Saturday, March 31, 2018

Twitter in March, About a March

March was in like a lion and out like a snowy lion. We had three inches this morning, and it’s not going to be above 40° until April 15, or so they say. Whew.

March was also the month of the March for Our Lives, so there were a lot of tweets about that, or about the Parkland shooting and gun restrictions:

US gun culture, astronomically high rates of gun deaths and gun violence, and police shooting unarmed citizens are all part of the same problem.
Chris Hayes

the bill of rights is basically a list of things that the british government did in the colonies in the 1760s and '70s that the colonists (or the colonial political elites anyway) saw as illegitimate. [the british tried to disarm the colonists because they] thought it was more important to protect their own authority than to allow individual colonist communities to protect themselves from slave revolts and indian raids. (perhaps they assumed things would go back to normal once politics had calmed down.) that's what the second amendment is about. it says it right there in the first clause, "a well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state..." i don't think all the 2nd amendment folks are ignorant of this. a lot of them see your right to defend your suburban house from intruders as morally equivalent to defending your small frontier town from hostile native americans
Josh Fruhlinger

The NRA tells people they need AR-15s to protect themselves from a militarized tyrannical government WHILE they're advocating for the government to be more militarized and tyrannical.
Samuel Sinyangwe

White folks, where have we been all this time?


Columbus Marcher. Favorite Sign:


[Plus two other signs I saw shared on Facebook]:

As we feel the high of today, remember this important nuance as we pursue gun control: Gun control must not lead to the additional disproportionate jailing of black and brown people. Put proposed legislation through racial justice tests before you advocate.
Brittany Packnett

weird how you never see these people who describe themselves as pro-life holding giant photos of bloody kids while yelling at people going into *gun shops*
Saladin Ahmed

The man who said he’d run towards gunfire to save kids, ran from kids who have faced gunfire.
The Hoarse Whisperer

I’m from the South, most of the Black ppl I know own at least 1 gun. None are members of the NRA. Why fund another racist org when we already fund the police?

Was doing alright until I saw a sign that said “I miss my friends more than you’ll miss your guns.” #MarchForOurLives
Jessica Valenti

Say NO to police, metal detectors, zero tolerance disciplinary policies, standardized curriculum and testing in schools. Say YES to whole child, democratic education, restorative justice, social workers, counselors, librarians, and play. #MarchForOurLives
Nikhil Goyal

Let’s not forget, gun manufacturers and sellers must be tightly regulated in addition to purchasers. And police officers must be held accountable for gun violence, not just civilians.
Imani Perry

Police officers accurately shoot moving targets about 18% of the time. The idea that we’re going to turn volunteer teachers into sharpshooters is absurd. The answer is disarming dangerous people - not arming teachers.
Shannon Watts

Concealed carry and stand-your-ground laws lead to more violence, not less.
Science News

Defending American’s basic right to be alive by restricting weapons made not to protect but to massacre is not a partisan issue no matter what they try and tell you. The cowardly politicians accepting blood money and their buddies giving it to them are running out of steam.
Cameron Kasky

“Teenagers shouldn’t be involved in politics!” ...and religion shouldn’t be involved in the government and men shouldn’t be involved in women’s healthcare, but here we are.

We do not need a well-regulated militia (or any militia) to have a free society. We need fewer guns.
Pacific Standard

When the NRA holds its annual convention — and 80,000 of its members are in a conference center instead of at home with their guns — the US gun-injury rate temporarily drops by 20%.

The “AR” in AR-15 actually stands for Ayn Rand, and the 15 is for the age you should realize her philosophy is poison.
Nate Patrin

Here's how arming teachers should work.
1. Float a program that proposes arming teachers.
2. Allow interested teachers to enroll in the program.
3. Fire every last one of those fucking teachers.

He calls his rivals and other leaders names like:
Crooked Hillary
Little Marco
Lyin’ Ted
Mr. Magoo
Low energy Jeb
But sure...we teenagers are the ones who are too “immature” to be involved in politics.

