Sunday, September 3, 2017

Miscellania 4

I've got no focus today, just four images from recent days, good and not so good.

First, an odd piece of art from the letters page of the Star Tribune a few days ago:

I looked at this illustration six ways to Sunday and couldn't figure out what this weird noseless dinosaur or shell-less turtle or wormy thing was doing with a map of the Middle East and a stars-and-stripes twig of leaves. Really, I thought pretty hard about it, then asked my other half, who immediately saw the darkish beak hiding in the shadows. It's a somewhat badly drawn dove, of course, and it's probably very clear when printed in color, but we don't have that luxury here. But even if you saw the dove right away, imagine it without the beak and... isn't it it a bit frightening?

Then I saw these incongruous words:

Found atop a large, wheeled garbage can in St. Paul.

This is also from St. Paul:

Seen on a bulletin board, and good for a smile and then a second smile.

Finally, from Yes! magazine (slightly out of focus):

I think this icon could be used as the symbol for any house in the future: let's make solar panels part of the essential imagery of home!

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