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Halloween Twitter

It’s not only Halloween today, it’s also time for my monthly Twitter round-up. Amazing how few of these tweets are about Paul Manafort, really. I didn’t even make a section for it. But Trump and his administration have risen back to the top, unlike last month.

On the Trump administration and particular policies they are enacting or attempting to enact:

I feel like a brain cell dies with every word I read about Betsy DeVos.
Nicole Chung

The mainstream media seems CONVINCED that the public will be so happy that GOP is cutting taxes for the rich and see this as an *accomplishment.*

There's no correlation between tax cuts and GDP growth, but there is a correlation between tax cuts and inequality.
Have a great day!
Benjamin Dixon‏

Republicans just voted for $1.5 trillion more debt, $500B in Medicare cuts, $1 trillion in Medicaid cuts. All so 5,000 people pay zero in estate tax.
Brian Schatz (Congressional Democrat)

Obama was infamous for drone strikes, and Trump has already surpassed Obama’s number of people drone bombed in only 9 months.
brother nova‏ @NovaSankofa

When politicians say “all options are on the table,” they’ve cleared away the sanity and are planning something harmful and stupid.
Chris Dart‏

Any tax bill should have a conflict of interest provision requiring the IRS to release the tax returns of the President who signs it.
Richard W. Painter‏

The people who were so mad at NFL players for “disrespecting the troops” have been silent about Trump actually disrespecting the troops.
Samuel Sinyangwe‏

The estate tax should be increased and apply to more people. Large intergenerational wealth transfers produce an unequal society.
Claire Sandberg‏

When HHS produced a study showing refugees contribute $63 billion more to the economy than it costs to resettle them, Miller squashed the study, saying the president believed refugees cost more and the study should not embarrass the president. Holy. Crap.
Dawn Rhodes

It is one of the darker comedies of this administration that Trump keeps getting angry when he hears what the policies he supports will actually do.
Ezra Klein

I’ve met people who really thought a cabinet of rich people would be less corrupt.
Matthew Yglesias
On Trump in general:
If you’re 71 years old and bragging about going to “an Ivy League college” I think you’re saying more about lack of substance than substance.

This presidency is like a version of Don't Let The Pigeon Drive The Bus! that never ends.
Heather Havrilesky‏

Funny how Trump has no problem with “flamboyant, cowboy-hat-wearing” Republicans David Clarke, Joe Arpaio or Roy Moore.
Keith Boykin‏

“He knew what he signed up for.” —A man who has no idea what he signed up for.
amber ruffin‏

Trump has spent 1 out of every 3 days as president at a Trump property, 1 out of every 4 days at a Trump golf club.
Kyle Griffin‏

We should be talking more about the straight graft that is 45 dragging the government to his properties all the time and charging for it.
Adam Miller‏ @ajm6792

Trump is in power and remains in power because there is an entire system of organized white supremacy that empowers and enables him.
Bree Newsome‏

When Fox and Friends reported that Obama attended a Madrassa, I complained to a top Fox exec. He laughed and dismissed it as an entertainment show. Now Trump tweets out their idiocy in real time.
Tommy Vietor

I can no longer tell if the Pope is constantly subtweeting Trump or if any expression of hope and human decency just seems like that.
John Pfaff‏
On our sorry state of politics in general, what is the way forward?:
I am not voting for any 80 year old white dudes in 2020. Bernie. Biden.
Doesn’t matter.
Not gonna do it.