Granting gun rights to poor, landless indentured whites while denying gun rights to enslaved Africans was one of the first methods of establishing a racial caste system here. This dynamic is still present in the current gun debate
Bree Newsome
All of the tweets about Mulligan and the continuing dumpster fire he foments fit into one area this month:
Already the absurdity and fascism of the Trump Administration is becoming normalized. Over time, this will become the new normal, and all it takes for this machine to continue working is for apathy to become the default mode of existence.
Jared Yates Sexton

I misread this headline as "Trump sets fire to VA chief Shulkin." These days, it seemed possible:


"Execute drug dealers" is paradigmatic right-wing policy: steeped in toxic masculinity, morally brutish, driven entirely by culture war, and above all, utterly and completely useless as a solution to any problem.
David Roberts

The way Trump tweets about how investigators can't be trusted because they donated to Democrats, it's easy to forget he donated to Hillary Clinton in 2002, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2009. Melania, Ivanka and Don Jr. also made donations to Clinton.
Glenn Kessler

If this country’s laws weren’t skewed in favor of the wealthy Donald Trump wouldn’t be president. He’d be penniless.
Jared Yates Sexton

As horrendous as I knew Trump would be, what's truly remarkable is that he's somehow worse than I thought.
billy eichner

Remember the 4th Circuit voter suppression ruling that North Carolina targeted African Americans with surgical precision? Representing North Carolina in its appeal to the Supreme Court was not 1, not 2, but 3 future Trump judicial nominees: Thomas Farr (EDNC); Kyle Duncan (5th Cir) and Stephen Schwartz (Fed Claims). Unbelievable.
Leslie Proll

When Obama was in office in 2011, only 30 percent of white evangelicals told pollsters they would forgive a president's immoral behavior. Now, under Trump, it's 72 percent. And that, everyone, is what we call hypocrisy.

We’re watching some breathtaking unchecked criminal activity unfold daily while being intensively policed over minor crimes, or being made to feel like our existence is a crime. And the result is so much ambient powerlessness that turns, just like that, into free-floating rage.
Alexander Chee

Stats show that the top three money laundering enterprises are hotels, real estate and casinos. Thank god our President isn't affiliated with any.
Ed Krassenstein

If you really wanna drain the swamp, just leave Mueller in place indefinitely. He’s starting to pull on the strings that could unravel the whole thing. He’s looking at oil money, real estate, big investment funds and political contributions? Hoo boy.
Ryan Grim

The story of the Trump administration is that the sleaziest people in the world ran for president to raise their profile and make money, and did a ton of illegal shit along the way because, like almost everyone, they thought he would lose and it wouldn’t matter. That’s it.
Daniel Kibblesmith

Remember when Anthony Wiener's access to his wife's laptop was considered a "major security issue"? Well, 30 White House aides have had access to some of the nation's top classified information without a real security clearance and no one seems to care.
Ed Krassenstein

Imagine thinking to yourself, “Sure, my boss praised violent white supremacists as Very Fine People, but steel tarriffs — that’s the last goddamn straw.”
Spencer Ackerman

Every night is Watergate now. We don’t even have a vocabulary for the volume and magnitude of corruption. It’s like a Sherlock Holmes novel where the killer just murders people in front of Sherlock one after another, then he painstakingly examines the bodies for clues.
On the state of our politics, the media, and the sealed bubble of the Right:
What if liberals aren't smug, complacent, or sealed-off? What if we're self-aware and familiar with varieties of human experience? What if cities aren't bubbles? What if middle America is not an enigma to us but either where we came from or where our families live? Just asking.
Mark Harris

I'm old enough to remember when members of Congress wouldn't want to be associated with a group named America First...
Adam Miller

Fake news sites: Hit that share button and make sure Grandma reads our entire series about Obama creating chemtrails!
Real news sites: You have reached your limit of 3 stories for the month

I mean ... is there a more arid intellectual monocrop than right-wing media in the US today?
David Roberts

Centrist Democrats should be more like Jerry Brown and less like Andrew Cuomo.
Josh Barro

This system was designed to prevent moments of mass mobilization from producing change. Requiring 4 or 6 years of elections to flip entire legislatures. Limiting windows of opportunity to one 90-day period when your state legislature is in session or one election Tuesday.
Samuel Sinyangwe

