Monday, July 31, 2017

Twitter Oh-Seven Seventeen

July 2017 is at an end. Once again, I can't believe the crazy stories of our government that happened earlier in the month.

On Trump in general:

I've lost track of the number of times we've had news stories and quotes that almost feel like HR violations just to discuss.
Christopher Hayes

Scaramucci vs Preibus vs Bannon is what happens when frat bros grow up and get too much power
Clint Smith‏

Looks like the allegedly master deal maker really just has one move: threats. At a certain point you need to throw a different pitch.
Alexis Goldstein

Eleven personal trips this year by Trump to Mar-A-Lago: $29 million
Medical services for transgender people in the military: $8.4 million
Michael Skolnik

Trump's leadership is basically like if Solomon just cut the baby in half without asking first and told both of the moms about it on Twitter. Two babies, folks. And the babies are beautiful. Spectacular babies. One of them's got legs like you wouldn't believe.
Patrick Cosmos‏ @veryimportant

Guy who did all he could to avoid serving and paying taxes now wants to ban those who want to serve and deport families who'd love to pay taxes.

Trump is donating $100,000 of his salary to the Education Department, which is about .001% of the $9.2 billion his budget cut from education.
Molly Hensley-Clancy

transgender people show more courage when they leave their fucking houses in the morning than donald trump has shown his entire life
Matt Bellassai

Trustworthy, Loyal, Helpful, Friendly, Courteous, Kind, Obedient, Cheerful, Thrifty, Brave, Clean, and Reverent. How many apply to Trump? 0
Langdon Winner‏ (in reference to Trump’s speech at the Boy Scout Jamboree)

In a year we're gonna have MAGA Scouts and it's just gonna be normal
Vann R. Newkirk II‏ @fivefifths

Trump is every Republican caricature of Obama taken to its extreme and made real

We are currently dealing with a president who spent his first 70 years walking across the net, thinking it was the tightrope.
Josh Gondelman‏

Trump's most important domestic non-Gorsuch legacy is empowering ICE/Kobach/Sessions to systematically strip rights from people of color.

Trump is the opiate of the asses.
Rick Wilson‏

We are now witnessing the Open Mic Night of presidential power. We are now seeing an amateur bomb their set.
Charles Clymer

Nothing says democracy like the hereditary transfer of power
Dave Itzkoff‏ (responding to Ivanka Trump sitting in dad’s chair at the G20)

One responsible way to handle your parent's declining mental capacity is not to facilitate their run for president.

Trump hasn't even bothered nominating anyone for 75% of State Dept. Jobs (94 of 124)
"America First" is just willingly ceding US leadership
Brian Klaas‏

Criticisms of Trump Tweets against the media usually miss the point. He's creating "the enemy within," a typical ploy in totalitarianism.
Langdon Winner‏

If Trump were more respectable, he would have done even more damage by now, because a lot of folx on the left are charmed by respectability.
Dystopian Scribe‏ @MsKellyMHayes

The lack of impulse control in the person who can wage nuclear war should be more concerning to more people than it seems to be.

It shows a stunning denseness to choose a clip of your own cameo in a pro wrestling match to attack something for being "fake"
Andy Richter‏

Any leader that would use blackmail to demand loyalty from a few would not think twice about usin' the military to demand loyalty from all.
Tea Pain‏

Weird to live in an age where academics must tweet carefully to protect their jobs/their university's "brand" but POTUS can tweet ANYTHING.
Janet D. Stemwedel‏ @docfreeride
On the Republican health insurance bills that died, lived, died, and (I hope) died:
My iron law of health policy: All conservative policy ideas require more spending than conservative politicians will vote for.
Ross Douthat

The Republicans blew up the Senate rules to obstruct Obama for 8 years and now they're pretending they don't know why it's dysfunctional.
Propane Jane™‏ @docrocktex26

Now we can get back to regular business. Like fighting back against all the other ways Republicans are screwing over this country.
Hemant Mehta‏

McConnell is blaming Democrats for “not engaging” with a secret process that had no hearings.
Matt O'Brien‏ @ObsoleteDogma

ONE MORE TIME: Here’s what the ACA Individual Market SHOULD look like, what it DOES look like and what Skinny Repeal would do to it:

Charles Gaba

D.C. has 0 senator but more residents than Wyoming, whose two senators were decisive today to advancing a bill that triples D.C.'s uninsured rate.

