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A Force-Quit Fury of Tabs

I know I've complained about all the tabs I have open in the past, but these days I have so many open in my main browser that my computer puts up force-quit messages for every other program that's running. So. I'm just going to put the links here without any further comment. No time to read them, but hoping I'll get back to them some day. You'll see how old some of these stories are. I know, I know.

On Trump and Trump voters

Donald Trump's questionable intelligence: All those false claims about his academic record and derision of others bespeak profound insecurity. Salon, December 2016.

How Autocratic Is He? Masha Gessen on whether Trump has been just as scary as she thought he’d be. From Slate, June 2017.

If you really respect Trump voters, tell them the truth. Struggling communities deserve help, but nostalgia economics won’t work. By Matt Yglesias, Vox, April 2017.

Why Trump voters are not complete idiots. By Chris Arnade, May 2016.

Why Americans must stop talking about Trump’s mythical “white working class” voters. From Quartz, July 2017.

The women who helped Donald Trump win. Vox, January 2017.

NBC and the manufacturing of Donald Trump. Bitch Media, March 2017.

How I Discovered That My Dad Is a Right-Wing Conspiracy Theorist. One writer reflects on how she can have a relationship with her father after learning he believes in Pizzagate.

Donald Trump and the rise of tribal epistemology. Dave Roberts for Vox, May 2017.

Your vote in the 2016 election explains almost everything about your climate beliefs. Dave Roberts for Vox, April 2017

Is Trump a conservative only by accident? By education writer and thinker Alfie Kohn

Why aren't rural Canadians in favor of Trump? Pacific Standard, February 2017.

Why did Planned Parenthood supporters vote Trump? A series of maddening focus groups suggest Clinton made it easier for voters to reconcile themselves to Trump. Michelle Goldberg for Slate, December 2016.

How Glenn Beck laid the tracks for the Trump train. Daily Beast, December 2016.

The front of the classroom. One guy's thoughts on why Clinton lost, from Medium, December 2016.

Why misogyny won. Vox, November 2016.

The Right and money in politics

What Is the Far Right’s Endgame? A Society That Suppresses the Majority. Nancy MacLean, author of an intellectual biography of James McGill Buchanan, explains how this little-known libertarian’s work is influencing modern-day politics. (from Slate, June 2017)

The brewing billionaire feud at the heart of the GOP. Two rival families are funding a Republican civil war that threatens to tear the party apart. That would be the Mercers vs. the Kochs. Vanity Fair, September 2016.

The long, lucrative right-wing grift is blowing up in the world's face. Alex Pareene for Splinter, April 2017.

How Fox News changed American media and political dynamics. By Bruce Bartlett, who worked for Ron Paul, Jack Kemp, Ronald Reagan, and George H.W. Bush.

Zephyr Teachout's loss and the fight against dark money. The New Yorker, November 2016.

Racism and white supremacy

White nationalists see Trump as their troll in chief. Is he with them? Mother Jones, November 2016 (way before Charlottesville).

Baltimore’s Confederate Monument Was Never About ‘History And Culture’. Why would a city in a state that sat out the Civil War erect a monument to Confederate generals in 1948? Huffington Post, August 2017.

The Racial Segregation of American Cities Was Anything But Accidental. A housing policy expert explains how federal government policies created the suburbs and the inner city. From Smithsonian magazine, May 2017.

No racial barrier left to break (except all of them). We must confront structural racism. Khalil Gibran Muhammad, the New York Times, January 2017.

The problem with Obama's faith in white America. Tressie McMillan Cottom for The Atlantic, December 2016. Responding to Ta-Nehisi Coates's earlier article of the same month, My president was black.

The 9 most influential works of scientific racism, ranked. Gizmodo, May 2014.

Born that way? ‘Scientific’ racism is creeping back into our thinking. Here’s what to watch out for. Washington Post, September 2015.

5 of the worst atrocities carried out by the British Empire, after "historical amnesia" claims. The Independent, August 2017.

Combating racism is crucial to revitalizing American politics: It's not easy, but it can be done. By Sean McElwee for Salon, December 2016.

The stubborn whiteness of white neighborhoods. City Lab, December 2016.

The shifting landscape of biosocial science... how society leaned on flawed judgments about race, and how they're changing. A profile of Dorothy E. Roberts in the Harvard Gazette, November 2016.

Here's what economists don't understand about race. A look at the work of William Darity, Jr. October 2016.

Race, school ratings, and real estate: a "legal gray area." NPR, October 2016.

Trust has never existed between cops and black communities. The call to "restore trust" is a racist fantasy and pure political pandering. By Stacey Patton for Dame magazine, October 2016.

Confessions of a former neo-Confederate. How I fell in love with the Lost Cause. Vox, December 2016.

How the myth of the "Irish slaves" became a favorite meme of racists online. Southern Poverty Law Center, April 2016.

Black Americans supported the 1994 Crime Bill, too. Slate, February 2016.

Stand your ground defense denied for black man in Georgia. Rolling Out, June 2016.

The white flight of Derek Black. The son of a prominent white supremacist makes the journey out of that world. Washington Post, October 2016.

Sexism and misogyny

Hidden pattern of rape helped spur the Civil Rights Movement. NPR, February 2011.

What I got wrong about misogyny. August 2017.

Restoring threatened masculinity, one joke at a time. New research considers the psychology of sexist humor. Pacific Standard, April 2017.