In my opinion, "centrist" has lost all substantive policy content - there's no meaningful midway point between cosmopolitan democracy and white nationalism - and has become *entirely* a matter of tone and style. Or rather: the "center," insofar as it exists, is located *within* the Democratic Party. There's a center between the healthcare status quo and fully socialized healthcare. There's no center between socialized healthcare and Imaginary 1950s Suburbia. Or to put it another way: there's a center between contrasting policy proposals. There's no center between policy proposals and irritable mental gestures driven by tribalism and nostalgia. That's a category error - the two are not the same kind of thing, so there's no spectrum. It's like trying to find the "center" between a song and a turnip.
David Roberts

This situation requires two serious parties who put country over politics, but we wouldn’t be in this situation in the first place if we had that.
Jared Yates Sexton

Asymmetric polarization: Republican House members have surged to the right while Democrats have stayed essentially the same:

G. Elliott Morris
As usual, there was a lot of needed commentary on racism, white supremacy, and police violence:
White woman who knowingly voted for Trump twice gets probation and a $750 fine.
Black woman who didn't realize she was ineligible to vote gets 5 years in prison.
Mike Baker

"I'm not a racist, I just accept unpleasant truths others would prefer to suppress" is a thing racists say. It's a thing racists have been saying for centuries.
Angus Johnston

The idea that America’s racial inequalities are driven by genetic differences between the races and not by anything we did, or have to undo, is not “forbidden knowledge” — it's among the most ubiquitous and damaging perspectives in American history.
Ezra Klein

Dear white parents:
You know that terrifying active shooter conversation you have to have with your kids that makes you feel outraged at how unsafe our country has become?
Every black parent in America has to have that talk with their kids about COPS.
Mikel Jollett

"Good white people" are a problem because for "good white people" to exist, racism needs to exist. "Good white people" cannot exist without racism because their identity depends on racism.
Anaïs Duong-Pedica

"Overpopulation" is one of the most prominent thinly veiled racist (and Capitalist) myths that is accepted by both Conservatives and Liberals alike as some sort of obvious self affirming fact. It's a bunch of Westerners unable to accept that their over indulgence is destructive.

"By what standard of morality can the violence used by a slave to break his chains be considered the same as the violence of a slave master?" –Anti-imperialist scholar and activist Walter Rodney

'Merica = white person fearing for his/her life in ONE moment > black person fearing for his/her life all the time. All. The. Time.
Paul Thomas

This seems like a good time to remind everyone that the New York Times described Michael Brown, who notably never killed anyone or sent package bombs through the mail, as "no angel."
Eric Atcheson (in response to a New York Times story that said the Austin bombing suspect was a quiet, “nerdy” young man

Prediction: Empowering the police to stop and ticket people for “crossing the street while texting” will reveal the odd phenomenon that only people of color in certain neighborhoods cross the street while texting.
Scott Hechinger

Being racialized differently in different spaces (e.g. if you're a coloured person in South Africa, and then people in the United States think you're black) doesn't mean race is fluid: it means that race and racialization have no singular logic or set of criteria.

Dear White People,
Racism is just fascism that hasn't caught up to you yet.

We are not allowed to call white people white. To call white people white is now considered racist by some white people and their junior partners. The absurdity is beyond words. Nonetheless we can not let that silly idea have a life. Refuse it.

The only way you can say Democrats don't win the working class is if you think Black people don't count.
Marcus H. Johnson

I think one issue is we whites imagine the end game of anti-racism as harmonious relationships rather than equal power to shape society.
Dan Hauge

Fellow white dudes. If your agent tells you “They passed on you because they were looking for diversity,” the truth is you didn’t lose out to a woman or minority. You lost out to the other three to five white dudes they already hired.

