Monday, July 24, 2017

Four from the Past

These aren't from my basement, literally, but they're all things I saw recently in antique stores or used book stores.

This is the top of a poster case from an early 20th century theater.

Stylistically, I'd place this point-of-purchase advertisement in maybe the 1950s... but I have to say, I think the damage amount claimed is highly exaggerated. Using 1955 as a year, the equivalent dollar amount in 2016 would be more than $3.6 billion. Does anyone believe that?

This sign caught my attention because Valspar is a Minneapolis company, and the sign was nowhere near Minneapolis when I saw it. But then I noticed the circular illustration in the center. What are those people doing? The smiling, besuited man is either pouring water onto a burning table to put out a fire, or pouring burning oil onto the table. Meanwhile, the chicly dressed woman looks on in chin-touching fascination. What does this have to do with selling paint?

The final photo is a terrible shot. This safe was behind the desk at a used book store. I asked if I could photograph the lettering and they said yes, but I couldn't get close enough to it. So squint your eyes a bit when you look at it to appreciate the 1920s-era lettering. The words, though, are ominous: "Warning! This property is protected by chemical warfare gas."

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