The great enemy of freedom is the alignment of political power with wealth.
Wendell Berry‏

It's a fallacy to believe one must be hopeful in liberal fantasy terms (e.g. "ending oppression") in order to sustain any hope whatsoever. There's a lot of hope to be had in terms of service to humanity, personal and community transformation and building loving relationships. For me, hope is primarily spiritual, personal, pragmatic. It has nothing to do with "ending" things humans have been doing for millennia.
Professor Fleming‏

What Jeff Flake doesn’t get is that Trump’s culture-war belligerency is the first time many GOP voters feel the party is doing something for them
Michael B Dougherty

Unity is not uniformity. –Linda Sarsour

Here's a test for your opinion on any subject: If it's based on fear, reexamine it.
Pat Thompson‏ @pattho

The money made by the wealthiest few in our society isn't just sitting there. It's being used by billionaires to buy the political process.
Rep. Keith Ellison

We cannot have a modern American democracy in which the only people who can criticize the military are veterans.
Andrew Exum‏

Fox News spent 20 years creating a paranoid, misinformed fearful Republican electorate. Trump just came along and repeated their headlines.
Mikel Jollett

I think we still tremendously underestimate the extent to which 911 and its aftermath have contributed to the fissure in our current politics
Clint Smith

Chair of Senate Foreign Relations Committee: Trump is dangerous and might start World War III!
Republican pushback: Oh, he's just saying that because he's leaving and is free to speak honestly.
Ezra Klein‏

I’m still sort of confused how “the flag” came to mean “troops” and how “the troops” came to mean “white troops.” Also a bit weird to suggest that “the troops” have a superior tier of citizenship that overrides any issues effecting non-military citizens. The presumption that national symbols represent only the military — rather than all citizens equally — is honestly pretty weird.
Max Fisher‏

Conservative white Evangelicals represent the single greatest threat to democracy and human rights in the United States. They are a radical minority that has stolen disproportionate power and is moving to dismantle others' rights. Like they said they would. If you want to shift the national dialogue on Evangelicalism, please listen to, and do what you can to amplify, ex-Evangelical voices.
Christopher Stroop‏

I truly believe that if David Duke ran for Senate again today and was polling competitively, today’s GOP would support him.
Jeff Yang

Open Nazism is not very popular. But the idea that feminists, trans women, black women, need to be put in their place is very popular.
Noah Berlatsky‏

Irony is dead. No, for real this time:

Catherynne Valente‏
On racism, white supremacy, police brutality, and John Kelly’s thoughts on the Civil War:
If I say slavery is bad,
and you say it's good,
let's compromise,
and you be a slave.
Keith Boykin

Black People: hey hi we are not your property
Southerners: yes the fuck you are
John Kelly: damn shame they couldn’t meet in the middle
Eric Haywood

Confederate apologists are like people who profess a religion but never actually read its holy books.
jelani cobb‏

Been a lot of hemming and hawing over the term "white supremacist." Fools who won't be satisfied until Trump literally lynches someone.
Ta-Nehisi Coates

Paul Manafort also was in charge of Reagan's racist Southern strategy in 1980.
Ari Berman

Those who want equality have to give up stakes in whiteness. They must understand whiteness is a creation to maintain racial caste.
Ida Bae Wells‏ @nhannahjones

Wild how you can conspire against the United States and walk into FBI offices handcuff-free while Eric Garner was choked to death for loosies.
Clint Smith

Claiming someone isn’t racist because he has a black friend is like claiming a man isn’t a misogynist because he’s married to a woman.
Qasim Rashid, Esq.

The amazing Faith Ringgold at the Whitney Museum:

Christina Greer‏

I live in the largest county Trump won in largest swing state he won. Beyonce’s performance at the Super Bowl has been cited to me several times as the reason for their vote.
Just to be clear: White pride is racism. You can be proud of being English, French, German, Swedish, Australian, or whatever your heritage. But being proud you have white skin is the very definition of racism.
Alt Fed Employee‏

I swear to god, 99% of the time when a white american says "my town/city is just sooo white" the reality is, it's not! it's fucking SEGREGATED.

White America to black players: "Don't protest at work!"
Cops turn back on mayor, at a funeral, no less: "Blue Lives Matter!"

The Venn Diagram between the people who refuse to support living wages and those who want people locked up is a circle.

The same people who want politics out of football when someone kneels want the anthem played at games and propaganda in their McDonald's.
Julian Darius‏

When Trump says "our" heritage about the Confederacy, it really clarifies he only talks to whites — and also what he sees as glue of white solidarity.