If you're wondering:
Heller - won by 11k & unisuring 122k
Flake won by 70k & uninsuring 461k
Gardner won 40k & uninsuring 240k

Imagine being so weak and gutless that you’d let a historically unpopular president tie you to a bill with a 16% approval rating.

Why does Trump think health insurance costs $12/year? Because Gerber advertises life insurance for babies on Fox News for about that price.
Christopher D. Long‏ @octonion

People literally spend more time beta-testing their personal website than the GOP is gonna spend vetting a total transformation of healthcare.
Christopher Hayes

The Truth Hurts:

Tomthunkit™‏ @TomthunkitsMind

The average STATE in America has more uninsured people than Canada, the UK, France, and Germany COMBINED.
Shaun King

No, the government is not trying to kill you. Just trying to protect a handful of billionaires, and if you die in the process, oh well.
Free Public Transit

I can't emphasize enough: refusing the Medicaid expansion is one of the cruelest public policy decisions in modern American history.
On the Trumps, Russia, and other White House and administration personnel:
Lot of mockery of the Democrats’ 2018 slogan, but “We can’t pass anything and our president works for Putin” is worse.
David Frum

If Kushner and other rich types couldn't remember assets on disclosure forms, they wouldn't even notice if government seized them.
Dean Baker‏

Jared Kushner looks like he's the stage between Tom Riddle and Voldemort.
Jemaine Clement

Tough to be a Lawful Evil in a Chaotic Evil organization.
Josh Barro (referring to Attorney General Jeff Sessions)

Not enough mentions of Donald Jr as a "kid" include the fact he has 5 kids of his own.
Pat Thompson‏ @pattho

I'm struggling to square the competing ideas that the Democrats forgot to campaign in Wisconsin but set up Trump Jr in a counter-intelligence sting.
Dan Pfeiffer‏

This Eric Trump tweet about people being mad that their family is so close is actually kind of interesting. Because honestly, I’m kind of amazed by how close they all are. Both to each other and to their dad, who is TERRIBLE. And you’d kind of expect them to be tripping over each other to bring the other ones down, you know?
Sarah Mackey‏ @sarahjanet

Sometimes a chyron stumbles across the profound.

ian bremmer‏

America, where black people can commit a traffic offense and lose their life, but the first family can commit treason and not even lose their job.
Charles M. Blow‏

My favorite part is that this ultimately all goes back to the 2013 Miss Universe pageant in Moscow. You can't make it up.
Liam Donovan

TRUMP: Did you interfere?
TRUMP: Time to move forward

TRUMP: Were you born in US?
TRUMP: This requires five years of suspicion
Daniel Lin‏
On our political situation in general:
Instead of saying "____ is a distraction," we need to say "They are trying to overwhelm us."
Eleanor Davis‏ @squinkyelo

So, let me get this straight: Just because the last President was Black, now everyone has to die?
Hari Kondabolu

Evangelicals are, by and large, not holistically pro-life. They are anti-abortion. That rhetorical difference is key.
Nish Weiseth

Let’s make a deal. I’ll accept Christians ruling next to Christ whenever He returns. But you all have to avoid politics until then.
Hemant Mehta‏

Asymmetric polarization: The entire GOP has moved to the right, where Democrats have just become slightly less moderate.


a stopped clock hates Paul Ryan twice a day

So many right-wing fixations hope to do unto others the same kind of wrong they themselves erroneously feel aggrieved about.
Kate Manne‏

The reason the GOP can safely exist in an epistemic bubble is that half of the electorate literally has no connection to reality.

Dear Republicans: It is so wise of you to take every opportunity to remind us that you are "Christian." Otherwise, how would we ever guess?
Mrs. Betty Bowers

Is someone keeping a list of closed offices to re-establish during the Restoration of 2021?
Brandon Friedman

The Constitution anticipates a President like this. It does not anticipate a Congress so indifferent to a President like this.
Jeff Yarbro‏

The craziest part of all of this is that there's not one Republican who wants to become one of the greatest Americans of all time.
Franklin Leonard

I've said it before and I'll say it again. Denying American citizens the right to vote is the most despicable political evil there is.
Robert O. Simonson‏

Voter suppression is not a policy difference between the parties, it's a GOP political strategy to win elections.
Jason Kander‏

I used to think [a new trip to the moon] would be a waste of money but maybe America needs a big, cool project for liberals and conservatives to be proud of. Certainly it would be less disruptive and coercive social cohesion strategy than, say, mandatory national service.
Josh Barro‏

