Saturday, April 21, 2018

Saturday Miscellanea

A few photos from recent weeks.

Parallel to the current penchant for peek-a-boo book covers, there also seems to be a lot of interest in strings or trails coming off of letters.

An odd juxtaposition at the doctor's office.

Check out the token in the center of the pennies: it says Minneapolis St. Paul and features a light rail train. Our light rail trains have never used tokens, and that's not a street car, I think, which did use tokens. So a bit of a mystery.

I've been meaning to take a photo of this South Minneapolis business for years because I find the name funny. I'm sure they're tired of hearing it, but Parents Auto Care?

This magazine is produced by the St. Paul Pioneer Press as an advertising vehicle (pun intended) for higher income readers. It's usually full of crassness, but this cover really topped it. The featured house has a showroom for the owners' car collection, adjacent to the patio and pool area. The spot where the red and blue cars are parked used to be an indoor pool, replaced with this use in a remodeling project.

This is a screen snapshot from the recent double episode of Full Front with Samantha Bee that covered the Puerto Rico situation in more depth than anything else I've seen. I feel as though I can approve of this shirt because I, too, am American, so it's partly self-criticism.

I recently went on a tour of the greenhouses and labs at the University of Minnesota's department of horticulture and I want to do a return visit, if only to take photos of all the hand-made and personal-computer-generated signs. They were a hilarious glimpse of the way people try to communicate with unknown others in often passive-aggressive ways. This was one I did manage to capture. (I must point out that there is no receptacle under the COMPOST sign.)

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