In Chicago, majority-black communities pay 20% more for *same amount of water* than predominantly white communities.

Whites stole indigenous land, committed genocide, enslaved blacks, invented and institutionalized modern racism but see themselves as victims.
Professor Fleming‏

The South didn’t rise again. The rest of the country sank down to meet it.
jelani cobb (responding to a poll that found a majority of white Americans think they’re discriminated against for being white)

Identifying and naming "white supremacy" forces us to acknowledge and address historical realities of race and how racism exists as a caste system.
Bree Newsome‏

Allowing people like Spencer and Milo to come to campuses isn't about free speech, it's lending credence to regressive ignorance.
Jared Yates Sexton‏

Wow. Social psych studies show that expressing support for Obama leads whites to give themselves permission to discriminate against blacks.
Professor Fleming

Colorblind means you don't see me for all the things I am. If you don't understand how big a problem that is, you aren't helping.
Jenét Morrow‏ @JenetAllDay

The opposite of "multiculturalism" is white supremacy. Multiculturalism is often discussed in ways that don't acknowledge its alternative. Multiculturalism is framed as some theory of liberalism and not a reality of human society and culture. Multiple cultures exist. Multiple cultures existed here before Europeans arrived. They existed before the development of racial theory or whiteness. The idea of multiculturalism is only controversial within context of European colonialism which sought to subjugate all non-white cultures.
Bree Newsome‏

if you're white and your black 'friends' aren't talking to you about race, they've given up on you
Gene Demby‏

If we kept brown and black people from entering broken schools, foster care, juvenile and adult prisons, tons of white people would be out of work.
Stacey Patton‏

The world has so many things to say about black boys but I did a writing workshop today with 3rd graders who were brilliant and thoughtful and kind. All I could think about while I was there was how curious and smart they were and how so much of the world is set up to crush that spirit in them. These kids grow up in neighborhoods that’ve been stripped of the most basic resources then when they struggle we tell them it’s their fault.
Clint Smith

I keep thinking of how wild it is that we have a federal holiday for someone who enslaved Native Americans and no holiday for the end of slavery.
Clint Smith

White wealth was built via handouts, beloved.
Ella Septima-Hamer‏ @Jbrous14

All black people asked is for the cops not to kill us and if they did, that they be held accountable. That's it. And America descended into chaos
Eddie‏ @DocTaughtMe

Ta-Nehisi Coates isn't required to be “hopeful" for anyone. That he exists, that he looks at the brutality of racism and still writes IS hopeful.
Ijeoma Oluo‏

For White supremacists, the rest of us are somehow superhuman and inhuman, criminal and childlike, stupid and cunning *all at the same time.*
Ebony Elizabeth

"Why don't we have a right to self defense?..."  ~James Baldwin

The Crisis Magazine‏

If you’re a white person who thinks our race problem is failure to move past historical grievances, you've failed even the most basic questions
Adam Miller‏ @ajm6792

race is caste, hardened by superficial alignment with randomly selected physical, linguistic, and social characteristics
Will Stancil‏
On sexism and sexual harassment and assault:
If we're going to call rape a "nonconsensual sexual relationship" why don't we call murder "nonconsensual assisted suicide?"
John Leguizamo

if you’re incensed thinking about all the art women couldn't contribute to the world because of harassment then poverty is gonna blow your mind

Far too many people frame 2016 as Trump "winning." In fact, it was a massive array of forces that prevented a woman winning.
Peter Daou‏

Emily’s List has received more than 20,500 requests from women interested in running for office this year. (Normally at this point in the cycle, it’s less than 1,000.) Yesterday, 47 women signed up.
Charlotte Alter

Here’s how it works: You know how when you talk to another dude, you don’t pat his crotch or compliment his body? Try that, but with a woman.
Jess Dweck

It isn't every guy...but it is one of those things that happens enough that one is constantly aware that it might happen at any time. And that fear shifts the power dynamic in numerous ways.
Rebecca Parrish‏ @beccaboo1403

