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Twitter 09-17

September 2017: This was the first month in a year or more where a topic focused only on Trump hasn’t been the first thing listed in my Twitter roundup. Well, that’s not completely true: the topic is the NFL-based protests of anti-black police brutality, and so that’s related to Trump, but it existed well before he was in office. This topic blends into my recurring set of quotes about racism and policing, of course, so I’ve done my best to separate them.

Though this tweet also brought together several topics:

We are on brink of a major healthcare disaster in Puerto Rico, 9 million kids lose insurance tomorrow, and the GOP is talking tax cuts, Trump the NFL.
Kurt Eichenwald
On Colin Kaepernick, taking the knee while the national anthem plays, respecting the flag or "our" troops, and so on:
One of my basic rules for life is ‘Be wary of people who have strong feelings about flags.’
Damien Owens‏ @OwensDamien

It's worth remembering that they called the Civil Rights movement, the fight for marriage equality, and women's suffrage "culture wars" too. The thing is that many of the issues we call culture wars are often just one group of people simply asking to be seen as fully human.
Clint Smith

I need to know who wrote this:

Elle Jones‏ @allcurledup

Forced patriotism is the best patriotism.
andrew colclough‏ @andrewRC23

Making somebody salute the flag with your boot on their throat is NOT patriotism. It's fascism. Repeat this until you understand it.

You're right, there *must* be a better way to protest police brutality than this specific way that currently has the entire country talking.
Kevin M. Kruse

It's hard to find a type of political correctness more zealous, more vocal, more FRAGILE than white supremacy.
Maria Chong‏

"You don't have freedom of speech at your job” is weird for an administration arguing businesses can refuse gay customers on free speech grounds.
Adam Serwer

Hard to think of GOP patriotism as genuine when it revolves around symbols instead of constitutional principles and love for fellow Americans.
Molly Hodgdon‏ @Manglewood

I don't think, for many conservatives, there is a form of protest against racial inequality that would meet their standards.
Jane Coaston‏

Fuck it. I give up. Everyone wear hoods. I don't give a fuck. Just don't kneel. DONT YOU DARE KNEEL AND DISRESPECT AMERICA!

Shane Morris‏ @IamShaneMorris

The idea that professional black athletes are "ungrateful" reeks of a view that their success and wealth has been given to them.
Eddie S. Glaude Jr.‏

Ungrateful is the new uppity.
jelani cobb

Patriotism isn't worshipping a flag and anthem. Patriotism is asking your flag and anthem to mean what they claim to mean. #TakeAKnee
Nastétrangère‏ @Etrangere66

Nothing proves the necessity of a protest more simply and vividly than an autocrat becoming enraged by that protest.
Mike Tanier

Note how people stay silent in the face of racism - historic and contemporary — while labeling as "divisive" folks who speak out against it.
Brent Staples‏

Pretty interesting how in commentary about NFL protests "our troops" are presumed to be white and have no personal stake in racial equality.
Adam Serwer

My mentions are full of Trumpkins saying NFL players shouldn't complain because they're rich. Your President is rich and does nothing but complain.
Calvin‏ @calvinstowell

you know what's actually pretty disrespectful to the american flag? the confederate flag
Matt Slotnick‏

#TakeAKnee has always been about police violence/the criminal justice system and the gap between what the flag represents and the reality.
Dave Zirin

If white people love the flag so much, realize that it’s a symbol that #45 is dragging into the shit pile right now with his behavior.
ProfB‏ @AntheaButler

It's telling that resentment towards wealth in sports is always directed at black athletes and not the vastly wealthier franchise owners.
Adam Serwer

Nothing triggers Trump more than perceived ingratitude from successful people of color. In his mind, they don't achieve things; they are given things.
Mark Harris‏

Thousands of white folks in Alabama gathered together complainin' about black folks gettin' out of line used to be called a Klan rally.
Tea Pain‏

They want to see them bash their brains in on the field and stay silent off. That's just not Trump. That's American history.

