Friday, August 25, 2017

S? Z? Who Can Tell?

The Minnesota State Fair started yesterday. I'm not able to go until next Friday, but even so, for today I have an early State Fair post.

This photo and caption accompanied a front-page story in today's Pioneer Press:

It's a light-hearted story about a pseudonymous artist named Knitteapolis who's known for her yarn-bombing. She's been hired by the Fair to yarnify the chain-link side walls of the ramp that runs up to the second floor of the gigantic Grandstand building.

Here's a clearer version of the photo from the PiPress website, which will make you appreciate just how much damage a large halftone dot and the newsprint medium can do to an image:

Anyway — that's all beside the point of this post. In this nice, clear version of the photo, it's easy to notice the upper left corner where there's a light pink yarn collage that reads "The wall of Warm Fussies."

Now, I thought that was a very clever name. In it I heard an echo of a Mike Kelly piece called "More Love Hours Than Can Ever Be Repaid," which I love and have written about before. Knitting and crocheting are fussy tasks, right? And a warm fussy... it's just such a great phrase.

Reading the story, though, I soon saw that it was intended to be "The wall of Warm Fuzzies," not fussies. Which makes more common sense, but less artistic sense, at least to me. Oh, well.

Either way, I look forward to seeing Knitteapolis's work when I visit the Grandstand next week.

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