Punishing victims of racism for having a normal human reaction to abuse is one of the most effective strategies in maintaining white supremacy—and the myth that “all sides” are responsible
Jamilah Lemieux

i always think about something [the Washington Post’s] Wesley Lowery said in an interview with Audie Cornish on NPR last year. "That's the social contract we ventured into: The police are allowed to kill you. If they get scared, they're allowed to kill you."
Gene “GD” Demby

A sharper question might be: "In a society like ours featuring two and a half centuries of institutionalized racism, how can algorithms be anything other than racist?
Langdon Winner

White South Africans make up 8% of the population. Yet they own 72% of the farm land. Let that sink in.
The Grapevine

From CPAC, finally an answer to the perennial puzzle: What are "conservatives" conserving?  Turns out that it's White Supremacy.
Langdon Winner

Folks want to talk about ending racism without addressing how white identity is built upon it. Not possible.
Bree Newsome

myth: racism declines with time
reality: racism adapts to prevailing norms
Khaled Beydoun
And some on sexism, misogyny, toxic masculinity:
We fuck up our boys beyond all help and then we feed our girls into the void of their rage like seedlings into a wood chipper.
Erin Kissane

"Alpha Male" the early version of a male, before testing and bug fixes. Unstable and not suitable for the public.
Luna-Fae Eclipse

how many men's rights activists does it take to change a lightbulb?
none, they still use gaslighting

Women with the same grades as men are 2 times less likely to get job interest. High achievement actually hurts them.
Bryce Covert (reporting new research)

“There is a huge amount of money to be made in taking women seriously.” –@cindygallop

This is the actual headline of *every* David Brooks column:

Dennis DiClaudio

Watching the current president and former vice president threaten to beat each other up is a powerful reminder that women can’t be president because they’re too emotional.

I spend St. Patrick’s Day remembering that Sinead O’Connor was right about child abuse and we didn’t believe her because she was a woman who was angry.
Louis Virtel

Lady behind me told me I dropped my coat. Man behind me said he’d wanted to say something but was afraid—“You know, sexual harassment.” I almost said, “Yeah, if you can’t tell the difference between telling someone their coat dropped and harassment, best if you don’t say anything.”
Celeste Ng

[Feminism] is not about substituting women for men: it's about a transformation of the very notion of leadership. –Angela Davis
ACLU of Oregon

Pre-teen boys are capable of just as astonishing radical empathy as pre-teen girls. This culture just punishes them for expressing it, and starts that noise long before adolescence.
Catherynne Valente

Faith Ringgold’s Freedom Woman Now (Political Posters) from 1971. In honor of International Women’s Day:

Cory Doctorow

Behind every successful woman is a man walking a little too close and making the woman grip her keys in her purse.
Dana Schwartz

Think about this when the Oscars' men's and women's awards suggest parity of any sort.  I've seen  these numbers, about how speech is apportioned in films, but this chart is really striking:

Soraya Chemaly

Are you man enough for gender equality?

I’ll never forget “good” Christians shouting, “You’re a WHORE,” in my face while I walked into Planned Parenthood in 2000, needing emergency contraception and STI testing after I was raped at a fraternity party.
Kim Cavill
Immigration got just a few:
Hello white people,
Quick reminder that most of your families "went about immigration the legal way" because literally all they had to do, at most, was show up and write their name down.
Maybe we should go back to that standard if you want everyone to adhere to your process.

It’s wild to see people frame abolishing ICE as a radical idea when ICE didn’t even exist before 2003. This is why it’s so dangerous to create more policing agencies/give more people policing powers. Otherwise, in 15 years people will think it’s radical to disarm the teachers.
Samuel Sinyangwe

Centuries of colonialism: 'Get over it, it was character-building.’ A few decades of immigration: 'You're ruining our culture and destroying our societies!'
Sustainable cities, safe streets, and climate change are still combined:
The things St Paul loves most, like driving and single family homes, strangely can't support the things that St Paul loves most.