It's so clear people aren't concerned with Kaepernick "disrespecting flag", as much as they just don't like to be reminded of what he kneels for.
Ashley C. Ford‏ @iSmashFizzle

White owners
White coaches
White season ticket holders
White media
Black players
This is the structure of sports, the inescapable lens.
Full Dissident @hbryant42
On Trump in general:
Not everything must be measured on scale of what came before: i.e. "Trump's Katrina." [Puerto Rico] can be, and is, freshly and independently malevolent.
Rebecca Traister‏

Dude's not playing any-dimensional chess, he's just real good at basic cable.
Erin Kissane‏

Interested in seeing how much longer this level of tension can go on in our nation. Most other countries would be in the streets, nonstop.
ProfB‏ @AntheaButler

They basically asked Obama to stand on his head & read the Federalist Papers backwards while Trump likely doesn't know what CBO stands for.
Clint Smith

This dude is so gross, no one is even surprised that the president said the word "bitch" in a speech. That's how normalized our decline is.
Ashley Black‏

yes definitely hillary is the one who can't move past the election and not the guy who "won" and is still holding rallies for himself
Aparna Nancherla‏ @aparnapkin

I made an infographic of the 2017 millennial economic experience:

Anthony Oliveira‏ @meakoopa

A perennial question for world societies: How do we find wise leaders as opposed to egotistical sociopaths?
Langdon Winner‏

I think at this point there is wide elite recognition Trump ran on racist appeals. But there isn’t as much understanding of how they worked. You see this in how some observers try to separate Trump's racial appeals from his economic ones, as if they were separate. But they were entwined. Trump's pitch was this: "You have lost your access to good jobs and government help because THEY have taken it." And part of what made this believable was his use of explicit racism, which for many was a marker of authenticity—the Archie Bunker effect. I'll end this by reformulating my first tweet. It's not that people can't perceive racism, it's that they think racist ideas are true.
Jamelle Bouie‏

Trump Jr. vetting Hillary Clinton's "fitness" for office is like Bernie Madoff vetting Janet Yellen's fitness to run Fed.
Tony Schwartz‏

It’s as if Trump has a checklist for destroying what made America great. Rule of law, standing for freedom, immigration, free trade.
Garry Kasparov
On Trump’s cabinet members and his/their attempts at so-called policy, including DACA and Tom Price's private jet travel:
Tom Price resigning for blowing $1 MILLION on luxury travel after years as a “budget hawk” is yet another reminder the GOP is full of shit.

"Resigned" is white for "fired.”
Paul Thomas

Terrific cartoon on Tom Price – The Trump Administration Is Working Hard by Ann Telnaes:

Steven Greenhouse‏

A rich man asked Jesus how to get into heaven and Jesus replied, "Give yourself a large tax cut and let it trickle down to the poor."
Bree Newsome

If you don't like government, don't work for it. Definitely don't work for it, disparage its use for helping people, then bill me for a jet.
Anand Giridharadas‏

Government isn’t supposed to be about doing what the people with the most money want to see.
Pacific Standard‏

This whole Tom Price debacle should remind us: Republicans don't care about spending money as long as it's not on people they dislike.
Jared Yates Sexton

reminder that this is what Betsy Devos's house looks like
Architect: what kinda house u want?
Betsy: Just fuck my shit up:

vapid credos‏ @davidcrespo

Dreamers paid $11.64 billion in taxes in 2016. What about the president?
Liz Plank‏ @feministabulous

I'm tired of people having to prove their economic value to the system of white supremacy as justification for their existence.
Bree Newsome

*Trump’s adult sons*
GOP: Children

*Fertilized eggs*
GOP: Children

*Children brought to America*
GOP: Not children
Daniel Lin‏

Sessions, who twice lied under oath to Congress; and Donald Trump, who paid $25 million for fraud against US citizens, are excited to punish "illegals." #DACA
John Fugelsang‏

