Thursday, August 3, 2017

Reputation Deflation

A thought for the day: Harvard lets rich people in too cheaply. Case in point, Jared Kushner and his brother.

When the real estate scions attended, just a few years apart, it probably cost something like $125,000 for four years of tuition. So let's say it was $250,000 for the two of them.

Daddy Kushner is said to have donated $2.5 million, so that's only 10 times what the school got from the Kushners in tuition.

I suppose Harvard expects the Kushners to donate more money over the years after graduation, and maybe they do... but there's no guarantee.

Does Harvard have no self-respect? If they're going to sell out to the rich, doesn't it seem like they should be getting a lot more for that loss?

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