I wish I knew this street artist's name. I'd hire him to do this mural in front of the EPA, at every entrance, so you could see it from every window. I want Pruitt to know the results if his misguided environment actions. Extinction is forever:

Daniel Schneider

Fossil fuel infrastructure costs society and individuals eight times what a 100% wind/water/solar infrastructure costs for the same reliable energy supply. 100% WWS uses 1/2 the energy and 1/4th the social cost per kWh (same direct cost/kWh) = 1/8th total cost.
Mark Z. Jacobson

What we really need is a shift to a renewable-energy-based, non-extractive circular economy with human and ecosystem well-being as key priorities. Plastic pollution is just tip of iceberg.
Andy Goldring

Not to sound like an old fart, but in the America I grew up in, children played in the street. Even in big cities. The streets belonged to everyone. We've lost our way.
Peter Flax

Italy's law requiring cyclists to wear high-visibility clothing had no impact on bike crashes, a new study finds.

CDC estimates that 2/3 of crash deaths in US are preventable, with better safety enforcement, stricter laws, and lower speed limits. Every death is a tragedy - it's really strange that we're complacent about some more than others.
Shayna Rose

Unfriendly reminder:

Lauren Duca

"Bicycles are the indicator species of a healthy community, like shellfish in a bay." —P. Martin Scott (by that standard, Copenhagen is a very healthy community.)
Taras Grescoe

If the time, talent, and treasure that is going into autonomous vehicles instead went into reducing our dependence on cars for every trip, we could dramatically transform our society for the better.
Jason Segedy

It continues to astound me how pervasive the Immaculate Conception Theory of Neighborhood Origins is. People create convenient narratives rather than learning history.
Sandy Johnston

The neighborhood you love was almost certainly built by greedy developers trying to make a quick buck, and there’s a good chance that people back then thought it was out of character with their neighborhoods, that it was monotonous, and that it was destroying the city they loved.
Christof Spieler

To cherish what remains of the Earth and to foster its renewal is our only legitimate hope of survival.
Wendell Berry @WendellDaily

"I think we are too far into the hole for new housing supply to stabilize rents any time soon, and in the interim, we will hurt people with new projects even as we try to help with new units." I think it's analogous to climate change. One side's like "reducing our carbon emissions is a necessary step to solving this problem," and the other side is like "we can't do anything that will make us lose blue-collar jobs." Meanwhile the world burns.
Scott Shaffer

Estimates of yearly public subsidy to cars in US (freeway building, parking, pollution mitigation, etc.) run from $622B to $2.7 *trillion* a year. Now imagine active transport, transit, and train system even a fraction of that money would buy:

Taras Grescoe

if your only tool is a car, everything looks like a parking lot.
William Lindeke

"A lot of people’s vision of the year 2050 is suburbs exactly as they are now, but everyone has this weird gadget attached to your chimney that captures all of the carbon from your house.” –Eric Holthaus on climate change and imagination.
Rob Hopkins

The needed shift isn't spending more sidewalk money in poor neighborhoods; it's spending more transportation money on sidewalks.
Strong Towns

It'll be a good day when we can all admit that America suffers from a dangerous extremist car culture that flies into a fury at every attempt to slow drivers, limit crashes and lower environmental impact. Not all drivers — just as not all gun owners support the NRA — but too many.
Alex Steffen

NIMBYism, progressive or otherwise, is a form of entrenched colonialism for me. The first few waves of settlers arrive, take the land for minimal cost, then restrict housing for their own class, interests, and wealth.

Carbon footprint of wind energy? Between .02 and .04 pounds of CO2 equivalent per kilowatt-hour of electricity produced. Less than 3% the emissions of coal-generated electricity; 7% of the emissions from natural gas-generated electricity.

Cars or biosphere. Choose one.
Free Public Transit

To get the speed of the emissions cuts we need, we're going to need to build the new on an unprecedented scale, in ways that intentionally alter the fundamental workings of older systems, foreclose high emissions choices and alter the economics of pollution everywhere. As young people become more and more powerful in the climate movement, fault lines are going to open. The cracks are visible now. Older leaders are just in the habit of ignoring them.
Alex Steffen

Why is it so hard to fight car dominance? Is it because the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, 17th, 19th, 21st and 23rd largest companies in the world either build cars or supply petroleum?
Queen Anne Greenways

Yes, you already knew that washing in cold water was better... but did you know it was *this* much better? @PlanetVision is full of all kinds of helpful tips. Check it out:

Stephanie Stone

Imagine the change in your daily routine - and quality of life - if, instead of getting in your car every morning, you tied on your shoes and walked to work. When we get density right, this becomes a real choice.
jennifer keesmaat

just paid $3 more for a vegetarian burger than i would have paid for a meat burger. markets do not function. markets are destroying our planet. markets will probably kill us all in the end.