If Sessions really cared about rule of law, he wouldn't have lied to the Senate.
Alexander Chee‏

You know what would really MAGA? Keeping the Dreamers and deporting the Nazis.
Randi Mayem Singer‏

Being born in this country is not a privilege that any of us did anything particularly special to earn. We are not more worthy. #DACA
Ijeoma Oluo‏
Specifically within health care policy and the Graham-Cassidy bill:
Canadian life expectancy: 82.1 years
US life expectancy: 78.7 years
Canadian health spend: $4,608/person
US health spend: $9,451/person
James Ball‏ (replying to a tweet that said, “Pence warns Alaska that if Graham-Cassidy fails, they could end up with the health-care of ‘a place called Canada‘”

The money consumers have to pay due to drug company protections is more than 5X the annual food stamp budget.

Republicans are very upset that a comedian [Jimmy Kimmel] and health care groups are weighing in on a bill only a reality star and billionaire donors want.

That Republicans are bribing Murkowski by letting Alaska KEEP OBAMACARE pretty much destroys the idea that this is better than Obamacare.
Judd Legum‏

The hard truth about the United States is that the money other countries spend on health and infrastructure, we spend on war.
Mikel Jollett [responding to news that the Senate had approved a bill putting $700 billion more into the defense budget]

would like to see an analysis of lost productivity because every few weeks we have to call our lawmakers and beg them not to kill us.
Bae Talese‏ @elongreen

Wait times in Canadian healthcare are really only bad in mental health, which was left out of our single-payer system and given to the market.
Joshua Keep‏

Single payer? No thanks, pal. I prefer to place MY health in the hands of people who want to make as much money off of me as possible.
аdам геиsсн‏ @nachdermas
The ongoing debate over “free speech” that always seems to be about freedom to say you want other people dead or under the heel of your boot:
I feel like the majority of modern media misses the fact that fascism is designed to be appealing and unreasoning.
Max Sparber‏

Strange but true, the policy of appeasing Hitler was rooted in the premise that anti-fascism was as bad as or worse than fascism.
Jeet Heer‏

Andi Zeisler (responding to Chad Felix Greene, who had tweeted “I want to live in a world where people wearing swastikas or rainbows or Black Power shirts can coexist without physically attacking each other”)

In the wake of oppression, the powerful will ask the oppressed to choose “peace.” What they really mean is order. Peace requires justice.
Brittany Packnett‏

That white moderates would choose, in the aftermath of Charlottesville, to give 10x the energy to criticizing Antifa than has been given to scrutinizing the network of hate groups that bred the white supremacist terrorist who murdered Heather Heyer is morally repugnant, short-sighted, *revealing* and again, consistent with the legacy of white moderates in times like these. Assuming the US survives 50 years from now, I imagine a statue will be erected to her and everyone can pretend they always supported resistance.
Bree Newsome‏
On white supremacy, anti-blackness, and policing:
"Black on black crime" is a racist trope used to depict Blacks as being uniquely violent in order to justify lynching and police violence.
Bree Newsome, retweeting a Clint Smith tweet that read, “84% of white people are killed by other white people, but you never hear folks talk about ‘white on white crime.’”

Remember, crime prevention is not a matter of (more/less) policing, but is about the investment made in opportunity. The solutions at scale are front-end: teach kids/adults to learn and end poverty, homelessness, joblessness, and mass incarceration. This is simply a matter of will.
Deray McKesson

The former slave states are the current death penalty states. It's not a coincidence. Racism infects our entire criminal justice system.
Sister Helen Prejean

Talking about race is not a diversion. It's the one issue that divided America from its beginning, and the very issue we refuse to discuss.
Keith Boykin

There is not middle ground between white supremacy and racial equality. Everyone who searches for that center gets lost.
Charles M. Blow

