Monday, August 13, 2018

More on the Greensboro Massacre

A week or so ago, I posted this photo:

This plaque marks a less well-known and more recent historic moment in Greensboro, which seemed anomalous to me back when it happened almost 40 years ago. Wasn't the Klan dead, I thought then: but today it seems a bit too current.
Today I learned from @bell_shakur on Twitter that the Greensboro Massacre was partly planned by a an FBI informant, and some of the weapons were supplied by an undercover ATF agent:
one prominent example of the FBI utilizing not only the KKK but also local police at the same time came in the form of the Greensboro Massacre, when several Communist Workers Party members were killed while protesting the American Nazi Party/KKK. the FBI and Greensboro police anticipated violence would occur, however they permitted it to occur in the first place. a paid informant for the police, Edward Dawson, who was previously an FBI agent and helped startup a KKK organization, assisted in the planning of this massacre.
She included this image, which comes from

I would note that shootouts like this are what happens when both sides of an argument (or existential disagreement) are armed. If only one side is armed... same thing.

After posting, I read the Wikipedia page on the massacre. From that I learned many of the dead CWP members were doctors and nurses who worked on brown lung issues among textile workers.

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