The naive view of politics goes like this:
1) public understands problem;
2) public demands solution;
3) politicians respond with solution.
It ... doesn't work like that. But that naive, positivist view remains ubiquitous among climate scientists and advocates. Thus the endless, and I mean endless, obsession with small variations in polling over time. "Belief rose by 2%!" "Deniers are losing!" As though the main job is to get that polling number ("do you believe?") high enough – and everything else will just follow. But, spoiler alert, the public doesn't understand anything. Most can't name the three branches of government, much less details of climate science.
Prediction: if climate is ever "solved," or even seriously addressed, it will take place in the same miasma of ignorance as everything else.
David Roberts‏ @drvox

it's actually kind of amazing that Rick Perry was governor for 15 years and somehow didn't trade Texas for some magic beans
Big Bergo Brand‏ @BergoEsBueno

Republicans don't win elections by taking popular policy positions! They win because of a mobilized electoral coalition: white evangelicals.

liberals think everyone is like them and just wants to be pals at the end of the day. conservatives want us wiped off the map.
Oliver Willis‏

This July 4th it’s worth celebrating the tradition of fighting to create democracy and uproot barbarism — both with and despite the Constitution.
jelani cobb

Elites over a generation extract most of the value from breakneck change that leaves many ordinary people feeling uneasy and resentful. Having so extracted, there are summer places to be enjoyed. Meanwhile, the extraction leaves the people restive and angry, sometimes at the right things, sometimes at the wrong things. The public's diagnosis of the problem isn't always right, but its intuition that the society is led by an unaccountable elite is spot-on.
Anand Giridharadas‏

The far right media has been talking about a new civil war for the past few weeks. Things are escalating every single day. We either take this seriously or look back and wonder why we didn't.
Jared Yates Sexton‏

we're not nearly as mad about gorsuch as we should be. they stole a seat and appointed one of the most reactionary modern justices.

Amazing stat: By 2040 70% of US population will live in the 15 largest states with 30 Senators. The last 30% of population will have 70 Senators.
Ronald Brownstein‏
On climate change and sustainable cities:
Oil companies have abandoned 2.5 million acres of Alberta tar sands leases. Thanks to all who fight for a living earth.
Bill McKibben‏

We are watching the biosphere melt down because we couldn't stop capitalism. Competition rewards waste.
Free Public Transit‏

Today I learned giving turnstile-jumpers (who are 92% people of color) free MTA [New York City transit] access for a year would cost 10-20% of what arresting them costs.
David Klion‏

Every day I wake up and hop on my bike. Every day I see easy fixes that are skipped because [parking/speed/unfounded animosity towards bikes]. Even our best political leaders are forced to kneel to car enthusiasts and their enablers in public works.
Father Sonn‏ @mikesonn

North American cities are wildly effective in creating affordable parking. Imagine that focus on affordable housing…

Mitchell Reardon‏

For a snapshot on the scale of automotive death as compared to wars and terrorism around the world, I made this chart recently from 2015 statistics. Infuriates me to hear car advocates whine every meager effort to reign in carnage as "war on cars," when cars literally kill more than war.

Gary Kavanagh‏ @GaryRidesBikes

The city doesn't have money to spend on anything except [mitigating] the delays of people who could easily pay more in property taxes
Ryʌn‏ @pyry

Boomers with empty nets have 7.2 million extra, unoccupied bedrooms across America's 100 biggest metros
Mike Rosenberg

Your periodic reminder that a substantial chunk of China's emissions are actually American emissions. We buy lots of stuff made there.
Eric Holthaus‏

"If you’re renting a city apartment without a car, 16% of your rent pays for parking you don’t need.”
Wedge LIVE!‏

Having a big nature oasis in the city is great... but that is definitely not what a golf course is. Terrible for environment and an inefficient use of space.
Wes Burdine‏ @MnNiceFC

Regular reminder that all transportation debates are actually about race and class.
Ken Paulman‏

I just think people drive too fast in the city.
William Lindeke‏

Many think the elites are not doing something about climate. They are -- preparing for 100 of millions to die outside of their gate.
Free Public Transit‏

Finally, a comprehensive analysis of which specific individual actions can make the most impact on climate change.