Honestly? I don't want to hear anymore about how most cops are good. I want to hear how those good cops plan to hold bad ones accountable.
Julius Goat

White supremacy isn't really about a feeling of racial hatred but a belief of racial superiority. It's not always hostile, but is a violence
Charles M. Blow‏

"In fact, racism and sexism work best of all when intent is not a prerequisite." –@tressiemcphd
Beth M. Duckles‏

"Pranks are just crimes committed by white guys age 18–34.” – Guy Branum
Jonathan Riley‏

Strange that Trump would attack [ESPN’s] Jemele Hill for calling him a White Supremacist but doesn't have much to say when David Duke calls him one.
Frederick Douglass‏ @gettinnoticedmo

A Short History of American Racism:
1800s: NIGGER!!!
1900s: nigger
2011: Kenyan
2016: economic anxiety
2017: let's go back to nigger
Keith Boykin (replying to a report that an Ohio fireman was suspended for saying he would rescue a dog from a burning building before saving a ‘n*gger’

Standing in the street holding this and a cab driver looked at me, drove past and picked up a white lady 10 ft behind me. Amazing:

Travon Free‏

It's weird when people act like when you are angry, or drunk, that it's totally normal to become racist when you otherwise aren't.
David Kaib‏

What if white people hated racism as much as they hate being called out for being racist?

How do white supremacists claim to be the master race while also claiming jews control everything, blacks are stronger and Asians are smarter?
Black Aziz Ansari

So proud of my friend @tamisawyer and her leadership of #takeemdown901:

U bum‏ @BroderickGreer

You can't appeal to a party where 20% of supporters are nostalgic for slavery to find basic decency.
Mikki Kendall‏ @Karnythia

The bulk of evidence suggests that a militarized police force puts both cops or communities in more danger.
Pacific Standard

going thru the airport with tsa pre-check is like a 5-minute AOL free trial CD of white privilege
demi adejuyigbe‏ @electrolemon

I've said before, when whites resist the label of racist, my mind goes to all the horrible labels they gladly embrace in church. Sinner/evil etc.
Lawrence of Suburbia‏ @iamtjones

white people find the term "white people" uncomfortable because they're used to being the default definition of "people".
mi‏ @helloalegria

Hannity assembles a diverse panel of experts to discuss racism:

Judd Legum‏

America is majority white today because of racist policy that set quotas on who could immigrate from where in 20th century, favoring Europe. So this notion that immigration in US is about folks proving themselves to be model citizens and thereby gaining access to being "American" is again part of the myth of American exceptionalism and the model minority.
Bree Newsome

If X is described – or, worse, describes himself - as “not politically correct,” only question is whether he's just a jerk or a full-blown racist.
Alfie Kohn‏
On sexism, toxic masculinity, and rape culture:
Self-misogyny: When women judge themselves the way the patriarchy would. Examples include feeling "too" big, old, not sexy, not good enough. Uses: "My face looks so fat in that picture." Friend: "Don't be self-misogynistic! You're amazing."
Molly Priesmeyer‏

We ALL abandoned women of color. White women. Men of color. Definitely white men. Me. You. The mothers of this land. We all owe them a debt.

Observing stupid white men interact with intelligent black women on Twitter is pretty much peak Dunning-Kruger.
Jonathan Cornick‏

My friends coined a word: hepeated. For when a woman suggests an idea and it's ignored, but then a guy says same thing and everyone loves it.
Nicole Gugliucci‏ @NoisyAstronomer

Adolescence is a time when the world is expanding for boys and closing in for girls.
StephanieDavies-Arai‏ @cwknews [citing research findings to that effect]

I think a lot about why we can't get intersectional feminism right and I think it's because white women don't see a struggle beyond being women.
Rebecca Carroll‏ @rebel19

If you're advocating for girls to have access to masculinity but not for boys to have access to femininity, you're reinforcing patriarchy.
Liz Fraser‏