Career tip: it’s hard to lean in when you’re being pushed out
Robin Thede‏

Imagine being the wife of one of these dudes who talks about how having a daughter finally made him realise women are people.
Jessica Rose‏

O'Reilly paid six women $45 million to settle claims of sexual harassment and abuse AND THEN WROTE A KIDS BOOK ABOUT GOOD MANNERS
Judd Legum‏

If, as a man, you have enough time and energy to tell individual women on the internet why they’re wrong, yeah, you are part of the problem
Aparna Nancherla

Remember, white women: you are our sisters, our friends, our neighbors. And you are our oppressors. Solidarity requires accountability. The sexism that ALL women face is compounded by the racial oppression that women of color face. White women participate in that oppression. If you say you want all women to "unite" to fight sexism, know that this REQUIRES that white women make fighting racism a priority.
Ijeoma Oluo‏

Why is it helpful men speak up? Because that's what this personality fears most: the disintegration of the tacit male support for this behavior.
Mindy Kaling

teach your boys that they should be kind to other people and that hurting other people is bad. don't just teach with words. SHOW your boys (yes, boys in particular) that you respect them helping more than you respect them dominating. they need to hear it from you explicitly.
Saladin Ahmed‏

The most feminist men I know have never announced to me that they’re feminists. I was able to discern their feminism from their actions.

As the daughter of a father, I think the lot of you could do better
Aparna Nancherla

Do men ever look at the week's news and think "what the fuck is going on with men?"
Lexi Alexander

There are sexists in both parties. Only Republicans are using their political power to attack the basic rights of women in this country.
Mikel Jollett‏

i'm fucking dead. its over. bye:

On climate change and sustainable cities:
Yep, distracted pedestrians are the real problem. This girl is obviously distracted by the hunk of metal in her space:

Don Kostelec‏ @KostelecPlan

Freeways first physically destroyed the urban fabric, and then provided for the direct transfer of wealth from cities to suburbs.
Jason Segedy‏

Maryland and Virginia talk multi-billion $$ highway widenings, yet plead poverty when each asked for $50-60 million more for Metro.
Benjamin Ross‏ @BenRossTransit

When highways cut through downtown Bridgeport, Conn., it lost 20% of its taxable land. That's just the beginning
Streetsblog USA‏

Because of bike lanes, biking in Minneapolis has tripled since 2000 and it is 4x safer! Healthier, cleaner, safer city!
Our Streets Mpls‏

Meditate for 30 seconds upon the amount of plastic that is manufactured simply to be thrown quickly away. It is sobering.
Jason Segedy‏

Imagine being on the Editorial Board of a paper that thinks a small uptick in crime is a crisis but affordable housing and climate change aren’t.
Adam Miller‏ @ajm6792

We pride ourselves as a culture on giving people choices, but we provide so little of them when it comes to housing, jobs and transport. This isn't the free market at work. This is the government making [often poor] choices on infrastructure and economic development.
Jason Segedy‏

If Minneapolis were as dense as Paris we could fit 3 million people here.  Too bad Paris is an unlivable hellscape.
Zachary Wefel‏

Proposal: software that forcibly replaces "bike lobby" with "anyone who is even remotely credibly concerned about climate change"
Adam Miller‏ @ajm6792

Amsterdam wasn't always Amsterdam. If your city is full of cars, it's because of poor decisions:


All cars with engines to be off Dutch roads by 2030, following 2025 petrol sales ban.

A park? No, a great urban street in Barcelona defined by trees and a gracious pedestrian area. We can have this too if we plan differently:

jennifer keesmaat‏

Did you know an electric bus recently broke the world record for farthest electric vehicle travel on a single charge? 1,100 miles!
David Roberts

In the US, 40,000 traffic deaths is tolerable but seconds of delay for drivers is not.
Angie Schmitt‏ @schmangee

The usage of cars as mobile storage lockers has been badly underestimated by people who think robot cars will reduce parking demand.
Aaron Priven‏

That your garage is not big enough to meet your preferences does give you a claim on street parking.
Adam Miller‏ @ajm6792