Eric Holthaus‏

Just being outside doesn't entitle you to smoke.
Me: "oh, so nice out. yes. beautiful."
Smoker: "all your fresh air belong to me."
Father Sonn‏ @mikesonn

Smokers are a lot like motorists, just less likely to kill you instantly.
PedestrianistKilljoy‏ @peatonx

The common instinct that cars must go everywhere but peds & bikes should make do with whatever infrastructure already exists is insane.
Adam Miller‏ @ajm6792

Pro tip: If the bike icon doesn't fit in the bike lane then it's a pretty good bet that the bike lane is of a substandard width:

Don Kostelec‏

Q: Isn't this bike infrastructure expensive?
A: "That's car thinking. The reason we need it is because of cars." –Andre Botermans
Kent Lundberg‏

The concrete in a nuclear plant emits more carbon than the plant saves in life-cycle. –Guy McPherson
Free Public Transit

If you're not willing to inconvenience drivers or single family homeowners you aren't serious about climate change.
Zachary Wefel‏

When we build in large city blocks to a finished state, we tend to get development w/low productivity and short shelf life.
Strong Towns‏

It’s challenging to get traction when the car parking marketplace is so distorted by subsidy and excess supply.
Jon Commers

There is no vehicle better adapted to compact urban centers than a bicycle. Conversely, there's no vehicle more poorly adapted than a car.
Taras Grescoe‏

"The fascist bike lobby is taking over our city!" said the historically un-informed.
21st Century City‏ @urbanthoughts11

Will a climate change strategy have *any* effect if we're simultaneously rebuilding expressways and doing all we can to facilitate driving?

Cities spend a lot of money managing cars. When people take buses these car costs go down, so much that fare-free buses actually save money.
Free Public Transit‏
On education:
It’s cute how companies that claim they’re going to “revolutionize education” always end up, after a year or five, doing test prep.
Audrey Watters‏

Same narrow point of view that says "rewards are better than punishments" also says "self-discipline is better than discipline"; the goal is still compliance.
Alfie Kohn‏

If a particular school gets gains and has a longer day/year, those gains aren’t really due to it being a charter/voucher, are they?
Jersey Jazzman‏

For-profit college students told me, "if the school was bad government wouldn't let me borrow.” Aid is legitimacy.

We can always find money for policing and never for education equity...
Christina Greer‏

Why do reformers love the rugged chaos of parents choosing their schools, but hate the rugged chaos of voters choosing their school board?
Peter Greene
On sexism and how women are treated:
Man: Women should learn to say no firmly
Women: Saying "No" can get women hurt and/or killed.
Man: Identity politics
Women: Fuck you
Mikki Kendall‏ @Karnythia

One of the problems people cite with maternity leave is employers could ding women for it; but if men take paternity leave, it’s less likely. So building a work culture where men and women not only have leave but are encouraged to take it and take it seriously is a huge win.
Elizabeth Bruenig

"What did Crick and Watson discover?"
"Rosalind Franklin's notes."
Still my favorite science joke.

85% of all domestic violence is committed by white men in the US – yet, you don't see White men filling the jails.
VotingRightsAlliance‏ @VRAmatters

Lot of folks who have never cared about Dr. Who before are suddenly very concerned. Maybe we should announce that climate change is a woman.
Carol Hartsell‏

Believing everyone can have a man as a role model but that boys can only look up to men rests on a similar disregard for women
Bailey‏ @the_author_

Every time dudes freak out about a woman being cast in a role that used to be for a man, I feel less shocked Hillary Clinton lost.
Hari Kondabolu‏

Ironic sexist jokes are still just sexist jokes except the person telling them is aware enough to know better.
Mary Numair‏

wanna know what misogyny looks like? at 39, most women are told they're too old to have a kid. at 39, trump jr. is still considered to be one.
marisa kabas‏

Barbara Ehrenreich once wrote that when something is elevated to apple-pie status in American Values discourse, you can be sure its actual monetary value is skidding toward zero, ex. motherhood and work. She was right.
Veronica Schanoes‏

I have a special place in my heart for this Victorian ad for contraception:

Aoife Byrne‏ @listentoaoife

Hey, Republicans, could American women have some of that 'individual freedom' you like to talk about?
J. Lang Wood‏ @woodjl68

A lot of dudes on the internet would be a lot less annoying if men were socialized to turn the sting of criticism into self-reflection.
Grand Moff Snarkin‏ @N7IRL

"No" does not mean "convince me"
Franchesca Ramsey‏
On racism, white supremacy, and police brutality:
"Islam is an evil religion that supports terrorism!"