"The saddest part of 2016 was learning how many people believe the worst rumors about a woman and ignore the worst facts about a man." –Anonymous
Allen Butler‏

A white dude telling a woman he likes boobs while arguing for a black woman to be fired for her words is peak Trump supporter.
Ron Davis‏ @ir2pol

There aren't enough self-help books telling men to get their shit together. Really. Truly.
Awesomely Luvvie‏

Hilary Clinton could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and do nothing, and they would say she shot somebody.
Randi Mayem Singer‏

My start-up idea is to make tech bros obsolete by replacing them with empathetic human being who understand society and culture.
joey alison sayers‏

So many Silicon Valley startups are about dudes wanting to replicate mom: carpooling, laundry, grocery shopping, cooking, bodegas
Clara Jeffery‏

I have a list of things I despise. People who disparage menstruation as gross or unimportant are on it.
Tressie Mc‏ @tressiemcphd

wouldn't it be cool if silicon valley tried to disrupt things that are actually broken, like men
Alana Hope Levinson‏

Imagine if we cared about domestic violence like we care about terrorism.
Lisa McIntire

Rape culture is when men rape and murder a young woman and people's main focus is "pick your friends wisely"
élize‏ @cyborgshawty

Men, you are way more likely to be raped than falsely accused of rape. Adjust your fear accordingly.
Solomon Georgio‏

Siri, how could I dogwhistle "western women are too empowered to fulfill their biological function, imperiling the white race"?

Helen Lewis‏

if women had pockets we would run everything and if black women had all the pockets we would control the future.
Tressie Mc‏ @tressiemcphd
On sustainable cities and climate change:
I've said it many times, but I can't stand when people use those with mobility issues to further their car-first agenda.
Father Sonn @mikesonn

ELON MUSK: What do you the consumer want?
AMERICAN PUBLIC: Basic high-speed rail would be nice
ELON MUSK: Rocket ships it is
Ken Klippenstein‏

Now emissions have stabilized, we need to lower them fast. Quickest wins: slowing deforestation, energy efficiency, reducing fertilizer use.
Jon Foley‏ @GlobalEcoGuy

Some people think we can save the biosphere and the profit system both.
Free Public Transit‏

This 3d optical illusion crosswalk in Ísafjörður, Iceland forces cars to brake:

Massimo‏ @Rainmaker1973

Yes! @drvox: "If you're a coastal liberal driving a Prius but fighting infill density and housing, you're abrogating your duty on climate."
(((Matthew Lewis)))‏ @mateosfo

Effectively making owning and operating a motor vehicle a prerequisite for social and economic opportunity serves to constrain liberty & freedom
Jason Segedy‏ @thestile1972

These are the conditions pedestrians are contending with in the U.S. while the media blames texting for their deaths:

Streetsblog USA‏

Our riches are an illusion, if we cannot sustain the ecological systems that give us life.

Mixed-use [buildings make up] every part of every city that you love. And it was built 120 years ago before zoning required parking and setbacks.
Father Sonn‏ @mikesonn

Ride-hailing hasn't increased shared rides much, at least not yet. But it has hurt transit, upped traffic, and moved people into precarious jobs.
Yonah Freemark‏

Seattle's new dockless bikeshare program has tripled the number of bikeshare rides per day
Grtr Grtr Washington‏ @ggwash

Car-dependency messaging tips: refer to any action that reduces or even just fails to contribute to car dependency as a "social experiment"

At any one time, there are 500M empty parking spaces in US. Annual taxpayer subsidy to parking spaces: $374B — via Donald Shoup [author of The High Cost of Free Parking].
Taras Grescoe‏

Seattle's Sound Transit is expanding its busking program, welcoming street performers in a way that enhances riding.
Streetsblog USA‏

There are days when I consider devoting my entire professional existence to destroying fake-liberal NIMBYs. “If you're fighting against dense infill in your city, you can shove that NPR tote bag right up your ass" is the kind of thing I'd say.
David Roberts

