Monday, September 3, 2018

When Infrastructure Fails

Since I'm from St. Paul-Minneapolis, I know what it looks like when infrastructure fails (hello, 35W bridge collapse).

Yesterday's fire at Brazil's National Museum shows multiple infrastructure failures. The buildings themselves had fallen into disrepair, according to the Guardian, and the fire hydrant system also at least partially failed.

This is the effect of the ideology shared by our current U.S. leaders: they pretend that less government is good government, but less is not more or better. They actively undermine the very idea of government by appointing people who are incompetent and/or want to destroy the very agencies they run.

And what that gets you, at some point, is bridges that fall, buildings that catch fire, and hydrants with no water. As John Oliver says, infrastructure is not sexy, but it's a key role of government in a civil society.

I want a government that keeps it UP, not down.

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