Friday, October 13, 2017

Road Kill World

I used to subscribe to Adbusters magazine. I even kept the back issues... still may have them in a pile somewhere. But I realized at some point that I couldn't take it any more. Reading it left me feeling overwhelmed instead of energized to take on the world's many problems.

So I let it lapse, I'm not sure when.

This reminder of my subscriber days recently floated to the top when I was looking through a pile of stuff stashed in a closet, and it reminded me why I liked Adbusters:

It's a postcard they sent out in a thank you packet, or something like that. Maybe I sent for them, even. I remember there were several different cards, and I must have particularly liked this one, since it got kept while the others went.... somewhere.

I still think Adbusters is best taken in small quantities, but seeing this card again reminds me of their best efforts.

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