We have more resources than any society in history, yet we talk about creating wonderful places for people as frivolous, as if we had nothing.
Rik Adamski‏

We need to design our streets so that drivers feel unsafe driving at speeds that are unsafe.
Strong Towns‏

Parking shortages are almost always magnified by inefficient parking management and insufficient wayfinding.
Rik Adamski‏

When we build in large blocks to a finished state, we tend to get development with low productivity and short shelf life.
Strong Towns‏

We are subsidizing rich suburbanites to clog cities with their cars.
Business Week‏

America Spends $7.3 Billion a Year Paying Affluent People to Drive to Work‏

Leafblowers: another symptom of our collective madness. Noisy, polluting and slower than using a yard brush.

"Move far from jobs/amenities, to places where we intentionally made one car per adult necessary" is an absurd strategy for affordability. It's increasingly a luxury to *not* need a car in many places. That's abnormal & unprecedented, the result of decades of misguided policies.
Rik Adamski‏

imagine a world where kids walked and biked to school. that's where I want to live!
William Lindeke‏

Republicans don’t want us to talk about climate change during a hurricane but had no problem passing the Patriot Act immediately after 9/11.

Conservatives deny the reality of climate change because it infers urgent need for Star Trek levels of global cooperation, internationalism.
William Gibson‏

Since we're not allowed to talk about Climate Change during the worst hurricanes and wildfires in history, I suggest we talk about guns.
Amanda Guinzburg‏

All this to say to my poor and/or minority friends: Stop thinking global warming is a hipster cause. It's a economic/racial justice cause.
Charles M. Blow

All the evidence ever isn't enough to fight climate change.
ZERO credible evidence is more than enough to stop black people from voting.

Hurricanes should be named after car companies.
Bicycle Lobby‏

Some engineers design rockets that propel human ingenuity beyond our solar system. Other engineers can't line up curb ramps with a crosswalk:

Don Kostelec‏

Why is walking considered an alternative mode of transportation? Isn't it the original mode?
Charles Marohn‏

Parking and traffic again. I really wish we could have a "be car free for a month" so people could break the shackles!
Father Sonn @mikesonn

Neat math: total cost of Hurricane Harvey ($200B) is roughly equal to cost to replace all remaining US coal power plants (200GW) with solar.
Mr. Money Mustache‏

Energy audit of a suburban gym: An AC-cooled place where people drive around looking for parking so they can burn fat in a sauna.
Free Public Transit‏

timely cartoon from my friend Andy Singer:

William Lindeke‏
On education:
“Essay” comes from the French word meaning “to try.” But that spirit of tentativeness & exploration is crushed when essays are graded.
Alfie Kohn‏

Stop with the "future ready" BS and just let students be in the present. Let them be themselves now.

Folks like Steve Perry are obsessed with schooling as a form of personal (not community) uplift. It's like the prosperity gospel of the ed world.
wikipedia brown‏ @eveewing

My dad paid less for his 1967 Harvard degree than I paid for my first semester of college in 1989, even adjusted for inflation.
Abby Franquemont‏ @abbysyarns

"Whenever you see the word 'personalize,' you know things have gotten very impersonal" —C. Rudder, Dataclysm
Alfie Kohn‏

If expansive school funding & small class sizes don’t matter, why do the wealthy ALWAYS provide them for their kids?
Jersey Jazzman‏
On poverty and wealth/income inequality:
"But if there wasn't poverty then how could we get excited/inspired by the few people who climb their way out of it?"

Poverty is a policy choice, not a moral failing or some circumstance beyond our control.

