Tuesday, September 5, 2017

The Most Common Jobs, by Gender

I saw this graphic shared on Twitter yesterday, Labor Day:

And I admit I was startled by how these most common jobs still completely diverge by gender. For instance, my experience is that retail salespeople are often women — yet that doesn't show up on the list for women, and retail supervisors are even more likely to be men.

The chart also reveals part of the reason women are paid less than men over all. Two of the five most common jobs for women are paid somewhat well — registered nurses and teachers (though teachers' wages and benefits are under attack), while the other three are often not. For men, though, four out of five of the top jobs are likely to be paid somewhat well because the're managerial or because of past labor organizing.

Finally, I note that only two jobs out of all 10 listed (registered nurse and teacher) require a bachelor's degree, though at this point it's unlikely there are many administrative assistants without one as well.


Note: This post has been updated to correct my original error on the number of these jobs that require a bachelor's degree. The comment and my answer have been left despite the change to the text.


Anonymous said...

Does teaching not require a bachelor's degree everywhere? Or perhaps you are reflecting the ability for people to get emergency licenses, (and at times renew them), without already possessing a degree?

Daughter Number Three said...

Oops, brain freeze on my part! Of course teachers also have *at least* a bachelor's degree, which skews the more-education-less-pay even farther out of whack.