Unfortunately, the question that faced billions of people "one decade shy of the twenty-first century" when Toni Cade Bambara first posed it remains relevant: "Can the planet be rescued from the psychopaths?"
tamara k. nopper

A new report shows what any thoughtful person has known forever: when you build more capacity for cars, people drive more.
Strong Towns

Taxing bicycles is an astonishingly stupid and inequitable policy. People driving are heavily subsidized and generate externalities (e.g. pollution-related asthma, climate change, road deaths) for which they pay nothing. People walking/riding bicycles improve their cities' health, climate/air quality and public safety... and subsidize drivers.
Alex Steffen

Having walked, biked, and travelled to work by bus/streetcar/subway – let’s be frank, a car is a moving comfort box. Yet somehow, despite relative comfort, we seem to elevate the time of drivers above those of travelers using other modes. An opinion: a minute longer in a car isn’t a big deal, and is a fair trade-off to meaningfully improve the safety and comfort of others.
Gil Meslin

people wanna be part of a revolution but don't wanna give up anything.

It is basically immoral to drive. You’re going to tell me that many people don’t have a choice, and/or that I sometimes drive, and you’re right. So: It is immoral not to be politically committed to a world where no one drives. Driving is bad. It should be abolished.
David Klion

Extractive capitalism, rent-seeking, social precarity, predatory delay and planetary ecological crisis: different angles, same problem set. “We have yet to confront the truth about the trillions amassed through the housing market in recent decades: this wealth has come straight out of the pockets of those who don’t own property.”
Alex Steffen

For some reason we treat parking meters (which are a proof of payment system just like many transit routes) differently than transit. Nobody ever talks about “fare evasion” at parking meters, and nobody proposes arresting people who left their cars parked at an expired meter.
Christof Spieler

I’m frustrated we spent the last 40 to 60 years as a society doubling-down on car infrastructure. Now we want simple things like sidewalks and our budget is stretched.
Nate Hood

New burger at Sonic Drive-In mixes chopped mushrooms into their beef burgers to boost umami taste. If every burger in the U.S. cut beef by 30%, carbon emissions could be reduced by the same amount as taking *2.3 million vehicles* off of our roads.

Hard truth, maybe, but let's be honest: We have the technical abilities and societal wealth to turn around every major part of the planetary crisis in the next few decades. What's stopping us is not our capacity to change, it's (mostly) older people's predatory delay for profit. We cannot fix any of our most dire problems without confronting intergenerational injustice. Older people stalling change in order to reap profits from businesses/investments that seriously blight the prospects of young people and future generations defines the planetary crisis.
Alex Steffen

When you walk to work, garbage collectors are human beings doing dangerous, unpleasant, essential work and you say Hi to them. When you drive to work, garbage trucks are just another obstruction to swear at.

hoping that a billionaire will save us all with some Jetsons shit isn't progress, it's failure, it's hoping some magic superweapon will stave off looming defeat
Kara Drafter

We can't have speed bumps or narrow streets because our fire department objects. We can't have speed cameras because of state law. So instead we have 30 pedestrian deaths each year. What's the way out of this mess?
Andrew Davidson

I just want a machine that kicks a cheap child’s ball out into the street anytime someone approaches at more than 25 mph.

Someone told me today that taking transit to commute in Vienna is an “every day delight.” Imagine, an everyday delight. I’m starting to think we need to be more ambitious, Toronto.
jennifer keesmaat

Most Americans never think about the fact that most communities make it difficult or impossible for poor people to live in them, simply by legislative fiat. Land use regulations that exclusively mandate large lot size or single-family homes result in de jure economic segregation.
Jason Segedy
Education and schools was more of a topic than usual, even without guns:
We’ve all heard the term “problem child.” Why not “problem school”? Why is there such a widespread, entrenched assumption that a poor fit is the child's fault?