Chris Ross‏ @mestasenesta

no need to conjure a US that never existed to decry this current one.
in the wake‏ @hystericalblkns (responding to the proposed HBO series that would portray an America where the South won the Civil War)

I struggle to understand why people can't recognize that Justine Damond's death was a tragedy *and* that black victims don't get the same empathy. No one should be killed by cops, but it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see what factors shape the disparate responses to police violence
Clint Smith

Snelling and University.


"Let's move on!" is the oppressor's cry for reconciliation but you got to do restitution first. They, not us, are trapped in a "race relations" hell of their own making

Beware of the idiot in the middle.

Immortal Technique

Protip: Comparative innocence is always ugly. Superlative innocence is always a loser. Do better.
Phillip Atiba Goff (responding to the lawyer for police shooting victim Justine Damond's family who said she's “the most innocent victim' of police shooting he has ever seen”)

Nope. Anti-racism did not empower racists. That's white supremacy you're looking for.
Adam Miller‏ @ajm6792

before using the word unprecedented, remember collusion between branches of government kept a regime of legal white supremacy in place for centuries. what looks shockingly new to you looks pretty familiar to a lot of people. worth remembering when we talk about how to fight it.
Saladin Ahmed‏

White Americans may say they are tolerant of having neighbors of another race, but then resist any attempts to desegregate—build affordable housing in their neighborhoods.
Nikhil Goyal

the cop who killed Eric Garner on camera makes $119,996 a year still working for the NYPD. Nothing to add, this just sums up everything.
Adam H. Johnson‏

SCOTUS dismantled the Voting Rights Act in 2013 because too many Black people voted in 2008 and 2012.
Propane Jane™‏ @docrocktex26

Hari Kondabolu‏

86% of the 60,000 New Yorkers arrested for pot 2014-16 were black or Latino. Young white people use pot at higher rates.

Folks ignore race because they believe it's reductionist when the opposite is more true: you need a racial analysis to get a fuller picture.
Jamelle Bouie‏

There are 3 groups more confident in police than they were pre-Ferguson: white people, conservatives, Republicans
Wesley Lowery‏

#blockkkparty #Resist

SURJ Charlottesville‏

Whiteness comes from bleaching your history and culture in order to assimilate to a bland capitalist hegemony. Just ask the US Irish.

I'm always amused at the "Jay Z got his start selling drugs" as though the Kennedy's don't owe their fortune to bootlegging. Policy, prostitution, gun running, smuggling, you name a vice and it plays a role in how someone's wealth was built.
Mikki Kendall‏ @Karnythia

People of Color do not play the victim. However, if we did "play the victim," we'd be good at it because WE'VE HAD CENTURIES OF PRACTICE
Hari Kondabolu‏

I’ll be honest, folks are not going to stop talking about slavery and colonialism until the acts and effects cease and there is complete repairs. You can attempt to rewrite history for hundreds of more years, the reminder will remain. You will not have peace.
Ferrari Sheppard‏ @stopbeingfamous

There is actually no way to disaggregate the role of race, gender, sexuality, or any identity marker in how one person perceives another.
wikipedia brown‏ @eveewing

Widening wealth gap between Black and White families is one of the starkest legacies of racist social policymaking. Median white household headed by a HS dropout is wealthier today than the median Black household headed by someone who went to college.
The Crisis Magazine‏

Conservatives don't value federalism. Conservatives value white supremacy and plutocracy and will feign support for any means to enact them.

All potential white cops should have at least 5 Non-Cop minority friends vouch for them before they are allowed into the police force.
Hari Kondabolu‏

"Get over slavery" is usually said by people who have yet to get over Emancipation.
jelani cobb‏

today we commemorate that time a bunch of men who owned other men told England that all men are created equal

It wasn't white mens' whiteness or maleness that allowed them to make scientific breakthroughs like these. It was their privilege

It's a strange Independence Day with a president who embarrasses us, his supine, shameless Party Men-and the millions who just don't care.
Joy Reid

All the people romanticizing Sally Hemings and Jefferson: Do you have a 14-year-old daughter? Send her to trump to do with what he will.
Imani Gandy

Things Fox News questioned as "unpresidential" under Obama: Tan suit, playing pool, selfie stick.

