

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