I used to assume I was a good teacher because I knew what I was talking about, I enjoyed what I was talking about, and I was a good talker. The problem was that I thought teaching was about talking and so I did way too much of it.
Alfie Kohn

So many Black families move to predominantly white towns in search of well-resourced schools. They find those schools and also find that their students experience overt bigotry on a daily basis.  The tradeoff, in my opinion, is not worth it.
Shaun King

Liberal female teachers earning poverty wages in red states – those are the women who made me who I am. Once national media and politicians become as fascinated with them as they are with angry white male laborers, then we will be getting somewhere. #WVTeachersStrike
Sarah Smarsh

Amandla [charter school in Chicago] is posting test scores lower than temps in January, but sure let's pretend charters are a solution & trained unionized teachers are the problem.
Mikki Kendall @Karnythia

What might a slower high school/middle school look like? Less seat time, longer lunch, more play, longer conversations.
Ira Socol

Q: why do many teachers think what they teach is important everyone must know content?
Answer from a T: It's difficult to stand in front of a class of 30 kids thinking this is a load of crap. We HAVE to insist it's important. 
Income inequality, poverty, wage theft:
Community development corporations exist because the U.S. isn't comfortable giving money to poor people (because we think poor people are bad and undeserving.) So we have "place-based" anti-poverty programs.
Angie Schmitt

I am astounded by how much my life has changed from having enough. Just ENOUGH. Mentally, emotionally, and even physically. I am doing so much better. It's a damn shame. A life in survival mode is a killing factor. I don't understand anybody who isn't made at least a little bit more radical by significant upward socioeconomic class transition.
Ashley C. Ford @iSmashFizzle

US media need to stop its obsession with adversity porn. Instead of shaming all those who crumble under the weight of inequity, let's focus on ending the adversity, not demanding everyone be an outlier of resilience.
Paul Thomas

“Unskilled labor“ is a dog whistle, created and used by people who have a personal and/or financial interest in the exploitation of blue and pink collar workers. They’ve managed to convince you that their inhumane behavior is justified. But remember that without what’s classed as “unskilled labor“ you do not have a bite of food to eat, clothes to wear, or clean public accommodations anywhere that you go. No one watches your kids, no one cares for your grandparents in the nursing home. You rely on it. And more importantly, the work of “unskilled laborers” requires skill. It also requires great stamina, initiative, critical judgment, trustworthiness and reliability. You do not know how to clean a hotel room properly. You are not prepared to care for a dozen two-year-olds.

Some days I really don't know how to process the fact that, less than 10 years after the Great Recession and after 40 years of rising inequality, Congress cut taxes for the rich, is contemplating cuts to Medicaid, and is about to roll back regs on Wall Street.
Michael Linden
And then there were the best of the rest:
Cute infographic helps you to visualize geologic time. Earth came into being at the shoulder, single cell organisms started at the forearm, humans only rocked up at the tip of the finger nail:

Simon Kuestenmacher

Easter is the day Christians celebrate the silly pageantry of an omnipotent, omniscient, and omnibenevolent being insisting that he be his own father by impregnating a 13-year-old girl so that 30 years later he could sacrifice himself to himself for a problem he created.
Richard Dawkins Foundation

"I saw you walk, why do you use a wheelchair?"
"You know math, why do you use Excel?"
"If I didn't, it would take all day. Oh. Okay. Sorry."
Micro SF/F stories

The amount of time that has elapsed between the end of World War II and today is nearly identical to the amount of time that elapsed between the end of the Civil War and the beginning of World War II.
Jason Segedy

Almost all the harms caused by prisons are caused by public prisons funded by public dollars staffed by public employees enforcing public laws on public ground in the name of the public. Public prisons are a rotten deal for taxpayers and it's abhorrent that we incentivize local communities and politicians and guard unions to profit off the incarceration of millions.(And the publics hold 92% of all prisoners, vs. 8% in privates.)
John Pfaff

To catch up:
1. Facebook lost control of 50 million users’ data to Cambridge Analytica, who weaponized it in the 2016 election;
2. Facebook has been freely giving backend data to ICE without a warrant;
3. Facebook has been monitoring private calls and texts of Android users.
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Remember, private prisons are also exempt from FOIA laws. Not only are they just bad at their core bc they run on a profit model, but the public can't access information about policies, practices, or outcomes directly from the companies either. It's an accountability black hole.

