Saturday, September 9, 2017

Just a Few Tabs, Really

My recent tab cleansing has been great for my computer performance... the browser is running much better, thank you. Here are a few more recent ones as I try to prevent that from happening again.

Mapping the terrain of the single-payer discourse. A short, exploratory essay by Matt Bruenig for his new initiative, the People's Policy Project.

Fighting hate is a losing battle. Thoughts from a philosopher on the implications of fighting an emotion instead of actions. From the Boston Globe.

Research shows that "soft-hearted" and "squishy" liberals have more brain activity in the rational-thinking parts of the brain. Huh.

Linguist George Lakoff's thoughts on why hate speech is not free speech.

The perils of electing a celebrity-in-chief. An interview with a presidential historian from Pacific Standard.

How did Democrats become the party of elites? From Moyers & Company.

A new study finds Fox News has flipped elections. From Vox.

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