1. A thought as July 4 approaches: Populists on both the left and right talk a lot about "returning power back to the people."
2. Let's remember that when you say that in America, what you really mean is "return power back to people."
3. Because people of color never had power in this country to begin with*.
Jeff Yang‏ @originalspin

Racism is the bedrock on which small-government conservatism rests.
This month, there were enough on immigration to have its own section:
You can call refugees names and tweet horrible xenophobic things about them but the truth remains; the only difference between you & them is luck.
MSF Sea‏

Let's deplete Africa's natural resources, wage wars in the Middle East, prop up dictators and back warlords then cry about the "migrant influx"

At $19 billion/year, the US spends more on immigration enforcement than all other law enforcement agencies combined.
And, last of all, the best of the rest:
Aw look how quickly they made up. We have much to learn from Getty Images:

Rebecca Hendin

People who hit kids do it because it's a form a retribution against all the adults and systems in their life who hurt or make them feel powerless.
Stacey Patton‏

'having a lot of queer characters is unrealistic' u know whats unrealistic? a gay person hanging out with only straight ppl by choice

If recent trends continue, future civilizations are going to use "American" the way we use "Byzantine."
Timothy B. Lee

Thesis: Society built on unlimited autonomy of individual desire without regard to social textures is both capitalism's ethos and its undoing
Chris Arnade‏

people act like criticism and enjoyment can't co-exist. you have to either love something a lot or hate it completely and that's stupid

This is grotesque:

Dan Riffle‏

It's weird how the US already has Universal Basic Income and Single Payer healthcare, but only for the most conservative voters: seniors
Anxious Herzog‏

You want to make a dent in mass incarceration? If you are serious about that we need MASS commutations, MASS parole, Ending pre-trial jailing

I can't believe this is what F. Scott Fitzgerald's hair looked like. No one ever talks about it:

Alice Slater‏ @smokintofu

This is no trivial matter. Americans now lose more property to civil asset forfeiture than to burglary each year.
John W Lettieri @LettieriDC

Climate denial can at least be explained by fear of loss of wealth & or standard of living. Antivax gets into weird body purity territory

Federal regulations strictly prohibit the quitting of juggling while in the lavatories:

Chris Steller‏

Humanity would be much further ahead if people gave 10% of their income to scientific research instead of religious institutions.
Nichole (Nikki)‏ @SkepticNikki

Poor Ann Coulter... Delta took a seat that was rightfully yours and gave it to someone else? Imagine how that felt to Merrick Garland.
AltEPA‏ @ActualEPAFacts

There can be such a fine line between being a monk and a mansplainer:

Anand Giridharadas

I will never understand tattoos. Why *pay* to make it harder to fake your death??

Putting *millions* of people in cages with no discernible impact on the crime rate is the biggest violent crime of the century.
Samuel Sinyangwe

Normal people ignore people that they don't like. "Haters" become obsessed in a pathetic attempt to prove themselves right and/or important.
Lkbolden‏ @bolden46

Fascists don't need you to trust them. They'll settle for you trusting no one.
nothings monstered‏

Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change. - Stephen Hawking
Tim Fargo‏ @alphabetsuccess

It's easy to have impostor syndrome when you're treated like an impostor.
Elissa Washuta‏

I think we severely underestimate the extent to which many of our country's social problems would be mitigated by simply giving people housing. Providing housing in and of itself wouldn't be a panacea but a home is the foundation of people’s lives in ways public policy doesn't account for. We talk about food & education as basic rights we believe everyone should have. But for some reason housing isn't discussed in the same way.

Any supposed "labor shortage" occurs against a backdrop of wages that haven't moved in a generation.
Joseph N. Cohen‏

This makes sense as the Ten Commandments are very specific about contraceptives but really don't get into theft, envy, or lying.
Seth Masket‏ @smotus (responding to the Hobby Lobby theft of 5,500 artifacts from Iraq)

Everyone loves descriptivism until we call 'expresso' a "less common variant of espresso."

Anti-trade, anti-immigrant and pro-cop. You know, centrism...
Adam Miller‏ @ajm6792

The poorest children are four times more likely to have severe mental health conditions than the richest 5th.
Joseph Rowntree Fdn. @jrf_uk

The threats and actual violence wouldn't be necessary if there wasn't something wretched out there just out of view. This is vital.
Jared Yates Sexton‏ (responding to threats against journalists reporting on Trump and Russia, etc.)

Peace is not patriotic. Resistance is not patriotic. Patriotism is a problem, not a solution.
PedestrianistKilljoy‏ @peatonx

When I was young I was liberal.
Then I grew up and experienced life, learned more about the world, and now I'm SUPER liberal, motherfucker.
Saren Arterius‏ @SowaTheArrogant

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