Being pleased with oneself for showing someone charity and actively working to prevent the need for one's charity are not the same thing.
Bree Newsome‏

Meritocracy, like "free markets," possible only in limited domains. Good spur to innovation; terrible moral foundation for distribution.
David Roberts

Worth contemplating on this labor day: At its peak in the 1940s, private sector union membership was 33.9%. Today it's 6.4%
Christopher Mims
On voter suppression and one-person-one-vote:
33,000 gun deaths per year: no background checks!
31 cases of voter fraud since 2000: background checks for voting!
Ari Berman

There are more people on Kris Kobach’s voting commission than people he has been able to convict of voter fraud.‏

Electoral college + gerrymandering + plus relative concentration of Hispanics in certain areas + constitutional structure lays groundwork for something that is going to start looking more and more like white minority rule
Chris Hayes
And rounding out with the best of the rest:
The least exciting word in the English language: Webinar.
Jason Segedy‏ @thestile1972

McCain is like Godzilla. It's all good when he's fighting other monsters, but he'll be back to destroying the city next week.
Ira Madison III‏

I just feel like raccoons are up to something.
Ashley C. Ford‏ @iSmashFizzle

There once was a contrarian from Nantucket
who told anyone with conviction to go suck it.
He liked to provoke
And was proudly not woke
So I muted him and now he plays devil's advocate into the abyss that is the longing for true human connection.
Aparna Nancherla @aparnapkin

This site was once a cedar forest. Fire and donor seed totally brought it back.

Prairie Czar‏ @matt_c_garrett

How to write an existentialist novel:
1. Thirtyish white guy thinks he's the first person to ever be depressed.
2. No real plot.
3. The end.
Existential Comics‏

Whenever people announce "I'm marrying my best friend" for a second I always think "oh shit what about your boyfriend, he seemed so nice."
Amy Spalding‏ @theames

Under communism you buy everything from a single state outlet, whereas under fully-mature capitalism you buy everything from Amazon.
Karl Sharro‏ @KarlreMarks

The best thing in the world is dogs with human names. A woman on this train is currently screaming STOP IT NORMAN YOU NEVER DO THIS AT HOME.

Maybe Jane Jacobs was right: "Not TV or illegal drugs but the automobile has been the chief destroyer of American communities.” I wonder to what degree it is the car & the spatial structure it enabled that lies behind America's divide ... ?
Richard Florida

I'm sure it's just a coincidence, but assholes always end up having a god who is one, too.
Mrs. Betty Bowers‏

Internally screaming:

Faces in Things‏

The iPhone is one of few gadgets in my life (except maybe TV) that feels less appealing and useful the bigger it gets.
Jason Santa Maria‏

Organization matters. Join one if you can.
Asking what can *I* do = daunting.
Asking what can *we* do = opens possibilities.

I finally figured out why I like Star Trek better than Star Wars. Star Trek envisions a future for Black women. Star Wars does not.
Mikki Kendall‏ @Karnythia

Unduly upset that Apple is renaming stores as "Town Squares." Just sell your good and expensive shit, you goddamn weird pretentious idiots.
John Moe‏

the best part about the English language is the longer you think about a word, the less likely you are to spell it correctly
lyz lenz

Spanking your child is a form of chronic stress that can make your kid obese later in life.
Stacey Patton‏

Great quilt concept at the Minnesota State Fair:

Chris Steller‏

Chicago School law and economics basically boils down to "I can steal your money if I can make a math-heavy case I'll spend it better than you."
Matt Stoller‏

I am not woke; I am improving.

maybe massive, privately owned databases that arbitrarily calculate everyone's worth are bad and should be destroyed
Virgil Texas‏ [re: Equinox data breach]

"Yes, Republicans are systematically strangling puppies, but arguably Democrats pushed them to it with strident, alienating pro-puppy rhetoric."
David Roberts

Comfortable w social change of recent years?
Democrats 77%
Republicans 30%
Trip Gabriel‏

Pete Defty's 'Alphatecture' photos show that letterforms don't have to be spelled out for you. Ingenious:

Typesetting Leeds‏ @typesettingls

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