*streets not safe to bike on*
“Nobody bikes here!”
*bike lanes go in*
“We should wait until more people are biking!”
CKY‏ @syntaxjunkie

There's actually an SUV called the "Enclave."
William Lindeke‏

Why do 77% of millennials want to live in America’s urban cores? My guess is that they spent too much of their childhood stuck in the backseat being driven around, and associate cars with captivity.
Jeff Speck‏ @JeffSpeckAICP

There's no way to make driving easier that doesn't mess up cities. Transit, biking and walking ♥️4 ever

The second someone wants to build multi-family housing, everyone becomes an amateur architecture critic.
Angie Schmitt‏ @schmangee

55% of cyclists in Copenhagen are female. That's bike infrastructure done right.
Jason Segedy‏

According to a new study, about half of all Uber and Lyft trips replaced walking, biking, transit or would be avoided.
Streetsblog USA‏

Climate change meets mass incarceration in a conflagration of injustice:

Bill McKibben

All I want is a city where people walk a lot, and where drivers proceed safely and carefully without endangering other people. Is that so much to ask?
William Lindeke‏

If you want transit, build a place. Successful transit connects successful places. (No, park 'n rides don't count.)
Strong Towns‏

“The safety of a living human is the first priority of streets, and convenient storage for an expensive private vehicle should be a distant second.” —BillLindeke
Pat Thompson‏ @pattho

"Cars have laws. Bicycles have choices."
William Lindeke‏

As an ecologist dealing with extinction/climate change, i wish people had less hope and more resolution

People of color are 54% more likely to be struck and killed by a car while walking in the U.S.
Complete Streets‏

I’m an environmental journalist, but I never write about overpopulation. Here’s why:

Sofie Pelsmakers‏

"...manufacturing a new car emits roughly as much CO2 as what comes out of the exhaust during its lifetime usage." No car is "green."
Brent Toderian‏

Spending a week riding, walking and taking transit in Amsterdam should be mandatory for every urban planner and engineer.
On guns and death, death, death (after the mass shooting in Las Vegas):
They're ok with everyone else's civil rights being infringed but White guys not being able to stockpile guns is a bridge way too fucking far.
Propane Jane™‏ @docrocktex26

The 2nd Amendment was written by men who owned muskets and other human beings. So not only is it ok to question their wisdom, it's imperative.

Guns Aren’t a Bulwark Against Tyranny. The Rule of Law Is.
Steven Pinker

White men's fear of hypothetical violence from the government — white men who have never experienced government tyranny by the way — has justified SO much death.

Women have high rates of mental illness but women are almost never mass shooters. This isn't about mental illness. It's about Men + violence.

Maybe the forefathers were just fucking wrong on guns, like they were on, among other things, owning slaves and not letting women vote?

What some call "politicizing a tragedy" is simply proposing sensible policies to prevent future tragedies. The time for that is always now.
Sarah Kendzior‏

Nearly 600 dead + injured. These are actual warfare numbers. We’ve made the weaponry of war available and therefore the waging of personal wars inevitable.
jelani cobb‏

America will continue to sacrifice white lives in order to uphold the institutions (guns guns guns) designed to protect them from people of color.

White guy shoots 50 people: Now is not the time to talk about it.

Gun violence costs America $229 billion a year — more than $700 for every man, woman, and child
Mother Jones‏

The NRA is a terrorist organization. There's no other way to say it.
Michael Ian Black‏

The thing about high-profile mass shootings is they reveal to Americans otherwise at low risk of gun murder the possibility they might be vulnerable to it too — and that their death likely won't change shit.
Patrick Blanchfield‏

There are a lot of issues in America needing taken care of. Very few can be addressed while people can buy weapons of mass destruction.
Jared Yates Sexton

Before you make the “We need more guns” argument, try to imagine hundreds of people shooting at hotel windows in the dark.
Seth Masket
On education:
The hidden premise of all rewards and punishments is mistrust (of the people we assume will respond only to extrinsic control)
Alfie Kohn‏