The first half of the 21st Century is going to be the long, tortuous story of our society gradually learning that it believes a lot of self-contradicting and self-refuting things about freedom, equality, and technology.
Jason Segedy

The annual cost for transgender soldiers' health care roughly equals the cost of 4 Trump trips to Mar-a-Lago, according to USA Today.
Kyle Griffin

Marx's birthplace celebrates his bicentennial with Communist traffic lights:

Cory Doctorow

You are not serious about dealing with the opioid crisis if you're trying to gut Medicaid. Period.
John Weaver

It’s wild how people’s notions of the Proper Arrangement Of Labor At Home is basically taken whole cloth from TV/movies from the ‘50s and ‘60s. To the extent the “sole breadwinner” thing was ever even sorta feasible, it was *maybe* true for some people for *maybe* three postwar decades.
Gene “GD” Demby

"Cambridge Analytica" sounds like the last words someone says to Jason Bourne before they succumb to an assassin's bullet.
Ike Barinholtz

Today I saw a Honda Odyssey with ILIAD on the license plate. It made my day.
Shannon Last

The biggest problem America faces is not a lack of growth. What we lack is productive growth, growth that actually builds our wealth over time.
Strong Towns

If hell existed it would be inhabited exclusively by those who thought others were going there.

The Third World’s “First World Problem” is the First World.
Hari Kondabolu

My favorite Hawking quote of all time:

Alex Griswold

America has nearly as many guards as teachers.

"why are Millennials so whiny about housing" 
Young Americans since 2000:
Incomes: up 31%
Rents: up 61%
Home prices: up 75%
Mike Rosenberg

At its essence, Bitcoin is an arbitrage game that turns electricity into money.
Ross Andersen

Maybe (and hear me out here) there's a place of balance between obsessively tracking every meaningless outrage story and ignoring everything in the world that doesn't directly affect you personally.
Maggie Koerth-Baker

If you don’t have anything nice to say, join Twitter and you’ll fit in...
Nate Hood

the acceptance of the existence and power of luck in your life is as radical and morally transformative as the acceptance of the idea of a loving and omniscient God.
John Rogers

I, A Rich Idle White Man, Am Perfectly Happy To Benefit From My Privilege In A Floundering America Without Informing Myself Or Participating To Help Others Who Are In Danger, a loving New York Times profile
Summer Brennan

I have said before that it astounds me cities are competing for Amazon HQ2. They are effectively vying for the right to subsidize undermining their own retail sector employment and tax base, and the glue of neighbourhoods.
Douglas Hunter

can someone explain why monograms to me? why do you need shit that you're wearing on your own body to have your initials? amnesia insurance?
Erin Kissane

The Uber credit card, which pays 4% cash back on restaurants and 3% on hotel and airfare, demonstrates Uber's commitment to losing money in as many lines of business as possible.
Josh Barro

More people live in Queens than in any of these states:
Those states have 30 senators between them. Queens isn't even the biggest borough in its own city.
Dan Lavoie

Never listen to your inner impostor. That bitch is a stone-cold, bald-faced liar. The devil herself. High Priestess of Discouragement. This might not be the word you needed today but it’s the word I needed today.
Brittney Cooper

I wish everyone critical of the pharmaceutical industry would aim a little of that scepticism at the diet/weight loss industry

You're not going to escape into a different body. You're not going to become superhuman or immortal. You can care for your body with compassion, or you can abuse or abandon it. It's very hard to care compassionately for something you believe to be a putrefying death machine.
Michelle Allison @fatnutritionist

"The child who is not embraced by the village will burn it down to feel it's warmth.” — African proverb.

Late to this, but "newspaper taxis" turned out to be the worst business plan in Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.
Chris Steller

Folk sometime mistake my politeness for passivity. I simply have manners. Don't test me.
Bree Newsome

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