When factory jobs vanish, men become less desirable partners. The Atlantic, March 2017.

Becoming ugly. From Jezebel, December 2016.

This is what really happens when prostitution is decriminalised. The Independent.

I'm a woman in computer science. Let me ladysplain the Google memo to you. Vox, August 2017.

On inequality, poverty, and the future of work

In defense of "entitlements." Jacobin, December 2013.

Escaping poverty requires almost 20 years with nothing going wrong. The Atlantic, April 2017.

The Matt Bruenig section:

Breaking out of inequality's rhetorical trap. In his new book, economist Anthony B. Atkinson shatters the conventional wisdom that economic inequality is a natural result of free markets and argues that it is, instead, a willful political choice we should stop making. Mike Konczal for Pacific Standard, November 2015. Plus 15 proposals from Tony Atkinson's Inequality: What Can Be Done? 

Rising mortality rate among white, middle-aged Americans is fueled by 'deaths of despair,' say economists. By Susan Perry, MinnPost, March 2017.

Jobs, income, and the future. Doug Muder of the Weekly Sift on universal basic income and the purpose of work, March 2017.

Poverty really is the result of a state of mind — among rich people. From the Washington Post, June 2017.

Why we need to plan for a future without jobs. A conversation with Andy Stern, former president of SEIU, in Vox, November 2016.

Technological inheritance and the case for a basic income. Gar Alperovitz, December 2016.

Workaday woes: the end of work and the problem of leisure. Stuart Whatley for The Baffler, October 2016.

The meaning of life in a world without work. The Guardian, May 2017.

The old economics is based on false "laws of physics": a new economics can save us. The Guardian, April 2017.

An honest look at mental illness. A talk on poverty, education, and the enormous undiagnosis of mental illness in poor communities. Video from March 2014.

Personal responsibility: who deserves to be poor? On the Media, October 2016.

Busted: America's poverty myths. WNYC, September 2016.

Writer Sarah Smarsh, author of "Poor Teeth," on class and journalism. Longreads, November 2014.

Poor teeth. Sarah Smarsh for Aeon, October 2014.

Striking new research on inequality: whatever you thought, it's worse. Washington Post, October 2016.

Climate change

Did that New York magazine climate story freak you out? Good. Dave Roberts for Vox, July 2017.

A beginner's guide to the debate over 100% renewable energy. Dave Roberts, Vox, April 2017.

The climate movement goes to war with Trump. But to save the planet, we need to remake the Democratic Party. Kate Aronoff for In These Times, February 2017.

These experts say we have three years to save the planet from the worst effects of climate change. World Economic Forum, July 2017

A bibliography of limits: more readings on the fallacy of endless economic growth. Pacific Standard, June 2017.

The psychology of turning people 'green': Link environmentally sustainable behaviors to personal goals. Susan Perry, MinnPost, February 2017.

This one weird trick will not convince conservatives to fight climate change. Dave Roberts for Vox, December 2016.

Greening transportation and the ways we live

Driving yourself crazy? Sell your car. From Streets MN, March 2017.

The case for bicycles' inevitable triumph over cars. CNN Tech, May 2017.

What bicycle-friendly Copenhagen can teach us about commuting. March 2017.

How much does your car commute actually cost? From Strong Towns, March 2017.

Suburbanization may have been a plan to counter mass death from nuclear war. Huh.

How our housing choices make adult friendships more difficult. Dave Roberts for Vox, January 2017.

Automakers prepare for an America that's over the whole car thing. The New York Times, December 2016.


Addiction is not a brain disease. Pacific Standard, February 2017.

We aren't the world. Joe Henrich and his colleagues are shaking the foundations of psychology and economics—and hoping to change the way social scientists think about human behavior and culture. Pacific Standard, February 2013.

The ableist, racist, classist underpinnings of "laziness." Lindsey Weedson, who is flattered to be called a warrior in any context. May 2016.

How to save our dysfunctional democracy. A political scientist argues the case for bringing more citizens into the political discussion. Pacific Standard, March 2017.

WEB Du Bois's hand-drawn infographics of African-American Life (1900). The Public Domain Review.

The short history of global living conditions and why it matters that we know it. Our World in Data.

If not Obamacare, then what? Trump supporters in southern Pennsylvania say the Affordable Care Act has been a letdown. Here's what they'd like instead. The Atlantic, December 2016.

Neoliberalism is creating loneliness. That's what's wrenching society apart. George Monbiot in the Guardian, October 2016.

I went undercover with a border militia. Here's what I saw. Shane Bauer in Mother Jones, October 2016.

You can't fix education. Hank Green on Medium, October 2016.

New evidence that lead exposure increases crimes. Brookings Institution, June 2017.

This is what happens when you take Ayn Rand seriously. PBS News Hour, February 2016.

Why facts don't change our minds. Elizabth Kolbert for the New Yorker, February 2017.

The problem with our media is extreme commercialism. The Nation, January 2017.

How being bullied affects your adulthood. From Salon, June 2016.

Inside the Box: The Not-So-Wholesome Reality Behind The Making of Your Meal Kit. (A story about Blue Apron from Buzzfeed, October 2016.)

My NerdCon Stories Talk about Mental Illness and Creativity. YA novelist John Green writing on Medium, October 2016.

The mysterious virus that could cause obesity. Wired, December 2016.

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