I sympathize with those who fear that sex ed will sexualize kids. Our youngest studied WWI on a Monday; by Friday he'd invaded Belgium.
Michael Coren

A sad fact about our politics is that many insist we have more control over teacher quality than ending poverty.
Rachel Cohen‏
On health care:
Are you truly free if you work 100 hours a week because you can’t find a job with a living wage? Are you free if you have no health care?
Bernie Sanders‏

If we are going to have random mass shootings because of the stupid second amendment I'd at least like universal healthcare to compensate.
§‏ @section_sign

Going to doctor in the US: Billing and price details treated like a secret before. Afterwards, they'll say you should have shopped around.
Joseph N. Cohen‏
And then there's the best of the rest:
Hard to find a theology more toxic than the belief that God blessed America in its founding.
D.L. Mayfield‏

Mass incarceration has raised the American poverty rate by an estimated 20%.
The Economist

This is your periodic reminder that if a sentence contains the word "brand" it is almost certainly bullshit.
Cory Doctorow

People watch too much Law & Order SVU and it's fucking up their perceptions of reality.

Fill your life with people who make life worth living.
Be the type of person who makes life worth living.
Professor Fleming‏

Loneliness: equivalent to smoking 15 cigarettes/day or being an alcoholic or 2x harmful as being obese. —Rachel Reeves

In 1955, this tiny electric narrow gauge train was installed in New York's Holland Tunnel, driven by traffic cops to monitor & slow vehicles:

Tim Dunn‏

if you think trans people get angry when you misgender them you should try misgendering a cis.

Saying you’re “Politically Incorrect” is the Politically Correct way of saying you’re an asshole.
Hari Kondabolu‏

Inclusion isn’t the same as universality.
roxane gay‏

life expectancy of a homeless man in London? 47.
for a woman? 43.
lower than the average life expectancy of ANY nation on the face of earth.
matt broomfield‏ @hashtagbroom


Carol Black‏ @cblack__

The more "our troops" are held up as 2D saints, the easier it is for them to be sent out to die.
Lili Saintcrow‏ @lilithsaintcrow

gentrification is caused by wealthy people speculating on property, not young folks and artists who will be displaced at the end of the cycle

A city buttering up a single corporation [Amazon] is not in line with what anyone would consider free market economics.
Pacific Standard

I hope I don’t have to explain that the Nazis not only never embraced socialism but literally murdered socialists.
Me: I used to get joy from twitter but now it makes me upset.
Therapist: what if you just didn’t use it anymore?
Me: not sure I understand


jake likes onions‏
Opposition to your worldview isn't censorship, especially when those doing the critique have zero power to actually censor anything.
Ebony Elizabeth

I figure there are at least seven white people in the world a little less sure of their social location because of this feed [her Twitter account]. Not bad.

Nobody has "no voice." We have to abandon such thinking. Some voices are louder or receive more consideration. But everyone has a voice.
roxane gay

Wow: there are now 27,465 Dollar Generals and Dollar Trees in the US — more than CVS, Rite Aid and Walgreens combined.
Alec MacGillis‏

When someone says "I am not politically correct," what I hear is "I don't really care how these words affect you."
Hari Kondabolu

Columbus Day is when people who think immigrants are thieves, rapists and murderers get to celebrate an immigrant who stole, raped and murdered.
John Fugelsang

One-third of all Americans killed by strangers are killed by police.
Samuel Sinyangwe‏

How to be an adult:
Make lists
Complain about being tired
Never complete lists
I am so tired

back when most men had to serve, the military wasn’t as fetishized. now the middle class avoids service and staves off guilt with empty ‘hero’ talk
Saladin Ahmed‏

Financial literacy professionals must be wary of the ideological + moralist framing of this work — and the presentation of such concepts as alternative to necessary regulation, social insurance, and policies to raise incomes of ordinary people.
Harold Pollack‏
I feel like we never had time to fully process the fact that Hobby Lobby, famed glitter merchant and opponent of birth control, funds ISIS

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